NWSL – Fantasy Preview – Round Eleven

Not much to say about the last round. I did well enough to move up a spot overall but not well enough to make up significant ground on those above me. Here’s hoping that’s the last major interruption for international duty this season.

This round’s matchups are pretty cut and dry. WNY and Boston have home games against Seattle, while FC Kansas City has two games, including one against Washington at home. The core of your team should probably come form WNY, BOS, and FCKC depending on who you like matchup-wise. I’d stay away from Portland and SBFC, as it’s coming just a few days after international duty, though in such an important contest, you’d guess both managers will try to go as full strength as they can. Just be aware that some of the USWNT and Canadian WNT players may play fewer minutes than usual on Saturday and Sunday and adjust accordingly.

Round Eleven Team Rankings

1. WNY
3. BOS
5. POR
6. WSH
7. SEA


Naeher (BOS) – Broken nose doesn’t seem to be a worry and will be facing a punchless Seattle team in their second game in four days.

Franch (WNY) – Backline was wobbly to the say the least against Chicago but has a plum matchup at home against woeful Reign. Boom or bust pick in all likelihood.

Barnhart (FCKC) – Two matchups, though facing SBFC in midweek on the road isn’t appealing. Should have their way with Washington, especially without Matheson, however.

Cameron (SBFC) – Has been a fantasy goldmine despite iffy match against Boston. Always a worry that Loyden will come back in the side, so have a good bench option.

LeBlanc (POR) – Been great in fantasy, but probably not the week you want to roll with her against high powered SBFC on the road.

Harris (WSH) – Bad matchup on the road with Matheson out and eats up an allocated slot, so I’d stay away.

Solo (SEA) – Maybe if you’re a masochist. Two bad matchups and had a real clanger against FC Kansas City, so I’d avoid.


Robinson (FCKC) – Goose egg last round but one of the fantasy’s most consistent options and gets a very winnable game against Washington on the weekend.

Sahlen (WNY) – Turning into one of the league’s best fantasy full-backs and has a great matchup, so use her with confidence.

Taylor (WNY) – Not particularly convincing defensively along with her teammates but showed why she’s a threat offensively with game tying goal. Great matchup, so don’t hesitate to use her.

Whitehill (BOS) – Probably safest option for a clean sheet from Breakers in mid-week against Reign.

Mathias (FCKC) – Foul prone but very good going forward and a nice option if you want to load up on FCKC defenders against Washington.

Johnson (SBFC) – Might be thrown further forward if O’Hara used at left-back against Portland, so might be worth a play.

Foord (SBFC) – Plenty of drive but little end product so far. Thorns exploitable on flanks, so she’s a sleeper.

Goodson (SBFC) – Scoring opportunities trickled to a stop as of late and has a harder set of matchups, so she’s not a slam dunk as she is usually.

Dougherty (POR) – Great performer this season but tough matchup on the road and better options elsewhere.

Sauerbrunn (FCKC) – I don’t recommend using allocated slots on defenders, but she’ll be in the lineup and against an anemic Washington offense on Sunday.

Marshall (POR) – See Dalmy. More scoring potential this week though back at LB with Buehler back.

Krieger (WSH) – Seems likely to get the double left-back treatment against Mewis and Robinson, so she may be more muted than usual.

King (BOS) – Decent scoring game last round but a little foul prone and not a guaranteed starter.

Pressley (WSH) – More of a wait and see option than realistic option, but she’s good in the air, so could be come a fantasy factor later.

Barnes (SEA) – I don’t recommend going with a Reign defender, but if you’re feeling brave, Barnes is the one to tab.


O’Reilly (BOS) – Full rest vs Seattle team playing second road game in four days? Cha-ching.

Cheney (FCKC) – Plum matchup against Washington and doesn’t have Matheson to worry about in central midfield, though SBFC presents challenge in mid-week.

Lloyd (WNY) – You’ll have to live with the stupid fouls, as it’s too appealing a matchup to turn down.

Nairn (SEA) – Not much against Portland but few better at delivering phantom points and has two games this round.

Sanderson (BOS) – Good matchup on paper but production slipped lately and could be in for a night of getting kicked in the air from Winters and Fishlock.

Schmidt (SBFC) – Steady and deadly for much of the year but may be called upon to stifle Sinclair this round.

Zerboni (WNY) – More energy than end product this season in fantasy, but Seattle makes a lot of players look good.

Mewis (FCKC) – Probably going to be in more of a defensive role in pinning Krieger back on the left wing, and there are better options available for FCKC this round.

Sinclair (POR) – Probably not the week for her on the road against league leaders and with other great matchups elsewhere.

Tymrak (FCKC) – Just makes things happen. On form, she should start over Farrelly in midfield.

Freels (SBFC) – Probably not going to be able to totally pull the strings this round and faces a likely pounding from Long in central midfield.

Shim (POR) – One last round before switched to forward in system but not likely to find as much space against stout SBFC defense.

Lohman (BOS) – Sanderson figures to draw some attention from rest of central midfield, so space could be available for goal poacher.

Ochs (WSH) – Better suited to be a winger at this level and could be there from now on with Wells’ release, Pohlers signing.

Loyd (FCKC) – Could be bench bound again with full complement of FCKC players back.

Kerr (POR) – Might she keep her lineup place now without Edwards? Wasn’t too bad against Reign last round.

Winters (SEA) – Seems as likely as any Reign player to put a shot on goal these days but really not worth an allocated slot.

Lytle (SBFC) – Presence at the start probably unbalances lineup too much, so likely to be a super sub yet again.

Lindsey (WSH) – No Matheson means playmaking onus on her but probably in for a hard night against Bermuda Triangle of Buczkowski and Scott.

Long (POR) – Showed signs of life against Seattle last week but remains foul prone and could be in more defensive role now without Edwards.

Fishlock (SEA) – Not much in fantasy but does have two games to work with.

Noyola (SEA) – Hasn’t been too terribly consistent but going to have to carry creative burden until Rapinoe steps in.


Wambach (WNY) – Fantasy’s top average scorer against league’s worst team. You know what to do.

Leroux (BOS) – Terrifyingly inconsistent, but really, she’s facing the Reign with the visitors having played on Sunday and Boston on full rest so she’s a top option.

Cuellar (FCKC) – Seems healthy and likely liking her lips with prospects of facing shaky Spirit defense.

Kerr (WNY) – A great standby option up top if you need to free up an allocation slot.

De Vanna (SBFC) – Back injury doesn’t seem a big worry, but hard matchup with better options available this week.

Morgan (POR) – Rampone had her in her back pocket during their first meeting, but so did FCKC in the season opener…and Morgan responded in the rematch.

Simon (BOS) – Does she start? If so, she’s a fine option against a bad and probably tired defense, especially if you’re out of allocated slots.

Adams (SBFC) – Usually a solid option, but SBFC’s #2 attacking option not that palatable this time out.

Pohlers (WSH) – Seems likely to start right off the bat, but this probably isn’t the matchup you want.

Schoepfer (BOS) – More likely to start than Simon it seems but not as much upside.

McCarty (WSH) – Pohlers’ arrival should alleviate some of the scoring burden, but still not a great option on road against FCKC defense.

O’Hara (SBFC) – Been poor in fantasy this season and likely to play more defensive role against Thorns, so avoid.

Adriana (WNY) – Back to fourth banana status with internationals’ return, so only if you’re desperate.

Foxhoven (POR) – You’re only getting forty-five minutes in all likelihood (at most) but showed her quality against Seattle.

Taylor (SEA) – Two gamer but not great matchups on road, so I’d steer clear.

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