NWSL – Fantasy Preview – Round Twelve

Ninety points would be good usually…unless the leaders are scoring double that. I dropped over forty places overall thanks to a rather ill-advised decision to stock my defense and goalkeeper position with players from WNY and Boston, which hasn’t exactly proven to be wise for most of the year. Carli Lloyd and Sydney Leroux also proved to be gigantic busts despite favorable matchups on paper, driving probably more than just me crazy.

It’s a big week with everyone but Portland and Sky Blue FC having two games, meaning you’ll probably want to stock up on double gamers. I’d probably stay away from Portland on the road and with just one game unless you really fancy Alex Morgan or Christine Sinclair to do some serious damage. SBFC has a good matchup on the road, but the offense wasn’t exactly consistent until the last handful of minutes last game with Lisa De Vanna’s absence certainly being felt.

Washington are a double game team, but without Diana Matheson for at least one of those games and with two horrible matchups, I’d avoid them like the plague.

Reminder that Adriana, Samantha Kerr, Kyah Simon, Caitlin Foord, and Lisa De Vanna are all away on international duty this round.

Round Twelve Team Rankings:

1. WNY
2. SEA
4. CHI
5. BOS
7. POR
8. WSH


Solo (SEA) – She’s good enough and defense is just bad enough to ensure she’ll rack up the save points. Two winnable matches at home, so she’s a great option.

Franch (WNY) – Great matchups, but boy, it’s always an adventure with her backline.

Barnhart (FCKC) – Forgettable game against SBFC, but have to figure she’ll make a lot of saves vs Portland and have great clean sheet chance against Washington.

Cameron (SBFC) – Coming back to Earth a bit as of late. Does the hammer fall with Loyden against a Boston side in a death spiral? It’s a great matchup…if she plays.

McLeod (CHI) – Better options available this week despite club’s uptick in form.

LeBlanc (POR) – Has been tremendous this season, but has just one match this round. It’s not an easy one.

Naeher (BOS) – Burned last week behind porous defense, and club in front of her lacking confidence, so be wary despite double week.


Robinson (FCKC) – One of fantasy’s best defensive options and should have more chances for big points this week.

Fuss (CHI) – The obvious option if you fancy a Chicago clean sheet.

Goodson (SBFC) – Generally a safe option with offensive upside in the SBFC defense.

Johnson (SBFC) – If you don’t fancy Goodson, Johnson’s a pretty good fallback option.

Taylor (WNY) – A risk for not picking up clean sheet points like her WNY teammates, but matchups are good, with Flash potentially needing her to go forward and kickstart attacks as well.

Dougherty (POR) – Hard to not pull trigger on one of fantasy’s best full-backs, but single-gamer and tough matchup.

Marshall (POR) – See above with Dougherty.

Rampone (SBFC) – Clear top option among allocated defenders if you want to gamble a bit further up field.

Sauerbrunn (FCKC) – Difficult to spend allocated spot on defender, but Sauerbrunn’s as solid an option as you’ll find.

Sahlen (WNY) – Speculation she’s wearing down defensively but still one of fantasy’s better optios as of late.

Wilkinson (BOS) – Appears to have usurped Whitehill as Breakers’ fantasy option in defense but tough to trust given recent club form.

Barnes (SEA) – Safest bet if you want to bet on a Reign clean sheet.


Cheney (FCKC) – You’d have to be out of your mind to not be starting her at this point.

O’Reilly (BOS) – Steady and deadly despite club’s struggles so play with confidence.

Rapinoe (SEA) – Already looks very dangerous and clear top option in attack for Reign who have two good matchups this round.

Lloyd (WNY) – Great matchups, but penchant for stupid fouls can and will kill your fantasy team: See last round.

Chalupny (CHI) – Matchups not the best but a luxury item with non-allocated status.

Nairn (SEA) – Finally found some end product against Boston and almost a sure thing to avoid zeros, so she’s a top unallocated option.

Tymrak (FCKC) – Hard to ignore her rise into the starting lineup and is a nice unallocated option for your midfield.

Freels (SBFC) – Come to life as of late and pretty good with phantom points in SBFC offense. Single game status hurts value though.

Schmidt (SBFC) – Not a big fan of the big center forward experiment, but her side a little short on offensive options. She’ll likely be back in midfield if Ocampo starts, but a borderline option as an allocated player.

Sinclair (POR) – Going to get mauled by Scott and Buczkowski, so probably better options this round.

Zerboni (WNY) – You probably want her if you’re selling out on WNY and need allocation space elsewhere.

Fishlock (SEA) – Not a bad option if you’re going all-in on Seattle, but Nairn’s a better bet in all likelihood.

Perez (WNY) – Somebody has to play in attack with Abby. Shown spurts of production but allocated status hurts value.

Sanderson (BOS) – Benched against Seattle and has cooled off dramatically after torrid stretch.

Winters (SEA) – Solid source of points, but still better allocated options out there.

Mewis (FCKC) – Left-back experiment has torpedoed her fantasy value, so I’d avoid.

Noyola (SEA) – Signs of life along with rest of team but doesn’t produce enough for allocated player.

Mautz (CHI) – Real trick-or-treat player, and hard to know when she’ll start.

Nogueira (BOS) – Danger on set pieces but not a big offensive option otherwise.


Wambach (WNY) – Clear top striker option this round, but be warned, she didn’t look great against Seattle last time out.

Morgan (POR) – Torched FCKC last time round but also was poor first time against them, so be cautious.

Adams (SBFC) – Matchup’s a peach, but she’s never been most trustworthy fantasy option, so be careful.

Leroux (BOS) – Another brutal round. Almost impossible to trust at the moment.

DiMartino (WNY) – Cheap option with decent production last time out and great matchups.

Grings (CHI) – I don’t totally trust her yet, but defenses she’s facing not airtight.

Ocampo (SBFC) – No guarantee she starts, and even if she does, Ocampo’s a lot better as a super sub. Good matchup, but hard to roll with as allocated player and with undefined role.

Weimer (POR) – Showed lots of potential in debut but not the best matchup this round.

Cuellar (FCKC) – Has she fallen out of favor in KC? Losing time to Henderson but figures to still get major minutes with two games in this round. Still a big risk considering allocated status.

Masar (CHI) – Finally shown life after insipid beginning, but I think Grings has more upside.

O’Hara (SBFC) – Been brutal in fantasy so far, with ankle injury clearly hindering her.

Henderson (FCKC) – Getting a lot of minutes lately, but production hasn’t really been spectacular.

Jones (FCKC) – Lots of options in attack for FCKC, which doesn’t really help any of their values.

Pohlers (WSH) – Only Spirit player I’d remotely consider, but still a desperation pick.

Schoepfer (BOS) – Team is ice cold, but she’s almost a sure starter with Simon away.

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  1. Kevin Parker

    So which teams have the best and worst set of fantasy elevens? I’d bet DC is the latter, not sure about the former.


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