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NWSL – 2016 NWSL Draft Big Board #91-100

Finally! Here is the first of ten installments of the preseason/mid-season big board for the 2016 NWSL Draft. I’ve made some adjustments from my preseason board based on the season to date and will make a full revision at season’s end.

91. Amanda Hill – MF (DMC) – West Virginia

A starter here from day one and likely to either approach or break the all-time starts record for the Mountaineers by season’s end. WVU captain has seldom gotten her due in terms of awards due to unflashy nature of her game but has been a crucial part in her club’s gameplan as an unfussy defensive midfielder who has helped the Mountaineers as a vital shield in front of a stout backline. Good for the odd goal or assist but is not particularly offensive in nature. Could be a late round steal or promising camp invitee.

92. Haley Washburn – MF – Harvard

Some may wonder if the Californian has already plateaued as a player. Washburn came into Harvard with many a plaudit from her youth days thanks to her status as a U17 international with the U.S. and has perhaps struggled to meet those lofty expectations. Was a budding star after a big 2013 but came back to earth a bit last year. A calming presence on the field, Washburn will likely not be a big factor on the stat sheet. Someone the Breakers may want a look at on the reserve team for a season or two if she doesn’t catch on elsewhere.
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NCAA: Maryland is Rutgers’ 8th Straight Shutout Victim

What happens when a resistible force meets an immovable object? Well, when the force is the Maryland Terrapins’ suspect attack, and the immovable object is the impregnable (so far) Rutgers Scarlet Knights defense, the result is a predictable 1-0 win for the visitors.

Rutgers is making headlines with their defense, which has yet to give up a goal in 8 matches this season (10 if you count preseason). But the offense wasted no time doing their part. Just over a minute in, midfielder Madison Tiernan took the ball from Maryland on the Terps’ side of midfield, brought it forward, then sent it to forward Colby Ciarrocca at the top right corner of the box. The defense converged on Ciarrocca, and she tipped the ball to her left, in front of an oncoming Samantha Valliant, who fired it in in stride past goalkeeper Rachelle Beanlands.
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Spirit fall to physical Seattle, 2-1

In a sane world, the main topic of this writeup would be the two sensational goals scored by Jess Fishlock and Megan Rapinoe to give Seattle the win.

Instead, it all started when the Spirit announcer messed up and announced Hope Solo’s as #2 instead of #1, then quickly corrected himself. Spirit season ticket holders have gotten used to these little goofs, whether it’s introducing Robyn Gayle as Crystal Gayle, getting Ali Krieger’s number wrong, saying Mike Jorden is the head coach, or failing to announce Crystal Dunn at all.

Then early in the game, Seattle owner Bill Predmore was at the Reign bench and refused to leave when asked despite it being explicitly against the NWSL rules for him to be there. Reportedly, he threw away the phone of the poor Spirit volunteer who asked him to leave. (I’d really like to hear about some repercussions for Predmore here, particularly since some of the activity on the field by his players was at about the same level of decorum.)

Meanwhile, on the field 15 minutes in Megan Rapinoe got around right flank defender Whitney Church to send a cross in. Katherine Reynolds was able to head the ball clear at the goalmouth, but it fell right to a wide open Fishlock, who had plenty of time to collect the ball and fire it toward goal from about 25 out. It deflected slightly off a Spirit defender and went into the upper right corner past a leaping Ashlyn Harris.

Ten minutes later Reign forward Merritt Mathias won a fight for the ball in the corner of the box and kicked it out to Megan Rapinoe, who, just as wide open as Fishlock, fired it into the upper left-hand corner past a leaping Harris.
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