NWSL – Chris’ Best XI + Major Awards for Season’s First Quarter

Pretty self-explanatory. Note the difference between most valuable and most outstanding player.

Best XI:

GK – Brittany Cameron (SBFC)

LB – Leigh Ann Robinson (FCKC)
CB – Christie Rampone (SBFC)
CB – Becky Sauerbrunn (FCKC)
RB – Marian Dougherty (POR)

DM – Desiree Scott (FCKC)
CM – Sophie Schmidt (SBFC)
AM – Christine Sinclair (POR)
AM – Diana Matheson (WSH)

FW – Abby Wambach (WNY)
FW – Renae Cuellar (FCKC)

Most Outstanding Player: Christie Rampone, SBFC
Most Valuable Player: Diana Matheson, WSH
Rookie of the Year: Renae Cuellar, FCKC
GK of the Year: Brittany Cameron, SBFC
DEF of the Year: Christie Rampone, SBFC
MF of the Year: Diana Matheson, WSH
FW of the Year: Renae Cuellar, FCKC
Coach of the Year: Jim Gabarra, SBFC

4 thoughts on “NWSL – Chris’ Best XI + Major Awards for Season’s First Quarter

  1. sec

    Rampone gifted Abby two times this year. Once, in extra time, in the opening week, when Abby missed the sitter. (Rampone tried to step forward at the wrong time). Then, at WNY, Rampone badly misplayed a ball and that went right to Abby for the goal. Credit to Rampone for leading a very young back line, however, including Johnson, Foord, Goodson. The shutout at Portland is a great result, true, but then there’s the 1-1 draw to Chicago at home. So, I think a wiser MOP would be Sinclair or Matheson.

    Also, shocking you don’t include Krieger over Robinson and Dougherty, though the latter is deserving of making this list. Yes, Krieger with the bad giveaway against Portland at home, but she has been outstanding, week after week, on both sides of the ball. Her combination play with Matheson is great, and she’s playing next to a new center back (Huster) and had spotty cover from Wells for several matches. (Thankfully, Wells was moved centrally in the last match, which is where she should’ve been playing all along).

  2. Arjun

    Surprised to not see De Vanna make the list up top. She’s been a terror to every backline so far.

  3. Terry Lash

    Agree. Sinclair would be my choice for MOP, although Matheson has been impressive also. Rampone has played well for the most part, but has not risen to the level of most outstanding player, unless you are lowering your standards in recognition of her age.

    Krieger also should be listed as the best right full back, although Dougherty has earned another call up to the national team.

  4. LCLondoner

    I agree with your choices for the most part, Chris. Like sec, I’d like to see Krieger in there. I’d also be happy to switch out Matheson for Lori Lindsey, the creative visionary behind the Spirit (and who has a tireless engine also). Finally, Cuellar is having a terrific year and the FCKC system has worked for her (except, notably, against the Flash). Still, unless we’re factoring in prior expectations, I would never take her over Alex Morgan. They play very much in the same style – except Morgan is a little ahead in every aspect of the game. The only basis for picking Cuellar would be that Morgan has probably underperformed relative to what we expect from her.


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