NCAA College Cup – Not-So-Live Diary – Florida State vs Virginia Tech

2′ – Wys lets a cross through her fingers right off the bat. I hope that’s not an ominous sign.
2′ – Kallman gets caught ball watching, letting Reeves slip behind her, but Wys slides out to snuff it out.
5′ – Florida State looks nervous as hell early. Lots of abnormally poor touches.

6′ – As I say that, FSU wins a corner.
7′ – Cross meets head with it bouncing off a Virginia Tech defender’s shoulder that wrong foots Colpitts, but it shaves the post.
8′ – Uhhh. Pickett gets tangled up with Antolino in a scrap for the ball and then bonks her on the back with her arm for good measure.
8′ – FSU’s long throws are deadly but a little predictable, with it going near post to Grubka almost every time.
10′ – Well, the Noles have shaken off that shaky start and are dominating possession. Brynjarsdottir goes on a run between the lines, where there’s a ton of space.

12′ – Reeves and Kallman get in a wrestling match, with Reeves being called for the foul.
15′ – Brynjarsdottir is finding waaaaaay too much space between the lines.

21′ – Great interior pass by Fields towards the six. Brynjarsdottir close to getting a foot on it. Thorvaldsdottir has to do better with her wild follow-up.
21′ – In-game interviews? The hell?

27′ – It’s not particularly thrilling.
29′ – Florida State not really pressing the VT defenders when they have the ball now. Wonder if that’ll change later.
30′ – Mayrose bodychecks Schmid rather blatantly with the ball a long way away.

31′ – Megan Campbell gets caught in possession and gets absolutely hammered and stays down. Big, big loss if she can’t continue.
32′ – GOAL – VT – Manning – Long-ball forward has Manning in a footrace with Ashley Manning who handchecks with Kallman all the way down, sneaks opposite side and beats Wys near post. Great finish.
33′ – Tech breaks again after Driesse is beaten to a ball but the cross can’t find a home. FSU shaking here.
34′ – Hokies now trying to double up on Fields down the right wing to stop service.

38′ – Kallman gives it away very deep in FSU’s end, but the Hokie cross is blocked.

42′ – GOAL – FSU – Grubka – Hoo boy. Foul sees Bakowski-Mathews whip in a free kick that is headed in by Grubka with VT adamant that it was offside. Kallman looks to be offside, but she wasn’t involved in the play, so…
42′ – Colpitts didn’t exactly react quickly there either.
43′ – Zoepfl and Kallman hug it out while fighting for the ball near the endline. Foul on Zoepfl.

HT – Game of ebbs and flows, with FSU taking charge early until conceding before getting momentum back after a late goal. Lots of wrestling matches in defense for each side. I’m guessing we’re going to see a booking or three in the second half.

46′ – Campbell’s back on the pitch after going down in the first half. FSU really needs her and her long throws.
49′ – Conklin has the ball on her feet after it pinballs around in the box, but her shot is wild. VT starting with some of the reserves in the second half. Calculated gamble.

52′ – The Hokies are in trouble if Cephers losses out in possession to Brynjarsdottir, as there’s so much space around the Icelandic midfielder if the VT defensive midfielder is out of the equation. The perils of the 4-4-2.
53′ – Cross in to Manning who heads it towards the post, but Wys makes a world class diving save to paw it wide. Outstanding. Wys bats back the corner kick that follows. Wys then misjudges another corner but nothing comes of it.
54′ – Kristin Grubka of all people tries to break the other way after that last corner, but it’s 1v3, with the center-back not the best player for that job.

57′ – GOAL – FSU – Fields – Oh my God. Campbell launches a throw from the halfway line that almost reaches the eighteen and hits Brynjarsdottir in stride. She goes endline and crosses back to Fields who pounds it in. Masterful. Seriously, FSU needs to get Campbell on the Track and Field team.
59′ – No more playing around for Virginia Tech who brings the heavy hitters back in off the bench.

62′ – Candace Cephers goes down with an ankle injury. That’s a big loss if she can’t return, as Brynjarsdottir might get a whole lot more space now.

66′ – Grubka with an abysmal pass that bounces back to Reeves who builds up a head of steam and beats Wys with a low shot but not the left post. Unlucky.
70′ – Can’t say enough about Jamia Fields’ workrate down the line. Just never stops running.

