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Canada Brings Home Pan American Gold

Mexsport; CSA

That title has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The Canadian Women’s National Team captured the top prize at the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico by defeating Brazil in dramatic fashion. Following a come-from-behind 1-1 draw in regulation and a scoreless overtime, Canada struck gold with penalty kicks, 4-3.

Twenty year-old Debora opened the scoring just 4 minutes into the match. The Brazilian striker headed towards three Canadian defenders and was given an excess of space to dribble up field before unleashing a top corner beauty from outside the box.

Canada was able to stay in the game thanks to a series of critical saves by Karina LeBlanc, especially late in regulation time when Brazil began peppering the Canadian net. Brazil outshot Canada 22-13, while Canada maintained 57% of possession.

As the clock ticked away, it appeared that Brazil was on its way to claiming another PanAm gold medal. However, like the 2011 Women’s World Cup quarter-finals against the USA, Brazil was undone late in the game by an equalizer off a header. This time it was at the mercy of Christine Sinclair being her usual clutch self. Canada won a corner kick in the 88th minute and Diana Matheson sent in a perfectly struck ball. Sinclair circled around goalkeeper Barbara to head it in with ease and forced the game into overtime.

But 30 minutes was not enough to break the deadlock between the teams, so the dreaded, heart wrenching penalty kicks were to settle the score.

Matheson converted the first Canadian PK with confidence, as did Francielle for Brazil. Upon the second round, Barbara was in a rage when she got a glove on Sinclair’s shot, but it wasn’t enough to keep it out of the net. Maurine and Melanie Booth were both successful in their respective shots from the mark. Canada took the lead following Brazil’s third PK when Grazielle placed her attempt up the middle for an easy stop by LeBlanc. Sophie Schmidt put Canada ahead once again and Ketlen answered back. It was 4-3 heading into the fifth set of PKs; things got momentarily tense for Canada while Brazil saw a glimmer of hope when Candace Chapman’s strike rattled the right sided post. The next kicker, Debora, had an opportunity to play hero for Brazil once again if she could tie up the results, but LeBlanc guessed the right direction to make her second PK save and secure first place.

Watch highlights of the final, Canada vs. Brazil, Brazil’s medal ceremony, Canada celebrating the win and the gold medal ceremony.

The win marks Canada’s first PanAm gold in women’s soccer, and John Herdman’s first tournament win since taking over the team in September. Canada previusly claimed fourth (1999), second (2003) and third place (2007) since the sport was included in the PanAm Games 12 years earlier. Brazil had won back-to-back titles in 2003 and 2007, and with the absence of any US team, it appeared to be theirs for the taking. Alas, it was yet another second place finish (see: the Women’s World Cup, Olympic Games and Torneio Internacional Cidade de São Paulo).

2015 will be a marquee year for the Canadian Women’s National Team with the Women’s World Cup being staged across Canada from June 26-July 17 and PanAm Toronto July 10-26. The overlap makes it highly unlikely that the senior team will be able to defend their title as the reigning PanAm Women’s Soccer champions. But with that aside, the build up in the next 4 years will be exciting times for the sport in the country. Whether it’ll be about seeking World Cup redemption or potentially instilling confidence in our youth team to represent us at the PanAms in place of the full squad, it’s all taking place in Canada. There’s no better feeling than playing (and winning) on home soil, right?

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Morace Resigns as Canadian Head Coach Following Disastrous WWC

Good news? Bad news?
Head coach Carolina Morace and her staff, including assistant coach and former Canadian national team midfielder Andrea Neil, resigned Wednesday, July 20 during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 debriefing and analysis meeting with the Canadian Soccer Association and other stakeholders.

Under Morace’s guidance since February 2009, Canada rose to their highest ever ranking of 6th in the world, all while claiming first place trophies at the Cyprus Cup (twice), the Torneio Internacional Cidade de São Paulo (Four Nations Tournament in Brazil) and the 2010 CONCACAF Gold Cup, and defeating quality opponents like England and Sweden.

Ben Rycroft of It’s Called Football points out that between January 1, 2009 and June 25, 2011, Canada played more matches than Brazil, France, Germany, Japan and USA. Additionally, the team spent 114 days of 2011 training overseas in various camps.

Based on these results and preparations, Big Red headed into the WWC seemingly poised to capture its best ever results, even medal.

As it turned out, the team gravely fell short of expectations, losing all three games and failing to advance past the group stage for the fourth time. Canada’s best result at the WWC was in 2003 when they upset China in the quarter-finals and eventually placed fourth overall.

After a closely fought 2-1 match against Germany that featured a stunning free kick goal by Christine Sinclair that snapped the host’s 622-minute WWC shutout streak, Canada lost its composure and was hounded by France 4-0, and fell 1-0 to Nigeria. Canada finished last in the 16-team tournament and registered three shots on goal.

Since the loss to France, murmurings began to circulate of Morace potentially stepping down, but she bluntly stated, “Yes, I want to continue,” following the match against Nigeria.

All else indicated that Morace would remain as head coach. The Globe and Mail‘s Stephen Brunt said of the dynamic between Morace and the CSA, “This is a very tense relationship. It’s a bad marriage at this point, or at least a very fractious marriage, but it is going to continue.”

With Morace’s sudden resignation last week, CSA General Secretary Peter Montopoli told The Canadian Press, “Yes, I would say we were surprised.”

