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NWSL – Let’s Talk Trade Deadline

Judging by the reactions of some of my trade deadline twitter musings, I’m guessing there could be a lot of discussion of who might and might not be moving by the end of business on Wednesday. But please NWSL teams, do something and make my 6,700+ words not be in vain!

(Note: I wrote big chunks of this column before the weekend’s results, so there are some last minute notes included to update some things.)

So, who might get moved?

Liz Bogus – SEA – D/F

WHY: Seattle’s out of the playoff chase, and Bogus, at 29, probably isn’t part of this team’s long-term future. The fact that she can play just about anywhere on the pitch should make her an appealing target for anyone searching for bench depth headed into the playoff race.

WHERE: Seems to be more devoted to the attacking side of the game these days, meaning she’d be a nice fit for a Sky Blue FC team probably looking for a little more attacking cover. The fact that she can deputize in what looks like a defense short on numbers might help too.

PRICE: Fourth-round pick or perhaps as part of a more complicated trade utilizing other picks/assets.

Melanie Booth – SBFC – D

WHY: Yes, she’s still technically in the league, though you wouldn’t know it by the fact that she’s been buried on SBFC’s bench all season. Jim Gabarra would probably gladly trade the Canadian in for an asset that could help his struggling side out right away. For contenders, Booth would provide needed left-back depth, while non-contenders would probably take her on just in case her allocated slot gets freed up next season, allowing clubs to use it to rebuild and add some young Canadian talent from what looks like a promising crop.

WHERE: Western New York and FC Kansas City could probably both do with some experienced defensive cover. Considering Washington’s woes, they could also use her straight away, while Boston, Seattle, and Chicago could all do with the potential empty allocation slot.

PRICE: SBFC would almost certainly have to package her with a draft pick or more assets to make a trade for a fellow Canadian work out. Who could help the New Jersey side right away? Jodi-Ann Robinson (WNY), Diana Matheson (WSH), and Rhian Wilkinson (BOS) would probably be among the top options, though as stated before, SBFC would probably have to give up at least one pick to make the deal agreeable. If it’s Matheson, it’d have to be a pretty high pick.

Kiersten Dallstream – SEA – D/FW

WHY: Really, you could fill in the blanks under Liz Bogus’ entry above in many categories for Dallstream. She doesn’t seem likely to usurp Stephanie Cox from a starting role any time soon, and her general upside seems limited despite successfully resurrecting her professional career this year. Full-backs are in short supply though, and it’s not hard to see her being in demand for a side look to boost their depth in that area of the pitch with the bonus that she can also play as a winger if need be.

WHERE: Sky Blue FC needs cover after Caitlin Foord’s injury, while FC Kansas City could use some additional depth now that Merritt Mathias has moved back into the attack, with Dallstream likely a more tested option than Katie Kelly. Western New York needs anybody who can play defense period, while Portland probably wouldn’t mind having another full-back considering Casey Ramirez has struggled with injury since signing with the team. So, in short? Everyone in the playoff hunt.

PRICE: Nothing excessive, probably just a fourth-rounder or a young talent not getting minutes for a contender.

Maribel Dominguez – CHI – FW

WHY: El Dorado’s probably easier to find than a serviceable striker at this point for contenders. Dominguez hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with Chicago, but she’s proven to be serviceable as a starter. She wouldn’t be called upon to be a starter for a contender and could be pretty useful as an impact sub off the bench for a club chasing the game down the stretch.

WHO: Sky Blue FC, Western New York, and FC Kansas City might all have need for a reserve striker to fortify their ranks. It’s just a matter of making things work with the allocations.

