NWSL – Fantasy Round Sixteen Preview

Big round! Probably. Portland’s frontline lit opposing teams up, making anyone who went heavy with them a happy camper. Washington? Err, the only player to really establish themselves with a big round was Jodie Taylor. Neither side has a double game round this week, so just about everyone will be dropping their Spirit players while facing big decisions about whether to offload their Thorns players, as Paul Riley’s side faces a massive trip to face league leader Seattle in their only fixture this round.

Five clubs have two games this round, meaning there are going to be some enormous scores. Of course, that’s dependent on you making the right guesses as to which double-gamers to leave in your lineup. I’d highly advise against springing for too many single gamers this round. The only single-game club this round with a decent matchup is Chicago…and they are hardly the most reliable fantasy team.

A final note. Boston will likely be eliminated from postseason contention this round, while Seattle may clinch the regular season title in due course. Be aware that as clubs have little to play for down the stretch, squad rotation to either give minutes to fringe players to evaluate them for next season or rest starters is a very real threat and could submarine your stretch run. Then again, if you’re close to victory in a league, you may well need to take a risk or two to come up trumps.

Chris’ Round Sixteen Team Rankings

1. WNY
3. SEA
4. HOU
5. POR
6. CHI
8. WSH
9. BOS

Double-Gamers To Consider


Barnhart (FCKC) – The “safe” option. I’d gamble on her keeping a clean sheet, but would you bet an allocation slot on it?

McLeod (HOU) – I’m not optimistic of her chances of keeping a clean sheet or even picking up a win. I am confident of her making a ton of saves though.

Solo (SEA) – Reign defense has been leaking goals as of late, and hey, things may not get better with Portland coming to town. Could have a chance for a clean sheet against Houston though.

Wys (WNY) – The “risky” option. Hard to totally trust Flash defense but still produced big time last round and is best option without allocation status.


Engen (HOU) – Dash defensive lineup has been unpredictable. Bad in real life, bad in fantasy, and I wouldn’t spend an allocation slot on Engen.

Fletcher (SEA) – Decent play in defense, as she’s a set piece threat. With leaky rearguard though, odds if lean sheet could be spotty.

Robinson (FCKC) – The FCKC defender to take obviously. And honestly, the only one with any real hope of serious offense.

Taylor (WNY) – Value gets a big boost if Wambach’s back to get on the end of set pieces but still a top play regardless.


Fishlock (SEA) – Differential play? Lots will be on Little, and though she has lower upside, she may still have solid potential for points with two games.

Freels (SBFC) – Recent downswing in form but has been reliable for most of the year, so she’s worth considering…even with bad matchups.

Holiday (FCKC) – Club really needs her to keep the offense ticking over. Plum matchups could mean a big round.

Little (SEA) – Form last two rounds suggests she’s fading. But given overall performance this season, she’s hard to avoid.

Lloyd (WNY) – Has been garbage the last few rounds, but plenty will be banking on a big round with two pliable opponents.

Schmidt (SBFC) – Good showing against Washington but has been more miss than hit this season.

Tymrak (FCKC) – Small production last few weeks but matchups are right, and she doesn’t cost an allocation spot.

Vicky (WNY) – Shown little lately, but the opposition is certainly right for a rebound.


Hagen (FCKC) – So much for an adjustment period to the American game. If you want to go big with FCKC, feel free to use her.

Henderson (HOU) – Sleeper option. She looks revitalized in Houston, while the Dash offense seems to work better with her in the lineup. A sneaky pick if you want allocated players elsewhere.

Kerr (WNY) – Big producer for much of the second half of the season. Do you trust her to keep scoring if Wambach’s back though?

Leroux (SEA) – Bagel last round. Hard to trust with an allocation slot. But hey, maybe this’ll be a breakout round?

Nadim (SBFC) – The SBFC offense is alive! And Nadim’s a big reason why. Matchups are killer, but she’s certainly worth watching for the last few rounds.

Naho (SEA) – The killer fatigue has hit her too. Still likely the most reliable option up top for Reign.

O’Hara (SBFC) – Probably not worth using an allocation slot given tough matchups, but last round showed how dangerous she is when on.

Ohai (HOU) – More bust potential than Henderson probably but more upside. Worth consideration at the very least.

Rodriguez (FCKC) – Finishing suspect at times, but high volume ways still make her an attractive pick this time out.

Wambach (WNY) – Questionable to return from injury. Watch the team sheet for the Boston match on Friday to see if she starts. If she does, she’s certainly worth consideration against two dreadful defenses.

Single-Gamers To Consider


LeBlanc (CHI) – Dash attack is inconsistent, but hard to gamble on one-game keeper with so many double-game options.


Catley (POR) – Still not sure she can defend consistently at this level but has been a major boon in attack. Hard seeing them shutout Seattle though.

Johnston (CHI) – If you’re starting a single-game defender, she’s pretty much the pick.


O’Reilly (BOS) – Limited potential with defensive role on wing but on penalty duty.

Sanderson (BOS) – Flash defense leaky at times but still hard to trust.

Vero (POR) – Prime option most weeks but single-game status and touch matchup hurts value this round.


Morgan (POR) – Keeps producing. But single-game status and matchup may scare many away.

Press (CHI) – Reasonably reliable, but hard to justify using an allocation slot for a single-gamer.

Reeves (BOS) – Could outpace Flash defense but still inconsistent, so there are probably better options.

Sinclair (POR) – Big game against Boston, bagel against Washington. Kind of boom-bust this season and has a tough matchup against Reign.

3 thoughts on “NWSL – Fantasy Round Sixteen Preview

  1. Kevin Parker

    Jodie Taylor should be dropped from the list – per Spirit player tweets, she left for England WNT camp yesterday – her earliest possible next Washington match would be August 9 against Seattle.

  2. Ashley

    WNY should get at least one win from this week – even without Abby. Will Lloyd do what she always does – get a couple of goals/assists and then immediately negate them with fouls and yellow cards? She’s sitting on her fourth yellow I think. Kerr is a safer bet for offense.
    Not sure what’s up with the Reign lately, they’ve been pretty meh. Then again, getting through Portland’s defense is easy. I’m thinking yet another draw in this game, but I hope not, getting sick of draws.


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