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[VIDEO] Arsenal Ladies FC 11/11 Post Game Report

Pictures have been up for a few days, and more will be going up soon, but here’s a bit of the video side of things to feed your off-season soccer fix as you wait eagerly for the USA v. Italy games.

This is the post-game (post-match for all the EuroAWK readers) report from the 11/11 EUFA Women’s Champions League match between England’s Arsenal Ladies FC and Spain’s Rayo ValleCano de Madrid.

Kelley O'Hara & Rachel Buehler, How Well Do They Know Each Other?

They have a lot in common. They both get a regular call from Pia, asking them to step up and represent their country on the USWNT. They are trophy-toting 2010 Champions with their WPS team, FC Gold Pride. And they both graced the Palo Alto area with their freckles and feet for four years at Stanford.

But how well do they REALLY know each other?

Original Commentary: Why The 89ers Are the Future of the WNT

 by Jenna Pel. 4/5/2010.


Hamm.  Foudy.  Chastain. Fawcett.

          A little over a decade ago, these were much more than names. In a sense, they were couriers of women’s athletics as a whole. The first generation of the U.S. Women’s National Team achieved fame and commercial success historically only reserved for male athletes. Few female athletes have done it before, perhaps none have done it since. For several years they transcended the soccer fields they played on. They were dependable pitch women and the architects of a professional women’s league and (it can’t be said enough) role models for millions of young girls. This one included.

            The legacy that these foremothers have left us with is well-documented. Despite the collapse of WUSA in 2003, the cultural and sporting impact that the 99ers made cannot be overstated. At the school I work at, I once asked one of my soccer-loving, third-grade students who her favorite female soccer player was. Her answer: Mia Hamm. This despite being born one year after the WNT hoisted the Women’s World Cup in the Rose Bowl. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t mention Abby Wambach or Hope Solo or Heather O’Reilly but regardless, her curt answer reminded me that the legacy of the 99ers lives on. The WPS logo does bear a striking resemblance to Mia Hamm’s likeness, after all.

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2010 Sky Blue FC Preview

We continue our season previews with the inaugural WPS champions, who finished fourth last year. Please check out the other season previews as well.



               The stories have all been written. The poor start (five points out of a possible twenty-one). The bizarre coaching carousel. The poor attendances. The injury epidemic. The playoff berth that nearly never was. The orange creamsicle kits.

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Kelly Smith on Jonathan Ross from October '07

Ok so full disclosure: I am a huge Kelly Smith fan. As if it wasn’t flamingly obvious by the Kelly Smith-heavy content so far or that my gravatar thing bears her #10 shirt or that she’s up in the banner above (you can see her next to Jill Scott if you squint really hard).

I’m not sure what it is exactly. It could certainly be her indominable spirit (see England’s performance at the 2009 Euro’s or the entire 2009 Boston Breakers season), or her wondeful ability in front of goal or just her modest, cool, non-chalant “yep, it’s just what I do and I can’t explain it” attitude towards being a current-day icon in the women’s game. It could also be the fact that she has been so dominant in a sport that is usually marginalized, dismissed and made invisible by pundits who would be totally obsessed if she were only a man. This is probably why I have a certain affinity for the English players and coaches in general, who are rejected by their own culture in a sense.  

I hope she is enjoying her time in the States.  

Notables for Easter Day

  • Another round of WPS preseason matches occurred yesterday. The Atlanta Beat defeated Saint Louis 2-1 with goals from McNeill and Bachmann. The Beat now have a stellar 7-1 preaeason record (note: Tobin Heath has yet to take part in any competitive matches). Also, the Red Stars destroyed Illinois 9-0 with goals from like everyone. The Freedom also dispatched UNC 5-0.
  • European results! FFC Frankfurt defeated Wolfsburg 2-1 and Bad Neunehar beat Saarsbrucken 2-1. In German Cup action, its was a clash of league-leaders as FCR Duisburg undid Turbine Potsdam 1-0 to reach the Final. And don’t forget these two clubs will meet each other again in two weeks in the UEFA Champions League Semifinal.  Check out the video highlights (in pristine quality).
  • They will meet USV Jena who defeated  Essen-Sconebeck 3-0.
  • Check out the Fixtures page for other results and goal scorers.
  • Also click here for the updated Preseason results.
  • That’s all for now. The Red Stars Season Preview should hopefully be up by the time you read this. Enjoy the bunnies. 