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Frauenbundesliga Game Day 15

While everyone was excited about today’s World Cup Draw and predictions and questions about the seedings were talking points, as well Germany’s impressive 8-0 “demolition” of Nigeria, another Game Day came at the Frauenbundesliga and brough the next post-pooned match. Due to bad weather conditions and unplayable field conditions the Game between Saarbrücken and Essen-Schönbeck had to be cancelled. The new schedule is not yet available.

All eyes are now focussed on the new league leaders FFC Frankfurt and after the impressive win over Potsdam last week and a tremendous appearance from the FFC Players at the National team friendly, everyone was quite curious to see if the game against SC Bad Neuenahr would be a challenge for Frankfurt. Well… at a very early game minute it was clear that Frankfurt has found back its dominance. The story of the game is a short one… after about half an hour of slow playing from both sides Frankfurt opened the goal fest with a Smisek Goal at 25 Min. Two more goals for Kerstin Garefrekes at the 29 and 35min made the HT result of 3-0 for Frankfurt. Second half was the half of Birgit Prinz with a hat trick. She raised the result already to 6-0 and two more goals from Behringer and Thunebro made it final 8-0 for Frankfurt.
Next weekend Frankfurt has to face FCR Duisburg what actually should be a real challenge ( or not?).

FCR Duisburg is still chasing the top two. The team had to face Bayern München. Unfortunately Duisburg had to add another person on the injury list and this time a leading personality. Inka Grings, who scored 2 goals on Tuesday against Nigeria in the first 20 min and was subbed out because of a collision with a Nigeria player had to miss the game. On a positive note Linda Bresonik, who had her comeback at the National Team this Tuesday, did play again for Duisburg.
The game started well-balanced with chances on both side and the bad luck for Duisburg continued when Luisa Wensing had a collision with the Bayern keeper Kathrin Längert at the 26min and had to be subbed out injured. Popp scored the leading goal at 39 minute and Laudehr already made it clear just seconds before the Halftime whistle. Duisburg were leading 2-0 had HT. Although Duisburg was the dominating team at Halftime, Japan International Ando missed the chance to a 3-0 lead, München fought back and after an error of the Duisburg defence suddenly München got the 1-2 . The last 15 Minutes were exciting and München tried to get the equalizer but Duisburg saved the lead for a 2-1 victory to remain in 3th place. See the Highlights here

Turbine Potsdam had to face the League’s biggest losers Herforder SV. Anything than an easy win for Potsdam would have been a big upset, but it was like a deja-vu from the this season’s first game against the bottom team Herford. Turbine started well and Lira Bajramaj scored the game opener at the 11th minute already. That was also the for Potsdam disappointing final result, because Herford was once more the nearly nemesis. Neither team got another goal and Herford missed the chance for a big upset and much needed points in the league. Potsdam stays at second place after the 1-0 win.

USV Jena were hosting the “northern lights” from Hamburger SV, who had secured a place in the upper midtable. The game was very important for Jena to avoid the relegation places and until the extra time it seems as if it would be a goalless draw. But in the 92min young Swiss International Ana-Maria Crnorgorcevic scored the very lucky winning goal. Hamburg got a 1-0 win and Jena missed important points for the league standings.

The loss was even more disappointing for Jena because Bayer 04 Leverkusen was once more the not-to-beat team for the struggling Wolves from VFL Wolfburg. Just as in the first Game this season, Wolfsburg were leading at Halftime with  2-0 and Leverkusen managed to change the game in second half.  Henseler, Kasperczyk and former WPS Player Shelley Thompson got a 3-2 Lead for Leverkusen. Wolfsburgs player and Norwegian International Melissa Wiik, just subbed in at 74 min., scored the 3-3 equalizer and secured the Wolves at least 1 point.



FCR 2001 Duisburg – FC Bayern München    2-1
FF USV Jena – Hamburger SV      0-1
VfL Wolfsburg – Bayer 04 Leverkusen   3-3
1. FFC Turbine Potsdam – Herforder SV   1-0
SC 07 Bad Neuenahr – 1. FFC Frankfurt   0-8
1. FC Saarbrücken – Essen-Schönebeck (-) cancelled


Place      Team                  Games  w /d /L     Goals    Points
1 1. FFC Frankfurt                  15     13 0 2   69 : 13       39
2 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam       15    12 1 2   37 : 12        37
3 FCR 2001 Duisburg              15    11 2 2    45 : 15       35
4 VfL Wolfsburg                      15     8  2 5    44 : 32       26
5 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr            15     8 0 7     39 : 31       24
6 Hamburger SV                      15    7 2 6     27 : 29       23
7 FC Bayern München              15    6 2 7     22 : 22       20
8 Bayer 04 Leverkusen            15      4 2 9    22 : 43       14
9 SG Essen-Schönebeck         14     3 4 7    18 : 33       13
10 1. FC Saarbrücken              14     4 1 9    14 : 35       13
11 FF USV Jena                      15     3 3 9    13 : 38       12
12 Herforder SV                       15     0 1 14   11 : 58        1

Top Scorer

P   Name        Team                   Goals
1  Grings  FCR 2001 Duisburg        19
2  Prinz    1. FFC Frankfurt             17
3  Garefrekes 1. FFC Frankfurt        16
3  M. Müller    VfL Wolfsburg           16
5   Pohlers     1. FFC Frankfurt        13
6  da Mbabi SC 07 Bad Neuenahr    11
7  Mittag   1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 10
8  Ni. Rolser SC 07 Bad Neuenahr    9
9  Keßler 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam    8
10 Thompson  Bayer 04 Leverkusen   7
10 Anonma     FF USV Jena              7
10 Goeßling     SC 07 Bad Neuenahr  7

Frauenbundesliga Game Day 14

Everyone was looking forward to this Game Day with high expectations  because it was the day of the meeting of West-East football dominance. FFC Frankfurt were in second place, one point behind League Leaders Turbine Potsdam and were hosting the big game. But before we come to this very entertaining and high quality game we have a look at the other games.

