NWSL – Fantasy Round Six Preview

Hard to be too conclusive about my performance this round, as scores haven’t been posted as I write this. I probably had a decent week with the likes of Lauren Holiday, Kim Little, Amy Rodriguez, Jessica McDonald, Kendall Fletcher and Karina LeBlanc on my squad. Unfortunately, I also wasted spots on Allie Long and Sydney Leroux who were injured and ineffective respectively. On my bench? Just Nadine Angerer and Abby Wambach, two of this round’s top scorers. D’oh.

Three clubs have double games this round, but it’s hard to trust Washington from round-to-round, while WNY’s matchups are hardly ideal. With FC Kansas City, you’ve got one great matchup against Houston and one daunting one against Seattle. FCKC was able to breach the Reign defense multiple times though, so the likes of Lauren Holiday and Amy Rodriguez still represent good value. Seattle has a tough matchup against FCKC, but the offense rolled against them last round, making them a decent bet to put up decent numbers.

All in all, it’s a moderately challenging round that should provoke some thinking amongst fantasy managers before we all cram our lineups with Portland and Chicago players next round.

FC Kansas City (vs HOU, vs SEA) – Betting on FCKC’s goalkeeper/defense is like making a deal with the devil this round. A clean sheet against a toothless Houston looks a good bet, but the Reign punished FCKC’s defense last round and will be well rested ahead of midweek. Take the risk? Maybe. I’m more comfortable of betting on either LEIGH ANN ROBINSON or NIKKI PHILLIPS with a defensive slot than using an allocation on NICOLE BARNHART, though I might take the gamble anyway. LAUREN HOLIDAY was money for FCKC’s second match despite a flat first match, and I’d bet on at least one goal this round as well, so she’s a solid captaincy bet. ERIKA TYMRAK showed what she can do in the blink of an eye against Seattle, but her lingering back injury means you should check the injury report before risking her in your lineup. AMY RODRIGUEZ put up a rare goose egg in the second match of the last round, but would you bet on her doing likewise this time out? I wouldn’t. Get her in your lineup.

Seattle (@FCKC) – This is a tough one. The Reign haven’t failed us fantasy-wise, but they’ve got just one match this round, and a tough one at that. At least the Reign will be well rested, playing a FCKC team also playing on the weekend. BEVERLY GOEBEL probably isn’t going to put up huge numbers but is safe for a handful of points in all likelihood. The same isn’t so for SYDNEY LEROUX, who put up a pair of clunkers after some brief hope last round out. At this stage, you almost have to have one Seattle midfielder in your lineup. KIM LITTLE was big with double digit scores for both games this round and is a top option, though those going against the grain may be tempted to take a flyer on either JESS FISHLOCK (who showed little on the stat sheet last round) and KEELIN WINTERS, who scored against FCKC. KIERSTEN DALLSTREAM is a potential conduit for assists if she starts for STEPHANIE COX again (check your injury report), but I’d go with KENDALL FLETCHER if I’m taking a Seattle defender, as she’s turned into perhaps fantasy’s best defender this season. HOPE SOLO remains a solid bet for fantasy points most weekends, but there might be better options this week wit the Reign on the road and with just one game.

Washington (vs WNY, vs SBFC) – I’m not sure you were going to bank too much on Washington’s defense, even with two games at home this round, but TONI PRESSLEY’s major injury probably reemphasizes the point. I’m guessing the Spirit have a better chance of shutting out Western New York than FCKC does of Seattle, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to keep SBFC, as underpowered as they are, off the board, so I’d stay away from the Spirit’s defense, as well as ASHLYN HARRIS in goal. Further forward, I’d say DIANA MATHESON is a pretty appealing option despite a rather ordinary game last round. CHRISTINE NAIRN also did little but could be a boon if she keeps shooting for the Spirit. JODIE TAYLOR finally showed some signs of life, but I’d probably stay away from Washington forwards on the whole.

WNY Flash (@WSH, @POR) – The good news is that the Flash have two games this round. The bad is that both are away, and the matchups aren’t gimmes by any means. ABBY WAMBACH was spot on last round, delivering over twenty points and has to be considered as an option up front this round with the Flash having two games. It’s a gamble with WNY’s other offensive players. Three of CARLI LLOYD, SONIA, VICKY, and ADRIANA figure to start, but which ones are up in the air, though Lloyd is probably the safest bet. She’s been crap in fantasy so far though, and you may not want to risk an allocation slot on a turnaround. Of the other three, I’d probably back Vicky for the best chance of success, though I’m not sure she’ll put up huge numbers. Odds of a Flash clean sheet aren’t as good as some of the other clubs this round, but if you’re banking on one, BRITTANY TAYLOR isn’t a bad option, though KRISTEN EDMONDS and KATHERINE REYNOLDS also merit consideration. KELSEY WYS continues on in goal and isn’t a bad bet if you want a keeper with two matches but don’t want to use an allocation slot.