Looking Ahead to the U.S. v. Mexico Friendly

In anticipation for the U.S. v. Mexico friendly in San Diego, has released three new videos.

The WNT in some five-a-side action

And finally, Rachel Buehler takes us home

Here’s the 24-woman roster:

  GOALKEEPERS (3): Nicole Barnhart (FC Gold Pride), Jill Loyden (Chicago Red Stars), Hope Solo (St. Louis Athletica)
DEFENDERS (8): Rachel Buehler (FC Gold Pride), Stephanie Cox (Boston Breakers), Whitney Engen (Chicago Red Stars), Amy LePeilbet (Boston Breakers), Heather Mitts (Philadelphia Independence), Meghan Schnur (Sky Blue FC), Brittany Taylor (Sky Blue FC), Cat Whitehill (Washington Freedom)
MIDFIELDERS (7): Yael Averbuch (Sky Blue FC), Shannon Boxx (St. Louis Athletica), Kristine Lilly (Boston Breakers), Lori Lindsey (Philadelphia Independence), Carli Lloyd (Sky Blue FC), Heather O’Reilly (Sky Blue FC), Megan Rapinoe (Chicago Red Stars)
FORWARDS (6): Lauren Cheney (Boston Breakers), Alex Morgan (California), Casey Nogueira (Chicago Red Stars), Kelley O’Hara (FC Gold Pride), Amy Rodriguez (Philadelphia Independence), Abby Wambach (Washington Freedom)

Random thoughts:

  • It would be nice to see if the younger players like Nogueira, Morgan (who had that wonderful 2008 U-20 World Championship campaign), O’Hara, Averbuch and Engen got some minutes alongside the vets. But Pia’s probably just thinking about letting them gain experience from senior camps and whatnot first.
  • This is the stadium that Abby Wambach broke her leg in a match against Brazil during the run-up towards the 2008 Summer Olympics. Just thought I’d mention that.
  • Tobin Heath (illness), Lori Chalupny (injury) and Christine Rampone (motherhood) weren’t called up. Other than these three notable absences, the squad seems quite solid. Shannon Boxx will don the armband.
  • It’ll be interesting to see what kind of form Lauren Cheney will be in now that she’s back in the States and has been at camp with the Breakers as of late. Perhaps she can keep up some of that terrific form that propelled the WNT through the Algarve Cup.
  • It will also be interesting to see the attendance figures. Crowd numbers for the WNT haven’t been spectacular over the past few years but perhaps the nascent WPS has helped stimulate interest in women’s soccer again and thus the national team. And in your author’s humble (and probably erroneous) opinion, San Diego seems to be one of the most overlooked soccer markets in the States.
  • And with that, AWK salutes the San Diego Spirit (2001-2003), led by Julie Foudy, Shannon MacMillan and Joy Fawcett during the WUSA days. WPS needs to expand in the West (because it currently has like, one team west of the Mississippi) and when it does perhaps San Diego will be ready for another go-around.
  • The US is currently hot on a 41-match unbeaten streak in the States (thank you,’s News and Features section). Not quite Geno Auriemma’s UConn…..unless of course the WNT defeats Mexico today 23-0 or something.
  • Coach Sundhage is officially over the hill today with her 50th match. But don’t worry Pia, this only means your best days are yet to come.
  • It will be nice to see the full WNT back on national television after a near nine month hiatus. No need to follow the pesky (yet wonderful) Match Tracker or try to find an illegal stream broadcasting from Godknowswhere on the world wide web.
  • I know absolutely nothing about the Mexican National Team, minus the fact that it will feature two WPS’ers (Monica O’Campo of ATL and Veronica Perez who is apparently fighting for a spot on the Athletica). But hopefully we can see the return of Maribel Dominiguez, who was so good that she legendarily prompted FIFA to impose a rule mandating the seperation of sexes in any FIFA-regulated league. Just one of the many fine decisions Sepp Blatter has made in his acclaimed career as FIFA boss. (Side note: I never use sarcasm. Or irony.)

 Well then, that just about commences my one-woman watch party for the match. Expect player ratings and reaction sometime after. And enjoy the football.