Unfortunately the injury list for this season grew again before the first whistle had been blow.

Duisburg added Steffi Weichelt on their already long injured list with a tailbone fracture. Hamburger SV added Lena Petermann with a nasal bone fracture.  SC Bad Neuenahr had to announce two injuries Celia daMbabi ( torn muscle fibre) and Swiss International Danique Stein (torn ligament).

This Game Day started already on Saturday with Herforder SV facing VFL Wolfsburg in one of their “finals” as Herford Coach clearly announced before the Game. If Herford wants to avoid direct relegation all the games have to be successful from now on. But as expected, Herford again couldn’t show why they ever entered the frist league. They never had a chance and Wolfsburg left Herford with an impressive 8-0 win.

Although being reduced by the above mentioned injuries, Bad Neuenahr had a good game against Bayern Munich. Petra Wimbersky scored at 33 min but Bad Neuenahr fought back and seconds before half time Nicole Rolser got the equalizer. The second half was quite balanced game and unlucky Nina Aigner scored an own goal at 84 min, for a 2-1 victory against the guests from Bad Neuenahr.

FCR Duisburg are still chasing the top two teams and showed great team play in Hamburg with 5 goals from 5 different players (Ando, Grings, Mensing, Maes and Laudehr). Duisburg got a 5-1 win over the “Northern Lights” and secured the third place in the league.

At the bottom of the league Saarbrücken got a precious win over Bayer Leverkusen. In a very close game Icelandic international Sif Atladottir secured Saarbrücken the 1-0 victory and three points in the fight against relegation.

FF USV Jena also won valuable three points against SG Essen-Schönebeck with a 2-1 victory. Genoveva Anonma was the matchwinner with her winning goal for Jena at the 75th minute.

Finally we come back to THAT game of the weekend. FFC Frankfurt versus Turbine Potsdam. Those two teams are the most successful teams in the history of the Frauenbundesliga and besides the typical slogans of  WEST vs EAST and OLD vs YOUNG the two rivals were separated by just 1 point so even a tie would have made Frankfurt League Leaders.

The game started on a high pace and 3’960 attendance at this very cold afternoon saw a balanced first half with chances on both sides. Frankfurt got the lead with a fine header from Birgit Prinz, but Potsdam found the equalizer before halftime and it was a well deserved tie at that moment of the game.

The second half started as the first half with chances on both sides but Frankfurt got the lead again by Birgit Prinz with a classical Prinz finnish. Potsdam’s Coach Bernd Schröder made some subs and suddenly it seemed as if Potsdam have lost their game plan. Frankfurt got more and more dominant and Garefrekes scored after a Prinz corner the 3-1 in 75th min. A foul on Birgit Prinz lead into a PK and ‘the Joker’ Conny Pohlers ( once more subbed in and scoring ) finished the Game with 4-1 at 82min. A disappointing second half from Potsdam and an amazing team work from Frankfurt saw the new League Leader earn 2 points that put them ahead of Turbine Potsdam.

A few positive side notes from the game: 

1.) only 4 yellow total were shown at this game! Background is the rivalry and at nearly all games between Frankfurt-Postdam this season or the last, at least one red had been given!

2)  U20WCWinner Dzenifer Maroszan had an amazing game and showed great skills and attitude.

3) Our fav Swede Jessica Landström got subbed in again. And as Negative: Landström came on at 89 min!

See the Highlights of DFB.TV here and see the Pictures taken at the Game here



Herforder SV – VFL Wolfsburg  0-8

Hamburger SV – FCR Duisburg 1-5

Bayern München – SC Bad Neuenahr 1-2

1 FFC Frankfurt – FFC Turbine Potsdam 4-1

Bayer 04 Leverkusen – 1. FC Saarbrücken  0-1

Essen-Schönebeck – FF USV Jena 1-2


Place             Team                                              Games  w/d/L         Goals         Points

1 1. FFC Frankfurt 14 12 0 2
61 : 13
2 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 14 11 1 2
36 : 12
3 FCR 2001 Duisburg 14 10 2 2
43 : 14
4 VfL Wolfsburg 14 8 1 5
41 : 29
5 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 14 8 0 6
39 : 23
6 FC Bayern München 14 6 2 6
21 : 20
7 Hamburger SV 14 6 2 6
26 : 29
8 SG Essen-Schönebeck 14 3 4 7
18 : 33
9 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 14 4 1 9
19 : 40
10 1. FC Saarbrücken 14 4 1 9
14 : 35
11 FF USV Jena 14 3 3 8
13 : 37
12 Herforder SV 14 0 1 13
11 : 57

Top Scorer

Place           Name                                Team                                                           Goals

1 Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg 19
2 Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt 17
3 Garefrekes 1. FFC Frankfurt 16
3 M. Müller VfL Wolfsburg 16
5 Pohlers 1. FFC Frankfurt 13
6 Okoyino da Mbabi SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 11
7 Mittag 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 10
8 Ni. Rolser SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 9
9 Keßler 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 8
10 Thompson Bayer 04 Leverkusen 7
10 Anonma FF USV Jena 7
10 Goeßling SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 7

Frauenbundesliga Game Day 13

It seems as if the already tight schedule this season has gotten even tighter due to really bad weather in Germany. Some of this weekend’s games had to played in bad conditions and poor pitches. The first postponed game of this season (due to water-logged pitch) was FCR Duisburg-SG Essen. The game is now scheduled for Wednesday (17/11/2010) in the late late evening but that could also be questionable because of further rain and no UEFA-Standard floodlights.

