4 thoughts on “Olympic Semifinals: Canada 3, USWNT 4

  1. grrljock

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts. I had a cardio workout watching that match. And Sinclair–I feel so bad for her.

  2. Joshua

    NBC really sucks. This Game was not on the NBC network broadcast. I don’t know about any “NBC Sports channel” but on my local NBC station (KNBC in Los Angeles) they were showing the USA vs. Tunisia men’s volleyball game, a pool play game that the USA won 3-0.

    I managed to see some highlights on video on the Women’s Soccer United website.

    I have to admit to a certain satisfaction in seeing Christine Sinclair score three times on Hope Solo.

  3. Lloyd Webber

    Extremely dubious refereeing there. Two awful decisions led to the equalizer. USA were second best for large stretches of the game and were extremely fortunate to grab that winner. Hate to use a sports cliche there, but the Canadian women left it all out there and I’m gutted for them, but I think we’re on the ascendancy and the future bodes well. Go Canada!!

  4. stephen

    TSN announced that the average audience for their broadcast of the game was 3.84 million. Total reach (I think they mean everyone who watched part of the game) was 10.7 million. I hope that interest carries through to 2015 and that the CSA can actually manage the support to benefit all the NT programs.


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