PRICE: It’s always tricky when trading allocated players, but each team above probably has something that would work in a trade. Chicago would probably gladly take Mexican youngster Nayeli Rangel as a part of a rebuilding effort, while also maybe getting a late round pick. WNY’s Veronica Perez could be worth a long look down the stretch as a potential aid to the club’s offensive problems, while FCKC’s Teresa Noyola could help free up Lori Chalupny from being the focus of the playmaking in the attack. FCKC also has an open Mexican allocation spot, meaning Chicago could (maybe) get a third or fourth-round pick in exchange for Dominguez while also getting an allocation slot that could potentially turn into Charlyn Corral or Ari Romero in the offseason.
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WPSL: The sun sets on the 2013 Charge

The season's over, and still enough players show up for a full roster and subs

It’s hard to believe that on this field this team endured one of the most gut-wrenching defeats imaginable, giving up a goal in the final seconds of stoppage time, then another in overtime, when a trip to California for the WPSL Final Four seemed all but assured.
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NWSL – Fantasy Preview – Round Sixteen

Points haven’t been posted as of my writing this, but I think I did decently in Round Fifteen, ably aided by captaining Holiday and having Rapinoe, Solo, and Chalupny in my side among others. At the same time, I’m still a little wary about how I did overall, as my frontline of Leroux and McDonald was shambolic on the whole.

At this point in the season, doing well looks like finding a happy balance between two-gamers and whoever’s playing against Washington during that round. But with the trade deadline approaching and some sides likely to try squad rotation as the season winds down and their finishing place is assured, things could get very unpredictable down the stretch.

Reminder that Seattle is off this round, so no Hope Solo or Megan Rapinoe to help lead your team to glory.

Round Sixteen Team Rankings

1. POR
2. WNY
4. BOS
6. CHI
7. WSH


LeBlanc (POR) – Red Stars look pretty cooked, and SBFC faltering, so she’s definitely a strong option in goal.

Franch (WNY) – Doesn’t cost an allocation and up against a toothless Washington side, you do the math.

Barnhart (FCKC) – Team is red hot, and she’s up against a ailing SBFC team, so worth considering at the very least.

Phillips/Naeher (BOS) – Washington always a tasty opponent, but watch the injury report and don’t guess wrong, lest you get saddled with a zero.

McLeod (CHI) – Got shellacked by Seattle as backline looks shaky without Hemmings, so I’d stay away.

Loyden/Cameron (SBFC) – Two matchups, both difficult. Team is struggling, and nobody knows what’s up definitively with this situation, so I’d avoid.
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NCAA – Final 2013 Recruiting Rankings – North Carolina On Top Again

I will say this: The gap between North Carolina at the top and Stanford at #2 was pretty much negligible. It’s a situation where you could easily label the Card as ‘1a’ before a pretty sizable gap to UCLA at #3 and then another big drop to #4 and beyond.

Top 100 Classes

1. North Carolina

PLAYER TO WATCH: Joanna Boyles – FR – MF

2. Stanford



PLAYER TO WATCH: Zoey Goralski – FR – D

4. USC

PLAYER TO WATCH: Miranda Freeman – FR – D

5. Florida State


6. Duke


7. Notre Dame

PLAYER TO WATCH: Morgan Andrews – FR – MF

8. Virginia

PLAYER TO WATCH: Morgan Stearns – FR – GK

9. Portland

PLAYER TO WATCH: Allison Wetherington – FR – MF

10. Ohio State

PLAYER TO WATCH: Lindsay Agnew – FR – FW

11. Clemson

PLAYER TO WATCH: Kailen Sheridan – FR – GK

12. West Virginia

PLAYER TO WATCH: Kadeisha Buchanan – FR – D

13. Santa Clara

PLAYER TO WATCH: Morgan Stanton – FR – MF

14. LSU

PLAYER TO WATCH: Summer Clarke – FR – FW

15. Michigan

PLAYER TO WATCH: Olivia Brannon – JR – D

16. Cal

PLAYER TO WATCH: Arielle Ship – FR – FW

17. Boston College

PLAYER TO WATCH: Hayley Dowd – FR – FW

18. UCF

PLAYER TO WATCH: Karoline Heinze – FR – MF

19. Wisconsin

PLAYER TO WATCH: Rose Lavelle – FR – FW

20. Harvard

PLAYER TO WATCH: Margaret “Midge” Purce – FR – FW

21. South Carolina

PLAYER TO WATCH: Sophie Groff – FR – FW

22. Penn State

PLAYER TO WATCH: Brittany Basinger – FR – D

23. Georgia

PLAYER TO WATCH: Gabby Seiler – FR – MF

24. Memphis

PLAYER TO WATCH: Maryse Bard-Martel – FR – GK

25. South Florida

PLAYER TO WATCH: Franziska Broeckl – FR – D/M
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WPSL Playoffs: Charge lose grueling East Championship in heartbreaking fashion