Nevertheless all other games did take place and the League Leader Turbine Potsdam did face Bayern München. See the highlights of this intense and entertaining game here

Potsdam showed its ambitions to defend the title once more. The two players who made the difference were Anja Mittag and Lira Bajramaj. Mittag scored two goals (her goals 9 and 10 this season) and the second – assisted by Bajramaj – was a real cracker. After a lot of fighting and chances on both sides in the second half it was Bajramaj who scored the final goal to the 3-0 victory for Potsdam.

FFC Frankfurt are still just 1 point behind Potsdam. They traveled to the bottom team in Herford. Once more it was a frustrating and disappointing game from this year;s climbers Herforder SV. In the 7th min Birgit Prinz opened the Goal Fest for Frankfurt with a PK. Prinz was the top scorer this game with a hat-trick followed by U20WCWinner Dzenifer Maroszan with a brace and goals each from Melanie Behringer and Conny Pohlers ended the game with 7-0 for Frankfurt. Another nice side note: Our favorite sweden and ex-WPS import Jessica Landström was again at Frankfurt Starting Line and played 54mins before being subbed for Conny Pohlers.

Next Weekend Frankfurt and Potsdam will meet in Frankfurt for the obviously BIG League deciding game.

There were 8 goals total between Bad Neuenahr against Hamburger SV. Although Bad Neuenahr got an early lead , the guest from Hamburg changed the game completely to a 6-2 win to establish in the upper midfield.

Wolfsburg finally are getting back on the track after some disappointing losses in the last games. Against Saarbrücken, Wolfsburg showed a good team performance and with goals from Moser, Müller (2 goals) and New Zealand International Rebecca Smith , the Wolves had a formidable 4-0 victory.

After this weekend the Problems for the USV FF Jena have increased. Not only that the DFB (German FA) just confirmed that temporary coach Daniel Kraus, who just came up to replace the sacked Thorsten Zaunmüller, is not longer allowed to coach the team due to lacking an A-Licence and Jena has to find a new coach  until Christmas (deadline 20.Dezember). Jena also lost the Game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen 3-0. It was a one-woman show of former Atlanta Beat player Shelley Thompson,who scored the Hat-trick for Leverkusen.



VFL Wolfsburg – 1.FC Saarbrücken  4-0

USV FF Jena – Bayer 04 Leverkusen 0-3

FFC Turbine Potsdam – Bayern München 3-0

SC Bad Neuenahr – Hamburger SV 2-6

Herforder SV – 1 FFC Frankfurt 0-7


Place       Name                                         Games    W/D/L        Goals         Points

1 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 13 11 1 1
35 : 8
2 1. FFC Frankfurt 13 11 0 2
57 : 12
3 FCR 2001 Duisburg 12 8 2 2
35 : 12
4 VfL Wolfsburg 13 7 1 5
33 : 29
5 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 13 7 0 6
37 : 22
6 FC Bayern München 13 6 2 5
20 : 18
7 Hamburger SV 13 6 2 5
25 : 24
8 SG Essen-Schönebeck 12 3 4 5
16 : 28
9 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 13 4 1 8
19 : 39
10 1. FC Saarbrücken 13 3 1 9
13 : 35
11 FF USV Jena 13 2 3 8
11 : 36
12 Herforder SV 13 0 1 12
11 : 49

Top Scorer:

Place  Name                                        Team                                                             Goals

1 Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg 17
2 Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt 15
2 Garefrekes 1. FFC Frankfurt 15
4 M. Müller VfL Wolfsburg 14
5 Pohlers 1. FFC Frankfurt 12
6 Okoyino da Mbabi SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 11
7 Mittag 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 10
8 Ni. Rolser SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 8
9 Keßler 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 7
9 Thompson Bayer 04 Leverkusen 7
9 Goeßling SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 7
12 Nagasato 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 6
12 Bajramaj 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 6
12 Anonma FF USV Jena 6
12 Feiersinger Herforder SV 6
12 Jakabfi VfL Wolfsburg 6

Frauenbundesliga Double Feature Game Days 11 and 12

Okay, so neither one of these players has actually been in Germany recently but the opportunity is too good to pass up.


It’s a little late but  here is the double feature of Game Day 11 and Game Day 12.


Game Day 11

And the unofficial autumn/winter league champions are….. TURBINE POSTDAM

The 11th Game Day was already the last Game Day for the first round of the Frauenbundesliga Season 2010/2011

League Leaders Potsdam had to face SG Essen and wanted to ensure ending the first round of the season with a win. And the did it with an impressive 4-1 win. The only Essen goal was scored by Michelle Weissenhöfer, but wasn’t enough to change the secured win.

2nd place Frankfurt travelled to Munich. The last two games against Munich were losses and with Frankfurt only one point behind Postdam, they wanted to change that streak. Frankfurt went venue outside of Munich (Aschheim) and played a dramatic game before a record 1,300 attendance. Frankfurt was missing Top Scorer Kerstin Garefrekes, due to the knee injury she gained at the National Friendly against Australia and were also missing the “Defending Rock ” USWNT Player Alex Krieger, due to the CONCACAF WC Qualification. They scored the game opener already at minute 11 by Birgit Prinz.  From then until the 90th minute both teams did fight and Munich did put lots of pressure for the equalizer. Seconds before the Final whistle Conny Pohlers, once again this season,  scored the deciding goal..and Frankfurt left Munich with a 2-0 win and secured second place.

