NWSL – Fantasy Preview – Round Sixteen

Points haven’t been posted as of my writing this, but I think I did decently in Round Fifteen, ably aided by captaining Holiday and having Rapinoe, Solo, and Chalupny in my side among others. At the same time, I’m still a little wary about how I did overall, as my frontline of Leroux and McDonald was shambolic on the whole.

At this point in the season, doing well looks like finding a happy balance between two-gamers and whoever’s playing against Washington during that round. But with the trade deadline approaching and some sides likely to try squad rotation as the season winds down and their finishing place is assured, things could get very unpredictable down the stretch.

Reminder that Seattle is off this round, so no Hope Solo or Megan Rapinoe to help lead your team to glory.

Round Sixteen Team Rankings

1. POR
2. WNY
4. BOS
6. CHI
7. WSH


LeBlanc (POR) – Red Stars look pretty cooked, and SBFC faltering, so she’s definitely a strong option in goal.

Franch (WNY) – Doesn’t cost an allocation and up against a toothless Washington side, you do the math.

Barnhart (FCKC) – Team is red hot, and she’s up against a ailing SBFC team, so worth considering at the very least.

Phillips/Naeher (BOS) – Washington always a tasty opponent, but watch the injury report and don’t guess wrong, lest you get saddled with a zero.

McLeod (CHI) – Got shellacked by Seattle as backline looks shaky without Hemmings, so I’d stay away.

Loyden/Cameron (SBFC) – Two matchups, both difficult. Team is struggling, and nobody knows what’s up definitively with this situation, so I’d avoid.


Taylor (WNY) – Monster game against SBFC and has been one of fantasy’s most reliable defenders recently, so she’s almost a must have against Spirit.

Robinson (FCKC) – Keeps on producing at full-back. SBFC attack struggling mightily, so use her freely.

Dougherty (POR) – Two gamer with decent matchups = solid play this round.

Marshall (POR) – Two decent matchups, though she’s been limited going forward this season.

Mewis (FCKC) – Seems to be settling in nicely at left-back after playing in attack earlier this year, so use her if you’re overloading with FCKC defenders.

Avant (BOS) – Hard to trust Boston defense at times, but the matchup is certainly right.

Goodson (SBFC) – Sky Blue defense getting turned into Swiss cheese lately, and Goodson’s lack of pace being exposed a bit. Size makes her last ditch target striker late though and also a decent fantasy option despite hard matchups.

Sauerbrunn (FCKC) – A solid option if you can take the allocation hit in defense and want multiple FCKC defenders.

Sahlen (WNY) – Clear second fantasy option to Taylor for Flash but has a great matchup so worth considering.

Johnson (SBFC) – Hasn’t done much besides clean sheet points lately and matchups are hard.

Rampone (SBFC) – Two gamer, but probably not the round to use an allocation on SBFC defender.

Fuss (CHI) – Did you see their defense Thursday? I don’t know why’d you be considering a Red Star defender, but the German’s the choice if you are.


Holiday (FCKC) – You do have her in your lineup, right?

Lloyd (WNY) – Hard envisioning her not feasting on woeful Spirit club that will be on short rest against well rested Flash.

Tymrak (FCKC) – Was a bust on Wednesday but did just fine game before and will like be posted up against a stand-in right-back against SBFC.

O’Reilly (BOS) – Figure she has to go to town against hopeless Spirit, but taking anything for granted with slumping Boston would be a mistake.

Sinclair (POR) – Another painful fantasy round for Sinclair owners. Two appealing games but not very easy to trust these days.

Chalupny (CHI) – Been solid if unspectacular all year for hobbled Chicago offense, but morale might be low after blistering defeat and faces tough matchup ahead.

Schmidt (SBFC) – With De Vanna struggling through injury and other options doing little, Schmidt might have to take on a bigger load offensively, but the matchups aren’t the best this week.

Mathias (FCKC) – Looking like making the right wing slot her own with some sterling performances. Not a bad option if you’re going heavy with midfielders from the league leaders.

Sanderson (BOS) – Fantasy value crumbling as real life fortunes of Breakers seem to be doing likewise.

Buczkowski (FCKC) – Shockingly relevant in fantasy past few rounds. Probably better options on red hot FCKC right now, but if you’re going to be a contrarian…

Freels (SBFC) – Production in fantasy has been erratic and hasn’t been guaranteed of starting spot but absence of Foord could cause shuffle getting her back in the mix this round.

Jones (FCKC) – Crowded field in KC, though she’s been very productive as a super sub.

Heath (POR) – Has done next to nothing so far in fantasy, so I’d stay away until further notice.


Morgan (POR) – Two solid matchups and steady production should make her an easy pick this round.

Wambach (WNY) – Difficult seeing how she doesn’t end up in double digits given opposition with very little to play for and her strong season so far.

Leroux (BOS) – Was painfully bad again last round and doesn’t have two games to fall back on. The good news? Washington’s the opponent, but you just never know with Leroux.

Ocampo (SBFC) – With Adams unproductive and De Vanna struggling with a hamstring knock, she has to get major minutes over two games right?

Kerr (WNY) – Reinvigorated by SBFC and gets to torture Spirit full-backs so worth a look if you need non-allocated options.

Simon/Schoepfer (BOS) – It’s been an either/or situation, and normally I’d just advise you to stay away from a mess like this. But with Washington as the opponent, whoever starts should be line for some nice opportunities for points, so check the team news if your’e sniffing out options.

De Vanna (SBFC) – Pulled up lame with a hamstring injury against WNY, and though she’s got two games this round, the Aussie might see her minutes limited, while there’s no telling what her form will look like either.

Shim (POR) – Scored against Boston and seems to be improving as season goes along. With two games, could be sneaky if you need an unallocated option.

Adams (SBFC) – Another two-game, non-allocated option, but she’s not been doing much of anything fantasy-wise lately and has pretty tough matchups, so I’d steer clear.

Leon (CHI) – Tough matchup, and she’s shown an incredibly foul-prone streak during her time with Red Stars, so I’d stay away.

Dominguez (CHI) – Hasn’t done a whole lot and has tough matchups, but Red Stars aren’t exactly flush with goalscorers.

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