Cheyenne Skidmore (foreground) would score one goal for the Charge and cause another, but it wouldn't be enough

It was a game that – thanks to a lightning delay and overtime – ended three hours and forty-five minutes after it started. Three seconds were left in second-half stoppage time when the visiting New England Mutiny scored a game-tying goal. Ever wonder how Brazil and its fans felt after the US’s comeback victory in the Women’s World Cup? Well, the Chesapeake Charge and their fans – and I count myself among them – know.
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NWSL – (Quick) Fantasy Preview – Round Fifteen

Busy with college soccer previews and such, so it’s just rankings this round. Keep in mind some positions have changed, most notably Kristen Mewis and Merritt Mathias. Chicago looks to have the best matchups on paper, aided by getting the Spirit, but I’m very wary about their defense without Hemmings.

Fantasy Team Rankings for Round Fifteen

1. Chicago
2. Seattle
3. FC Kansas City
4. WNY Flash
5. Boston
6. Portland
7. Sky Blue FC
8. Washington


1. Solo (SEA)
2. McLeod (CHI)
3. Barnhart (FCKC)
4. Phillips (BOS)
5. LeBlanc (POR)
6. Franch (WNY)
7. Cameron (SBFC)
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Two MD teams each one win away from their Final Four

W-League leading scorer Shan Jones of the Piranhas (left) battles Spirit Reserves defender Jennifer Skogerboe (right)

As we head into the postseason for the elite amateur women’s leagues, two Maryland teams – the Washington Spirit Reserves in the W-League and the ASA Chesapeake Charge in the WPSL – are each just one win away from going to their league’s Final Four. And the latter game may will include an appearance by Gatorade’s High School Athlete of the Year.
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NCAA Soccer – 2014 Recruiting Rankings Update – Stanford Leads This One Too

Here are the updated rankings for the Class of 2014 through mid-July. I’ve also added a list of recruits that received the “maximum” number of points on my scale of one hundred. I suppose you could consider these “five-star” recruits in the eyes of my system. More of these “blue chip” recruits will be added by the end of the cycle next year.

“Five-Star Recruits”

Gabrielle Matulich – UCLA
Morgan Reid – Duke
Sarah Robinson – Stanford
Andi Sullivan – Stanford

Top Fifty Classes

1. Stanford
2. Duke
4. Notre Dame
5. Cal
6. Texas A&M
7. Penn State
8. Harvard
9. North Carolina
10. LSU
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W-League and WPSL playoff pictures

The craziness in the W-League hasn’t stopped. In the Central Conference, the defending champion Ottawa Fury suffered their third loss of the season to the Laval Comets, who clinched the conference title with the win. Ottawa had to down the Toronto Lady Lynx on Saturday just to come in second, breaking a streak of nine consecutive years at the top of their division. Those two teams will play each other again on Wednesday at Ottawa, with the winner going on to play Laval on Saturday. The winner of that match will be the conference’s representative in the Final Four.
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NCAA Soccer – 2015 Recruiting Rankings Update – Stanford Leads Big Early

These are obviously ridiculously early, but Stanford are already strong favorites to end up with 2015’s top rated class. While much of the rest of the Top 25 is formed of the usual suspects, the likes of Tennessee, Pepperdine, and Colorado are having impressive early showings.

1. Stanford
2. North Carolina
3. Notre Dame
4. Penn State
5. Duke
6. Tennessee
8. Virginia
9. Santa Clara
10. Kentucky
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