See the highlights here

SC 07 Bad Neuenahr finished the first round of this season with a continuing winning streak. Although being 0-1 behind against one of the leagues climbers Bayer Leverkusen, Bad Neuenahr changed the game to a secure 4-1 win with a brace from Celia Okoyino da Mbabi and goals each from Pretzelsberger and U20WCWinner Lena Goeßling.

Saarbrücken lost their last game of this first round at home, facing FCR Duisburg. Duisburg, still struggling with a long injury list, won 3-0 with goals from Grings, Maes and Islacker. Duisburg remains in 3th place.

VFL Wolfsburg traveled for their last game at the first round to Jena and again it looked as if Wolfsburg would be losing to a “weaker” team. Jena’s Susann Utes scored the leading goal in minute 10. But ex-Jena player Ivonne Hartmann scored the equalizer about 15min later. Martina Müller and Finish international Rantanen gave Wolfsburg the Halftime lead of 3-1 until Swiss international Moser hit the final goal in 78 min to a 4-1 win for the Wolves.

Hamburg, who unfortunately will miss Kim Kulig for longer due to a torn ligament she received at the National Friendly, had lots of efforts against the  disappointing second league climber Herforder SV. Göransson, Saländer and Petermann secured the 3-0 home win


Results from Game Day 11:

FC Bayern München   – FFC Frankfurt    0-2

1. FC Saarbrücken – FCR 2001 Duisburg  0-3

FF USV Jena – VFL Wolfsburg 1-4

Hamburger SV – Herforder SV  3-0

SG Essen-Schönebeck  – 1- FFC Turbine Potsdam  1-4

Bayer 04 Leverkusen – SC Bad Neuenahr 1-4


Since the Women’s World Cup 2011 is held in Germany and the Hosts are also the defending champions, the Frauenbundesliga season 2010/2011 has been real winter break, no Indoor League Cup ( usually held in the winter break at about January)… the league continues and will end ( if the weather will not change all the plans) at mid-March.  As released this week, the German FA and the Womens National Team will start their preparation for the WC already at 11th April 2011 and will include 6 short term training camps and four friendlies.


Here is the Schedule (release by the DFB )

4-1-2011 to 4-14-2011 Technic Camp/  Bitburg
4-18-2011 to 4-23-2011 Camp1 /Köln
5-28-2011 to 5-3-2011: Camp2 / Kaiserau
5-8-2011 to 5-15-2011: Camp3 / Bitburg
5-19-2011 to 5-25-2011: Camp4 /venue tba

5-21-2011: Friendly Game (venue/opponent tba)
6-3-2011: Friendly Game (venue/opponent tba)
6-7-2011: Friendly Game (venue/opponent tba)
6-16-2011: Friendly Game (venue/opponent tba)
6-21-2011: official Team meeting for the WC / Berlin
6-26-2011: WC Opening Game / Berlin



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Frauenbundesliga Game Day 10

The first round of the Frauenbundesliga is nearing its conclusion with only one more game to play in two weeks (the next round of the German FA Cup will take place next weekend)  before the very short winter break.

This game that was broadcast on German TV was FFC Frankfurt – Hamburger SV. After Hamburg’s win against Munich last week everyone was expecting a tough fight and some may also have hoped for another upset from the Northern Light.

The first 30min it even looked as if Hamburg could repeat last week’s success but the league’s top scorer Kerstin Garefrekes was the women who made the difference. In seven minutes she scored her season goals 14 and 15 and by the 38th min Frankfurt was leading 2-0. Hamburg didn’t give up and a very controversial decision against Frankfurt and USWNT Player Ali Krieger gave a penalty to Hamburg. Kim Kulig got one back to take it to 2-1 at HT.

In the second half Frankfurt impressed with the dominance they showed in the past seven games and again Garefrekes contributed two assists for goals by Birgit Prinz and Dzsenifer Maroszan. A fine Prinz solo effort finished the game with a 5-1 win for Frankfurt.

See the Highlights of this Game on DFB.TV

Frankfurt is still at second place, just one point behind Turbine Potsdam who were facing this year’s league newcomer Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Leverkusen never had a chance against Potsdam, who are re-discovering their strength from last season. Anja Mittag had a hat-trick, Nadine Kessler, Fatmire Bajramaj and Japanese international Yuki Nagasato secured the 6-1 win for Potsdam to stay top of the league. Leverkusen at least got a “consolation goal” from Beckmann.

The sick bay team of this season FCR 01 Duisburg still struggling with lots of injuries. The team  hosted FF USV Jena and Jena had many chances. Jena seemed the first team especially at the first half  and only lack of concentration and cleverness kept them from leading at halftime. Duisburg’s top scorer Inka Grings was the Woman of the Match, hitting the back of the net just after the beginning of the second half to secure Duisburg the 1-0 win against a newly motivated Jena team, who just had bad luck. Genoveva Anonma did impress at the Jena side and also on the plus side Jena’s Adjoar Bayor returned after a long term injury.

SC 07 Bad Neuenahr increased the worries at FC Saarbrücken even more with a 6-0 win. Neuenahr;s Nicole Rolser with a hat-trick and 3 more goals from Maier, Umbach and da Mbabi made the final score.

