3 Questions For WPS Week 7

Sorry for the delay/extremely appreviated version that will follow. It just kind of feels like the day after a friend’s funeral with the whole SLA thing. Weird.


3.) Will Boston Feel Rejuvanated?

Maybe the bye week could have helped a Boston team that is seriously underperforming. Having been winless since the first week is not what should be expected of a team with this coach and this talent. Or is it? I’m beginning to revise my once lofty impressions of DiCicco and Cheney. Meanwhile, the Breakers visit a Sky Blue FC team that showed some real fight in Fenton two weeks ago. Considering they will be the last WPS team to play on that patch, will the ghost of the Anhueser Busch Soccer Park haunt Sky Blue? Also, look for some big names to return in creamsicle. That should help.


2.) How Many Goals Will Chicago Lose By?

Oof, I hate to be a pessimist but sometimes I can’t help it. FCGP will still be missing some key players but they have shown that  they can still a mess with half of their squad. Chicago will be trying to bounce back after the dismissal of one Emma Hayes led by the stewardship of one Marcia McDermott, current GM and one-time coach of the Carolina Courage. Neither tapers over the fact that one of these teams is pretty bad while the other is pretty good. FC Gold Pride for the big win in front of a big Chicago crowd.


1.)  Is Philadelphia Really That Good?

My gut, my heart and my brain lead towards a ‘yes’. And that’s often a huge warning sign. Washington has seemed to have finally clicked as a team. Philadelphia has been clicked. But how will their defense cope with the five-women-in-one-woman woman that is Abby Wambach? And can Sarah Huffman and Allie Long successfully silence Lori Lindsey? If Philadelphia can get by Washington, then they are the consensus second best team in the league. And the consensus best story in the league so far.


Yay for the sustainability and commercial viability of women playing soccer for money in this country. Whooooooooo.

0 thoughts on “3 Questions For WPS Week 7

  1. Jim D.

    Here’s hoping you’re wrong on #1!

    And that you can see and hear the Bravehearts tomorrow on FSC! (we’re hoping for a pretty good turnout, but our bagpiper is unfortunately out of town…)

  2. Angie

    I really looked at Boston’s midfield for the first time the other day and it became suddenly very clear to me why they’ve been under performing. Tony D should prove his brilliance by making a big move to obtain Shannon Boxx and/or Lori Chalupny. Can you imagine??

    “FC Gold Pride for the big win in front of a big Chicago crowd.”
    Neither. Official attendance for Chicago was 3,845. However, the Blackhawks played game 1 of Stanley Cup final at home at the exact same time as the CRS match. This town is going hockey crazy right now and I’m not at all surprised to see such a small figure.

  3. Jenna P

    I’m going to draft up a wish list for every WPS team with the outgoing Saint Louis players. It’s going to be fun.

    Neither indeed. Although I’m really happy that Chicago got the win. It read like a very entertaining, end-to-end game.


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