Chicago (@BOS) – Great matchups equaled a big week for anyone who crammed some Red Stars into their lineup. JEN HOY finally had the breakout week many were longing for after the Princeton star was tipped for a big sophomore season in 2014. There’s no telling if she can continue it this round, but with Boston’s defense reeling, she’s not a bad bet. There was also a breakout showing for LORI CHALUPNY, who had been very quiet thus far in 2014. Like Hoy, she’s a great option if you think Boston’s going to continue to struggle this weekend. Defensively, there were huge weeks for rookie SAMANTHA JOHNSON and veteran MICHELLE WENINO, who each topped out over double digits for the round thanks to some offensive production. I’d argue that JULIE JOHNSTON is still probably the safest defensive option, but if you want to stock up on Chicago defenders, either of the above could help you out. KARINA LEBLANC gave up an absolute howler for Boston’s goal in midweek, and my general stance against single game allocated keepers has me staying away this round.

Portland (@WNY) – Thorns backers will be salivating next round when the club gets SBFC and Boston, but this is hardly the best week to cram Portland players into your lineup. NADINE ANGERER scored an ungodly number of points against Houston in midweek but may struggle to repeat the feat against WNY’s attack. That probably puts Portland’s rearguard off limits as well, though REBECCA MOROS is an interesting option if she keeps playing in midfield. ALLIE LONG didn’t play in midweek, and I’m not sure you’d want to gamble on a roster spot given the matchup and her potential injury status. ANGIE KERR is the best of the rest of an unappealing bunch of midfielders for the Thorns. Up front, the club has the red hot JESSICA MCDONALD, who had another banner week for the club and looks to have usurped CHRISTINE SINCLAIR as the club’s most dangerous offensive option at the moment. I wouldn’t count on either given the matchup and some of the other games this round though.

Sky Blue FC (@WSH) – Let’s hope you didn’t try to get cute and go against the grain by picking SBFC players for their game against nemesis WNY on the road. Nobody came away with much of anything fantasy-wise, and the club lost TAYLOR LYTLE for the season with a serious injury. Washington presents a more pliable opponent, but who are you seriously betting on with this bunch to put up a big number offensively? MONICA OCAMPO is probably the best option, but with one game, and that being on the road, I’m not sure I’d use an allocation slot on her. With it not being set in stone as to who starts in goal and with none of the club’s defenders holding much value right now, I’d stay away this round.

Boston (vs CHI) – Yeesh. The Breakers had the advantage of a full week’s rest and playing on home turf and still ended up laying an egg against the Red Stars. They’ll get a chance at revenge this weekend, but you’d have to be actively crazy to bet heavily on a side that looks to be devoid of confidence at the moment. If you are of that persuasion, I’d avoid the defense at all costs. Offensively, HEATHER O’REILLY’s the safest option but isn’t worth spending an allocation on. In all likelihood, you’ll be deciding between LIANNE SANDERSON and KRISTIE MEWIS. Coming off injury, I wouldn’t bet on Mewis going the whole way, so I’d tip the Brit as my pick from Boston this round if you’re so inclined.

Houston (@FCKC) – Yeesh, part two. The Dash can’t buy a goal at the moment, though they did show more offensive punch in their midweek defeat to Portland. Still, are you going to take a chance with the Dash having just one game this round? And on a fixture on the road against a tough opponent? Still, I’d keep an eye on the likes of JORDAN JACKSON and STEPHANIE OCHS in case they can put up some points with a view towards later rounds. It goes without saying that the under fire defense and whoever’s in goal should be avoided given the matchup.

Round Six Team Rankings

2. SEA
3. WSH
4. WNY
5. CHI
6. POR
8. BOS
9. HOU

Round Six Position Rankings


1. Barnhart – FCKC
2. Wys – WNY
3. Angerer – POR
4. Solo – SEA
5. LeBlanc – CHI


1. Fletcher – SEA
2. Robinson – FCKC
3. Taylor – WNY
4. Johnston – CHI
5. Moros – POR


1. Holiday – FCKC
2. Little – SEA
3. Matheson – WSH
4. Vicky – WNY
5. Nairn – WSH


1. Rodriguez – FCKC
2. Wambach – WNY
3. Hoy – CHI
4. McDonald – POR
5. Goebel – SEA

2 thoughts on “NWSL – Fantasy Round Six Preview

  1. Ashley

    The injury report gives no information on the Wednesday games (ie: Portland and Seattle), so any info on those? Not sure what Allie Long’s injury is. And, has anyone heard when Morgan is supposed to be back? There have been no updates on that for awhile.

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      No on either account. Morgan’s been getting some work in, but the preliminary target was Memorial Day, so I’d be surprised if she plays for another few weeks.


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