NCAA College Cup Final – Not-So-Live Diary – UCLA vs Florida State

Starting lineups as expected. Rainy and cold. Hopefully the weather doesn’t turn this one into a mess.

1′ – Not a minute in and Pickett coughs it up in a dangerous position that lets UCLA break into space before a deflected shot from Richmond is saved.
2′ – Hahn’s coughed it up a few times already in the first few minutes. Going to be a long day for FSU if they keep turning it over in midfield.
5′ – Fields chops Dydasco down late. I suspect that may have been a yellow if were further along in the match.

7′ – UCLA midfielders pressing much higher up the pitch than they did for most of the Virginia game.
9′ – Great, potentially goal saving tackle form Dahlkemper to prod it away from Pickett after she had been put through by a great diagonal Fields pass.

18′ – Brynjarsdottir sends Mewis flying with a late challenge. Just a warning. Ref is being very lenient.
20′ – Tiffany McCarty mention. Washington Spirit fans throw something at the TV.
20′ – Another in-game interview. Kudos to Cromwell for doing this, it’s really quite silly.

22′ – Rowland badly misjudges Campbell’s intentions off a free kick and gets caught way off her line, but the shot goes mercifully wide for the junior.
22′ – Stewart and White on for Jenkins and Lavrusky. Neither rookie has been all that noticeable early.

28′ – Florida State wins their first corner kick of the game…and promptly wastes it by bending it over the goal line. They cannot waste their set piece opportunities since they’re getting worked in the possession battle.
28′ – Grubka gets caught in possession by Mewis and responds by blatantly tripping the UCLA midfielder. Yellow card. Bruins probably going to have the green light to run at her early and often now.
30′ – A Killion free kick bounces backwards and unmarked Smith who hammers the bar.

38′ – Courtnall continuing to bomb forward on the right flank, but Campbell doing well when she’s able to force her wide.

44′ – Campbell gets faked out by Smith on the right flank and looses it at the endline. Cross freezes everyone, including Rosie White at the far post. Wys parries a long-range bomb from Dydasco. Campbell’s clearance is weak and to Smith who sidesteps her tackle and looks to have Wys dead to rights but somehow hits the post. FSU finally clears but are definitely rocking late.

HT – Nobody can argue against UCLA being the dominant side, but are they going to regret those missed opportunities? FSU having problems defending wide and conceding possession far too cheaply.

47′ – Schmid tries to dive in to cut out a Richmond ball but misses, letting Jenkins drive endline and fire in a shot. It gets under Wys but is into the side-netting.

57′ – Smith horse collars Campbell rather blatantly, much to the Irish international’s chagrin.
59′ – Jenkins dispossesses Schmid and is allowed space towards the endline to bend one back to the edge of the area. Richmond gets a clean strike, but it’s not with a lot of pace and right to Wys.

63′ – Subs. Schmid moves into midfield with Crowley now at full-back with Hahn going out. FSU’s clearly got to do something to kickstart the attack.
65′ – FSU gets caught in transition, allowing Lavrusky to dribble tight through the heart of midfield. Smith shuttles to White out wide, cross is mishit by Kallman,bounces around inside the six, Lavrusky can’t get a foot on it despite Wys not being able to pounce at first attempt.

67′ – Campbell finally gets a chance for a long throw, it’s headed away. Bakowska-Mathews’ follow-up is blocked.

75′ – Lots of space opening up into midfield, lets UCLA drive forward, with Mewis sliding a shot just wide.

76′ – Almost a disaster for FSU, as Wys comes for the corner in a crowd and doesn’t get anywhere near it, leaving an open goal for UCLA. White can’t get any clean contact on it though, and the danger passes.

83′ – Despite there being a lot of tired legs out there, it seems like Ally Courtnall’s only gaining strength, bursting forward to win the ball and make runs into the final third.
84′ – It’s Rowland’s turn to wade into a gaggle of players for a corner. She doesn’t get there either, and FSU probably creates more danger than at any other time today. Rowland recovers to snatch it out of the air though.

87′ – Long throw from Campbell is headed by Grubka, but Oyster heads behind. Hearts in mouth time.
89′ – Florida State offense with a little more possession and attack lately…though it still isn’t that much.

END OF NORMAL TIME – Last minute free kick into the box doesn’t come to anything, with Mewis getting whacked for good measure.

91′ – Extra time for the first time in a final in ages. Please, no penalties.

96′ – Wys misjudges another corner kick, coming out and not getting hands to it. The bounce is fortunate, and UCLA’s follow-up shot is blocked.
97′ – GOAL – UCLA – Lavrusky – UCLA ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Oyster is given space to make a blazing run into the final third and plays a magnificent bisecting pass that takes out the FSU defense. Kodi Lavrusky slides it just under Wys to win it! Amazing run and pass and great run from Lavrusky to get open.