The first game with the new coach gave the second newcomer Herforder SV finally their first point of the season. Hosting SG Essen Schönebeck, Herford had to face the 1-0 lead of Essen from Leite in the third minute. But contrary to the first nine games Herford showed attitude, team spirit and did fight back to finally get the equalizer Anna Laue. Nevertheless Herford still needs a miracle to avoid  direct relegation.

VFL Wolfsburg and Bayern München the two struggling chaser of the Top three had to face each other and it was definitely a game of the goal keepers. On the Wolves side American Jamie Souza showed why it was the best decision of Wolfsburg to sign her as she held the score line against Petra Wimbersky, who was the best Munich player besides Munich’s GK Kathrin Längert, who on the other end saved against Hartmann and the Finish International Anna-Kaisa Rantanen .  The scoreless draw was the result.  As a side note Navida Omilade surprisingly had already her comeback for Wolfsburg after her injury .



FCR 2001 Duisburg    –  FF USV Jena    1-0

1. FFC Frankfurt  – Hamburger SV   5-1

VFL Wolfsburg  –  Bayern München  0-0

SC 07 Bad Neuenahr  – 1. FC Saarbrücken  6-0

1. FFC Turbine Potsdam – Bayer 04 Leverkusen 6-1

Herforder SV  –  SG Essen-Schönebeck   1-1


Place                                Team                             Games  w/d/l      Goals                  Pts

1 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 10 8 1 1
27 : 7
2 1. FFC Frankfurt 10 8 0 2
43 : 11
3 FCR 2001 Duisburg 10 6 2 2
29 : 10
4 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 10 6 0 4
30 : 13
5 FC Bayern München 10 5 2 3
17 : 11
6 VfL Wolfsburg 10 5 1 4
24 : 23
7 Hamburger SV 10 4 2 4
16 : 21
8 SG Essen-Schönebeck 10 2 4 4
13 : 23
9 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 10 3 1 6
13 : 32
10 1. FC Saarbrücken 10 3 0 7
12 : 27
11 FF USV Jena 10 2 2 6
9 : 28
12 Herforder SV 10 0 1 9
9 : 36


Top Scorer:

Place    Name                                       Team                                                               Goals

1 Garefrekes 1. FFC Frankfurt 15
2 Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg 13
3 M. Müller VfL Wolfsburg 11
4 Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt 10
5 Okoyino da Mbabi SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 9
6 Pohlers 1. FFC Frankfurt 8
7 Ni. Rolser SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 7
8 Keßler 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 6
8 Mittag 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 6
8 Anonma FF USV Jena 6
8 Jakabfi VfL Wolfsburg 6

Frauenbundesliga Game Day 9

The 9th Game Day was overshadowed by more injury problems to nearly half of the league teams.

Everyone was looking at the VFL Wolfsburg-FCR Duisburg game because Duisburg had some more injuries on their list after Linda Bresonik (who was not yet fully recovered from the pre-season injury) had to be left out. Since Wolfsburg’s Navida Omilade and Selina Wagner were also out because of injuries and Rebecca Smith had just returned from Oceanic WWC Qualifying and had just recovered from a spine injury, both teams were not at their best. But the game did bring lots of goals and decent play from both sides. With an outstanding Martina Müller pushing her site forward the Wolves finally won  3-2 after disappointing defeats the last few weeks. Again Wolfsburg showed that they beat the BIG teams, whilst losing in so-called easier games.

See the Highlights of the Game here

League leaders Potsdam travelled to FCR Saarbrücken, who are still near a relegation place and again couldn’t convince with their play. Nevertheless Postdam finished with a 2-0 win. Former Saarbrücken player Nadine Kessler secured the win with both goals and the place top of the league.

FC Bayern Munich are still chasing the top teams and had another disappointment after last week’s draw. They lost 1-2 to Hamburg away. Hamburg did show again that there is still more to expect from them as they have obviously found their team.

1.FFC Frankfurt continued their chase of first place with an impressive 8-0 victory over SG Essen-Schönebeck. Goals as usual from Garefrekes (2goals),  Prinz (2goals) , Pohlers (with a hat-trick) and the first season goal for  Swedish International and former WPS Player Jessica Landström secured Frankfurt second place with an overall record of 38 goals scored this season.

FF USV Jena got destroyed by Bad Neuenahr. A hat-trick from Celia da Mbabi and one goal each from Rolser, Goeßling and a brace from Kuznik ended the game 7-0 for Bad Neuenahr and left a highly frustrated Jena team and coach. Coach Thorsten Zaunmüller was fuming after the game especially lack of fitness and self confidence made him angry. Jena are coming closer to the relegation places now especially after Leverkusen beat Herford.

The two Frauenbundesliga newcomers Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Herforder SV had to face each other for the first time. Leverkusen won not surprisingly 5-1 with two more goals from former WPS player Shelley Thompson and had great team play. Herford SV still stuck on the answer why they ever went up to the Frauenbundesliga. It seems that only a miracle can save them from direct relegation.



