NCAA College Cup – Not-So-Live Diary – Virginia vs UCLA

Don’t you just love it when you set an hour overrrun except your DVR DOESN’T RECORD THE OVERRUN, MAKING YOU GO BACK TO ESPN3?!?! I REALLY LOVE THAT.


UCLA coming out in the 4-2-3-1, with Smith trying to push Menchel back or take advantage of the vacated space. Virginia has Colaprico on the left and Norbo on the right.

4′ – Stith getting forward on the right flank a lot more than I expected early for Virginia.
5′ – Virginia wins it near midfield and drive into swaths of space with Doniak driving at the heart of defense before dishing to Norbo who…holds up play. Gotta keep the pedal to the metal.

9′ – Stith gets to the endline and crosses to nobody. So much for her not getting involved down the flank.
9′ – Sonnett (!) goes on a forward run to the endline but her cross isn’t handled well by the head of Douglas.

11′ – Smith drops deep, collects a pass and turns on the jets through space. Her pass is an absolute waste though.
15′ – Backpass leads Rowland into trouble as Virginia gets a chance to whip it back into the danger zone. Everyone goes up, ball goes back to Douglas who has a shot blocked back to Brian who fires over.

18′ – Courtnall dispossesses Menchel but plays a horrible lateral pass to conceded possession. UCLA has to do much better with their chances when they dispossess Virginia’s full-backs high up.

24′ – Dydasco finally gets some space and gets a corner out of a great run.
25′ – Richmond hits it wide off a second corner. Enter the Ratcliffe.

29′ – Virginia breaks off a corner through Doniak but as she slides it left, Courtnall just manages to sweep it away. Great time to have a track star in cover.
30′ – Fisher fouls Lavrusky near the top of the box. Dangerous opportunity.

31′ – Disappointing from Dahlkemper on the delivery.
32′ – Richmond and Mewis have a midfield mix-up, letting Brian break the other way, but she slips at the edge of the area.

38′ – Role reversal a bit, as UCLA is able to keep it, while Virginia threatens on the break.

41′ – Brian again gets room to run in transition and feeds Doniak who pushes her shot just wide.

HT – Cagey, if we’re being kind. Neither side seems to be interested in pressing high up the pitch. Might be the most a team’s had possession against Virginia all season.

47′ – Lavrusky ghosts to the far post on a Smith cross but can’t get head it on-target. Ominous.

56′ – Richmond sweeps Brian to the floor. Yellow card. Bloody hell, it’s not been very good, has it?
58′ – Doniak with an absolute piledriver that fizzes high and wide.

63′ – Smith begins just past midfield and basically has the Virginia defense backpedalling the whole way before winning a corner. Wheels, y’all.

69′ – Courtnall cuts inside and runs almost half the field but as she passes, a shot is blocked. You might as well erect some steel barricades at each club’s eighteen.
70′ – Another Virginia foul at the edge of the area. Playing with fire. Stearns makes a world class diving stop to push it over.

72′ – I’m forced to switch to ESPN3. Damn technology. Naturally, the length of this video pretty much is a giveaway of how deep we’re going…
73′ – GOAL – Virginia – Doniak – Unbelievable mistake from the Bruins. Dahlkemper leaves Rowland short with a backpass, Doniak intercepts and rounds Rowland easily to score. Wow.
74′ – Just realized another reason why I hate streaming. I can’t fast forward twenty seconds like with a DVR on goal kicks and fouls.

78′ – Rosie White (!) spins round a defender at the top of the box and just lifts it over the goal. Agonizingly close.
80′ – Courtnall continues to drift inward with her runs, and this time, she gets a chance at a shot from distance, putting it wide. She looks to be playing a midfield role now.

83′ – Virginia are parking Le Greyhound right now. A little too soon? Why do I get the feeling that staring at the time bar that may be the case?
85′ – GOAL – UCLA – Courtnall – Unbelievable assist from Killion. Threads a beautiful ball into Courtnall who keeps her cool and slides it under Stearns. Grandstand finish time!

86′ – Man, Virginia really turned off the offense since scoring their goal. I’m not sure they can turn it back on.
89′ – Ratcliffe comes forward to the endline but her cross goes behind.

END OF NORMAL TIME – Hope Swanson had a hell of a team talk, because his club wasn’t showing much going forward for the last quarter of an hour.

91′ – Smith turns and gets a bit of space but her through ball is aimless. She’s been deadly with her pace.

96′ – Virginia’s attack has woken back up, but they just aren’t creating much in the final third. As I type that, they win a corner off a deflected long shot. Pinged around and sent back in, but Norbo can’t get it off her foot.
97′ – Amazing. UCLA almost leaves Rowland short again with a backpass, but White’s blushes are spared as the keeper pounds it away.
98′ – Virginia now with a free kick deep in dangerous territory. Brian lifts it over.
100′ – Bruins break back on the counter, but a ball slotted for Smith is swept away.

HT IN ET – Virginia with the better of the play, but no real clear cut chances.

102′ – Smith with another blazing run wide before cutting inside but hits the post! Think getting her wide and cutting in could be a route to success.
104′ – Courtnall puts up a shot-cross eerily similar to Jamia Fields’ effort from earlier. Stearns doesn’t exactly do any better than Colpitts did with it, but it comes off her front and bounces clear.
109′ – Virginia looks weary, but I wonder if UCLA’s going to regret some of the bad bounces in the second half of extra time.

FT – Penalties. Welcome to hell.
FT – Swanson gambles by putting in Jessie Ferrari in goal. Ferrari hasn’t played at all this season. Genius or goat? I guess we’re going to find out soon, though it’s gone pretty good as of late for coaches who’ve pulled the same move.

SO – UCLA – Mewis SCORES (placement, lower-left) – 1-0, UCLA
SO – Virginia – Colaprico SCORES (power, left) – 1-1
SO – UCLA – Killion SCORES (placement, upper-right) – Ferrari guessed right, couldn’t get it – 2-1, UCLA
SO – Virginia – Sonnett SCORES (placement, lower-left) – Bloody hell, Rowland gets a hand to it, can’t stop it – 2-2
SO – UCLA – Kaskie SCORES (placement, lower-left) – 3-2, UCLA
SO – Virginia – Shaffer SAVED – 3-2, UCLA – Rowland has the weirdest shootout style I’ve ever seen. Basically dashes to one side before diving.
SO – UCLA – Lavrusky SAVED – 3-2, UCLA – Not taken very well.
SO – Virginia – Brian SAVED – 3-2, UCLA – High and hard, but Rowland guesses right.
SO – UCLA – White SCORES (power, left) – 4-2, UCLA advances.

Unbelievably bitter end for Virginia, who were probably the nation’s best team for all but two matches this season. I think taking their foot off the gas after their first goal and going defensive instead of pushing for a second was a critical mistake. Total team performance from UCLA, who’ve battled like lions this postseason. Game was very, very tactical, which was probably to be expected.

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