73′ – Free kick evades everyone, drops to Brynjarsdottir, but she screws it wide. Clanger.
74′ – VT in set piece danger again as a short free kick to Campbell is crossed tantalizingly across the face of goal.
75′ – Ridiculous. Antolino absolutely drills an FSU player after the Nole had batted her away (who was a foul been a foul). Could have argued Antolino should see red but she gets away with a yellow.
75′ – Wys goes off the reservation but doesn’t get close to the free kick. Seeing some of Wys’ strengths and weaknesses in full. Rocket leg and world class shot stopper but still has issues with high balls.

77′ – Fields gets close to the endline and is rugby tackled by King at the edge of the area. It’s getting ugly folks.
79′ – GOAL – VT – Meier – Florida State’s backline is an absolute mess as they cough it up at the edge of the area, with Tech storming forward before a pass sets Meier past Driesse, with the midfielder finishing near post. Could Wys have done better? Maybe, but her defense absolutely hung her out to dry. Shape was atrocious, and there was no way there should be that much room to run through when they’re up 2-1 with almost ten minutes left to play.

83′ – GOAL – FSU – Fields – Shocker, but you can’t see she doesn’t deserve it with her work thus far. Fields cuts outside, shakes a tackle and blasts a shot/cross that bounces off the post and Colpitts’ back before going in. Goes without saying the keeper should do better, but that was a one in a million effort from Fields. And no, that’s not unlucky, that’s the keeper misjudging a shot that college keepers struggle with.
84′ – Reeves manages the somewhat amazing feat of bringing down two FSU defenders with one tackle. She’s fuming, of course, after being called for the foul.

87′ – Virginia Tech looks done. They just expended so much energy getting it back to 2-2, and the Fields goal was an absolute sucker punch.
89′ – Long ball into the box bounces back to Reeves who has Wys off her line but pings it off the bar. Drama.

FT – I wouldn’t necessarily call it a pretty game, but it was pretty damn eventful. Noles were deadly on set pieces but showed some definite vulnerabilities defensively. Thought Fields was fantastic for FSU, full of workrate and endeavor. Great season by the Hokies though in defeat. They’ve got a bright future. Regardless, FSU will be underdogs on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “NCAA College Cup – Not-So-Live Diary – Florida State vs Virginia Tech

  1. Shawna

    Carson Pickett literally punches Antolino at the beginning of the game that should hve been some kind of card. Chippiest college game I’ve seen in awhile. Fields was POTG for me though, she is quietly one of FSUs best players. Jordan Coburn from VT is awesome, I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t get a look with the u20’s

  2. giedris

    Just a few observations.Lots of aimless passes out of both defenses. causing a ping-pong type game. Perhaps nervousness causes this type of poor play. Both teams have little concept of support. You will see some support coming out of defense, but none in attack.
    All these teams have NO concept of what to do on attack. Although V.T. played better overall and I could see what the Coach was trying to do, The way V.T. played defense was horrific. Did they think there is an offside on throw ins? How can you get free on a run down the field with a throw in? All 3 FSU goals were gifts or lucky. They have no idea how to attack in the final third. Because FSU midfield has no concept of how to maintain ..possesion or distribute the ball, they will have a hard time on Sunday. Julie the announcer was a good player, but like many good players, she has no idea what the game is about. The game was better with the sound off ,the announcing was really poor. Fields can become really world class. Her attack where she used the outside of her foot to gain position to make a shot that hit off the far post was top flight.Some highlites of poor play was both midfields turning into defenders with the ball at their feet. Too much dribbling in midfield Too many diagonal crosses. Too much kick and hope. Too little composure. This is not the players fault, This is just poor coaching , although I think that V.T. has the better coach and a better future. They really played well at times. They were unlucky not to go thru.

  3. Most sapient

    Not sure what game you were watching claiming VT was unlucky to go through and played better soccer. They were lucky they werent beaten by more, and their style consisted of nothing more than thug soccer, pummeling the opponent at every opportunity and sending kick and hope balls in the general direction of reeves. VT showing represents the worst of womens soccer, and the refereeing is suspect to allow any team to play in this fashion without a handful of send offs.


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