Essen-Schönebeck   – 1.FFC Frankfurt    0-8

1.FC Saarbrücken  – 1.FFC Turbine Potsdam 0-2

FF USV Jena  – SC 07 Bad Neuenahr   0-7

VFL Wolfsburg  –  FCR 2011 Duisburg  3-2

Hamburger SV  – FC Bayern München 2-1

Bayer 04 Leverkusen  –  Herforder SV  5-1


Place                 Team              Games     w d l                        goals                                Pts

1 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 9 7 1 1
21 : 6
2 1. FFC Frankfurt 9 7 0 2
38 : 10
3 FCR 2001 Duisburg 9 5 2 2
28 : 10
4 FC Bayern München 9 5 1 3
17 : 11
5 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 9 5 0 4
24 : 13
6 VfL Wolfsburg 9 5 0 4
24 : 23
7 Hamburger SV 9 4 2 3
15 : 16
8 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 9 3 1 5
12 : 26
9 1. FC Saarbrücken 9 3 0 6
12 : 21
10 SG Essen-Schönebeck 9 2 3 4
12 : 22
11 FF USV Jena 9 2 2 5
9 : 27
12 Herforder SV 9 0 0 9
8 : 35

Top Scorer:

Place             Name                                       Team                                            Goals

1 Garefrekes 1. FFC Frankfurt 13
2 Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg 12
3 M. Müller VfL Wolfsburg 11
4 Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt 8
4 Pohlers 1. FFC Frankfurt 8
4 Okoyino da Mbabi SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 8
7 Anonma FF USV Jena 6
7 Jakabfi VfL Wolfsburg 6
9 Keßler 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 5
9 Feiersinger Herforder SV 5
9 Goeßling SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 5
9 M. Hoffmann SG Essen-Schönebeck 5

Frauenbundesliga 8th Game Day

The eighth game of the German league could be summarized in the following phrases:


– There is still no convincing league leader

– Some more disappointment from the Wolves

– A not really surprisingly draw and a questionable goal


League leaders Turbine Potsdam defend their top position with a 5-0 victory over the lone other East German club FF USV Jena. Although the result may tell a different story, the play of Potsdam was again not that convincing.

Returning player Fatmire Bajramaj (back from last week’s suspension) was the overall match winner pushing her team forward and gaining one assist and two of the five goals.

The follower Frankfurt impressed again with another invulnerable win and 5 goals. Once more Shelley Thompson was the only player for Bayer Leverkusen who seemed to at least try to keep the team in the game. Thompson got another goal for Bayer, but the 1-5 defeat at Frankfurt also showed the frustration of this year’s climber especially in a totally unnecessary red-card in the 90th min against Leverkusen’s Lisa Schwab. Leverkusen who had high ambitions and good predictions seem to be destined for relegation. Frankfurt secured with this win their 2nd place.

Bayern Munich, who set on 3rd place with same points as 2nd Place Frankfurt, couldn’t continue their winning streak and with poor team play and lots of unforced missed balls gained only 1 point. A 1-1 draw against SG Essen-Schönebeck was the result in a game with a dramatic second half. After leading at Halftime by a Wimbersky goal,  Essen scored the equalizer after one of Michelle Weissenhofers famous and spectacular somersault throw-in’s. The referee claimed that Essen’s Jessica Bade had the final touch on the ball, but Munich’s Coach and mostly all of the few attendance were convinced, that the ball went directly into the back of the net and the goal was irregular. Bayern Coach Wörle was even that upset that he got a on-pitch suspension and had to watch the rest of the game from the stands. On top of that U17 WNT Player Lena Lotzen had to leave the pitch before the final whistle with a suspected torn ligament.

With the draw Munich drops to 4th place whilst FCR Duisburg came back to third with their 2-0 win over SV 07 Bad Neuenahr.

Watch the Highlights here

Duisburg who are struggling with a long injury list on which Linda Bresonik also has joined were very strong but unconcentrated at the finish. After a scoreless first half, U 20 WWC Winner Alexandra Popp headed a corner cross from Inka Grings into the back of the net and just minutes later Mandy Islacker did secure the final score of 2-0 with a tremendous rocket.

Wolfsburg are losing the form and attitude they showed at the start of the season had to travel to Hamburg. Although leading at Halftime with 1-0 (goal in the 45min by Stephanie Bunte), Wolves got their 3th loss in a row after two goals from Hamburg’s youngsters Simon and Petermann (both 16years). Hamburg finally could win also on their home pitch

Second league climber Herforder SV, who is without any points yet ,  signed a mental coach this week to help the team get out of the direct relegation. Well it seems as if there is still a lot of work than, cause ever after facing another bottom club 1. FC Saarbrücken, Herford again couldn’t get their first point.  The first half didn’t bring any goals but in the 50min Icelandic international Sif Atladottir did score for Saarbrücken. Three mins later Herford got the equalizer from young Laura Feiersinger. Herford could even take the lead but Laura Wermelt missed a penalty in the 63 min. Instead Saarbrücken scored the 2-1 game winner.  The inglorious finish from Herford was the second yellow to Marie Pollmann just seconds before the final whistle.



FC Bayern München  – SG Essen-Schönebeck   1-1

Herforder SV  – 1. FC Saarbrücken  1-2

1. FFC Frankfurt – Bayer 04 Leverkusen  5-1

Hamburger SV  – VFL Wolfsburg  2-1

SC 07 Bad Neuenahr – FCR 2001 Duisburg  0-2

1. FFC Turbine Potsdam  – FF USV Jena  5-1


Place       Team     Games   W  D L    Goals   Points

1 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 8 6 1 1
19 : 6
2 1. FFC Frankfurt 8 6 0 2
30 : 10
3 FCR 2001 Duisburg 8 5 2 1
26 : 7
4 FC Bayern München 8 5 1 2
16 : 9
5 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 8 4 0 4
17 : 13
6 VfL Wolfsburg 8 4 0 4
21 : 21
7 Hamburger SV 8 3 2 3
13 : 15
8 SG Essen-Schönebeck 8 2 3 3
12 : 14
9 1. FC Saarbrücken 8 3 0 5
12 : 19
10 FF USV Jena 8 2 2 4
9 : 20
11 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 8 2 1 5
7 : 25
12 Herforder SV 8 0 0 8
7 : 30