FT – Can’t say it wasn’t deserved in the end. Bruins end up beating Stanford, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida State when all was said and done. Hard to argue that wasn’t a run for the ages. Oh, and they have ten starters returning next year.

8 thoughts on “NCAA College Cup Final – Not-So-Live Diary – UCLA vs Florida State

  1. Kara

    Thought Dagny was spent from the middle of the second half on. She was a virtual non-factor. Dydasco was excellent.

  2. KC

    Great Summary. Thanks for doing what you do all season. Very entertaining!
    Great to see the Bruins pull it off. I have really enjoyed watching them play all season long. Well deserved.
    Final point,,,I was the sole person on UCLA in the November Madness Pool and should be at the top of that list, however the person entering the results is under the delusion that Virginia won….oh well fun none the less

  3. Steve

    interesting game reactions, though surprised you didn’t question Krikorian not going to his bench a bit more. I mean, McClung, perhaps? And Fields was gassed way to early, because he never subbed for her.

    This match made be realize how incredibly loaded UCLA is – talent and depth. Don’t want to sound negative at such a time, but this really drives home the conclusion that Snow was handed keys to a Ferrari and basically never got it out of 1st gear. And that’s not to put down Cromwell’s work, because this team is vastly improved over the past season. But the depth of talent at UCLA is astounding. The funny or scary thing (if you’re another coach) is that UCLA still hasn’t learned how to play really good offense yet. They could be so much better at creating quality chances. I just cannot believe how UCLA has blue chip, national team/professional prospects at nearly every single position. They are deserving national champions. Virginia had wonderful chemistry and played very well this year, but they are not as talented. Look at Virginia’s seniors — there isn’t a single NWSL player in the whole bunch. FSU is a really good team but lack a quality, fast striker.

    In other news, Julie Foudy was an insufferable fangirl for UCLA, just as she had been for Stanford in recent years. That was terrible. Glenn Davis is fine, and brings good insight and balance.

    1. VaFan

      Coward that I am, I was waiting for somebody else to bring up the telecast as an issue.
      Julie Foudy is an icon and all that, but I think the college game has progressed enough that it deserves broadcasters who do some homework in preparation for their on-air work. Davis was not bad, but one would think Foudy just got off the plane and drove over to the field, maybe checking her phone on the way.
      Seriously, everybody who reads (and writes!) this blog knows more about the players and teams in the College Cup than she did. Her work was bland and superficial; I did not learn a single thing about FSU, UCLA, VaTech, and UVa that I did not already know. The broadcast did nothing to grow the game.
      And that is a real shame, because the level of play was pretty wonderful. Women’s college soccer has developed so much over the past 5-10 years and this weekend was an excellent showcase for that. Wouldn’t it have been nice if ESPN could have displayed the USWNT U-20 roster that won the World Cup last fall and showed how many of this weekend’s players were on that team — the best of their age-group in the U.S. !
      And, OMG, if the PAC-12 had gotten 3 teams into the final four or 6 teams of the final 8, Julie would never have stopped talking about it.

  4. Soccer fan

    Although I agree in general about Foudy’s commentary, she did bring up one interesting question. With all the outstanding teams at UVA how could this be their only team to reach the College Cup under Swanson? IMO it is he cares more about his star players i.e. Farrelly, and now Brian than he does the teams.

    1. VaFan

      I could not possibly disagree more with this line of thought. Frankly, it’s bizarre.

      First of all, Foudy’s observation of UVa’s play over the years has been “distant,” at best. She is well-informed on recent women’s college play only west of Sacramento — and maybe Anson Dorrance.

      Anyone who knows anything about the culture of UVa’s women soccer knows that the above poster’s opinion is 180 degrees amiss. That culture is as positive and supportive as any upper-level DI women’s soccer program I know of. Why would they have 5th-year students returning to play? Why would the entire current team drive to Washington to watch one of their own play for the WNT?

      UVa’s limitation, to the extent there is one, has been recruiting. They never have had the sheer quantity of high school All-Americans and youth national team players that UNC, Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, and a few other schools have had. How many of UVa’s seniors are likely to move on to the NWSL or other top-flight pro play? Answer: quite possibly none (Menchel?). Compare that to the current players on UCLA, FSU, Stanford, etc.
      What this should tell you is that the level of coaching and unity within the program achieves amazing results with fewer high-profile recruits than other national powers.
      It’s bizarre that this even needs to be said.

  5. Soccer fan

    Obviously VaFan is just that and turns a blind eye to any criticism to his beloved UVA. Fifth year players, what about Corolla who transferred to PSU, and Brannon a YWNT player who transferred to Michigan after last season. I guess you achieve unity by eliminating any concerns. And remember most of what the announcers are reporting is just what the coaches have told them in meetings before the games. Did not see Swanson walking off the field consoling anyone but Brian. Earlier, UVA had 3 players chosen to All-American teams, as did UCLA. Are you saying that these choices are not valid? Or is there an east coast bias?


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