Top Goal Scorer:

Place     Name       Team      Goals

1 Garefrekes 1. FFC Frankfurt 11
1 Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg 11
3 M. Müller VfL Wolfsburg 9
4 Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt 6
4 Anonma FF USV Jena 6
6 Pohlers 1. FFC Frankfurt 5
6 Okoyino da Mbabi SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 5
6 M. Hoffmann SG Essen-Schönebeck 5
6 Jakabfi VfL Wolfsburg 5

Frauenbundesliga Review: Game Day 7

All eyes were focused on the match betwee the two top teams and rivals FCR Duisburg and Turbine Potsdam. Potsdam were missing Fatmire Bajramaj due to the red card (two yellows) suspension after dissent towards the referee of the last game. Thus, she was unable to face her former club Duisburg.

Everyone expected a game at high level and lots of goals and action…. unfortunately the game didn’t live up to expectations. After being on the road for a midweek game at the UEFA Women’s Champions League (Potsdam in Finland, Duisburg in Kazakhstan) both team started well and had chances on both sides but couldn’t finish. At the 13th minute young Duisburg Player Jennifer Oster unluckily brought Japanese National Player Nagasato down in the penalty cox and Potsdam Captain Jennifer Zietz scored the 1-0 from the spot. This was the halftime result. Both teams tried their best in the second half but quite obviously both team were really tired. One of the few great attacking players Alexandra Popp did chip the ball to Duisburg and the League’s top scorer Inka Grings, who finished with a great goal for the equalizer. 1-1 was also the final result and the shared points secured Potsdam to stay at the top of the League whilst Duisburg fell back due to the other results from Frankfurt and Munich.

Watch  the Highlights from the Duisburg-Postdam game at DFB.TV here

Frankfurt had to travel to Saarbrücken and as expected Frankfurt showed a very powerful performance and did win with a 4-1 score. They now surge to second place of the League Table. Garefrekes was once more the leading goal scorer at Frankfurt’s side with two goals. Prinz’s penalty goal and Pohlers with the last action of the game finished the scoreline.

Bayern Munich continued their away streak with another win. This time travelling to Bayer Leverkusen the Bayern Munich side secured their win with 2 goals from Simic and Aigner. The first goal this season from Shelley Thompson at the 79′ mark for Leverkusen just came too late.

Bayern are still chasing the top teams and move up to 3rd place with the same points as Frankfurt.

The Wolves from Wolfsburg seem to be well off track..after losing last week they had another disappointment against SC Bad Neuenahr and lost with 1-4 against the very impressive and improving Bad Neuenahr Team. Although Wolfsburg opened the game already at the 4th minute Bad Neuenahr did fight and changed the scoreline. Again Wolfsburg defense and the goalkeeper position seem to be subject for discussions.

FF USV Jena , who lost their player Lehnert due to a tailbone injury from last weeks game at Frankfurt, finally received some points against Herforder SV who showed once more why they don’t belong in the First Frauenbundesliga. Two goals from Anonma did secure the win and it was  only Jena’s the lack of finding the back of the net that kept Herford in the game.  Surprisingly Gröbner even got a goal for Herford at the 72nd min to the final result of a 2-1 victory for Jena.

Hamburg showed again that they obviously can only win away games. Traveling to Essen they impressed with a great game and especially in second half with great team play. 3-1 was the final result against SG Essen-Schönebeck. Lets see if Hamburg can win on their home pitch next week, when they have to face Wolfsburg.



FCR 2001 Duisburg  – FFC Turbine Potsdam  1-1

FF USV Jena – Herforder SV  2-1

VFL Wolfsburg -SV 07 Bad Neuenahr  1-4

Essen-Schönebeck – Hamburger SV 1-3

Bayer 04 Leverkusen – Bayern München 1-2

1. FC Saarbrücken – 1. FFC Frankfurt 1-4


Place                                 Team                     Games W/D/L  Goals   Pts

1 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 7 5 1 1
14 : 6
2 1. FFC Frankfurt 7 5 0 2
25 : 9
3 FC Bayern München 7 5 0 2
15 : 8
4 FCR 2001 Duisburg 7 4 2 1
24 : 7
5 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 7 4 0 3
17 : 11
6 VfL Wolfsburg 7 4 0 3
20 : 19
7 SG Essen-Schönebeck 7 2 2 3
11 : 13
8 Hamburger SV 7 2 2 3
11 : 14
9 FF USV Jena 7 2 2 3
9 : 15
10 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 7 2 1 4
6 : 20
11 1. FC Saarbrücken 7 2 0 5
10 : 18
12 Herforder SV 7 0 0 7
6 : 28

Top Scorer:

Place                   Name                        Team        Goals

1 Grings FCR 2001 Duisburg 10
2 M. Müller VfL Wolfsburg 9
3 Garefrekes 1. FFC Frankfurt 8
4 Prinz 1. FFC Frankfurt 4
4 Bachor FC Bayern München 4
4 Anonma FF USV Jena 4
4 Okoyino da Mbabi SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 4
4 Goeßling SC 07 Bad Neuenahr 4
4 M. Hoffmann SG Essen-Schönebeck 4
4 Jakabfi VfL Wolfsburg 4