NCAA – 2014 All White Kit Pre-Season All-America Team

GK – Katelyn Rowland – SR – UCLA

LB – Megan Campbell – SR – Florida State
CB – Abby Dahlkemper – SR – UCLA
CB – Kadeisha Buchanan – SO – West Virginia
RB – Ally Courtnall – SR – UCLA

CM – Sarah Killion – SR – UCLA
CM – Morgan Brian – SR – Virginia
CM – Dagny Brynjarsdottir – SR – Florida State

FW – Savannah Jordan – SO – Florida
FW – Makenzy Doniak – JR – Virginia
FW – Jannelle Flaws – SR – Illinois

4 thoughts on “NCAA – 2014 All White Kit Pre-Season All-America Team

  1. sec

    Tough to quibble, with so many great players out there. But I believe McCaffrey is poised to have a huge season (and I believe she will be a quality player as a pro). Relatedly, I wonder if Doniak and Jordan won’t have a bit of a hangover (fatigue, etc.) from their U20 stint. Also, Mewis’s work rate and vision is notches ahead of Brynarsdottir (who’s really more of a withdrawn forward), so the margin between those two is not that big.

    1. Random

      I completely disagree with your comment Re: Brynarsdottir, she covers a lot of ground. I never appreciated it until last season when I spent time focusing on her movement. She does always seem to be in that withdrawn forward position, but it is her vision and ability to anticipate the game that enables her to be in those positions. She has a real sophistication that isn’t noticeable unless you spend time focusing on her. The only reason why I started paying attention is I was wondering how she could get away with what seems like her always being either on the forward line or in some cases ahead of them as a center mid. Mewis def. covers a lot of ground, but I think some of that is wasted effort (not meant to be an insult at all) compared to what you see Brynarsdottir do.

  2. Forgedias

    You know a lot of people put Rowland up top as the best Goalkeeper, but she plays with the best backline in college. Looking at pure athleticism, its Sabrina D’Angelo. She has been the best shot stopper in the league for the last 2 years.

    Really have to wait on Jordan. I don’t see her replicating her 22 goal season. For one thing, Florida had a ton of trouble providing additional support in offense. Once they figure that out, I think the offense will be a lot more balanced instead of going right through Jordan all the time.

    Dahlkemper and maybe Killion will be first round picks in the NWSL draft. There are so many teams that could use a stud center back in DahlKemper. Washington being on of them but I wonder if they will go through that route.

    Courtnall if she has the same break out season she had last season, she should be right up there. There are several outstanding outside backs coming into the draft next year and Courtnall and Campbell will be one of the 2. Dydasco of UCLA being the other. Really hard to say which of the 3 would be drafted first since left footed outside backs are put at a premium.

    I think Doniak is the real deal. Should score another 20 goals in that Virginia offense. Flaws on the other hand I think will be a flash in the pan. She won’t replicate her 22 goals. I just don’t see it.

    Brynjarsdottir is a very under rated player. Doesn’t get recognized as a top forward in the nation. But she is big, she has good footwork, technically very good and plays the target forward to a tee. She isn’t going to be a first round draftee, but I think 2nd or 3rd is a possible landing spot. There are teams that will look at her over all abilities and what she does in the box and need that for their team. She is an excellent ball winner in the air. Beats a lot of defenders when she is in the air. So I expect that to be taken into consideration.

    Morgan Brian…. What else needs to be said about this fantastic magician with the ball at her feet. Great vision, ability to slip by defenders and take the ball on the run. Fantastic footwork. The problem I see is not her ability, is where I see her being drafted. Boston traded their first round draft pick to Skyblue. So its really up to Houston and Skyblue to decide who will be drafting Morgan and I think she will be drafted by one of them. Houston seems to need Morgan quite a bit since they don’t have that playmaking midfielder in the middle to help control their offense. Waldrum offense needs that player for his teams. Houston would be a good landing spot for Brian.

    Lastly. Kadeisha Buchanan. To me she was the best center back last year, as a rookie. When has that ever happened? She is one of those dominant shut down backs that will take on the best players 1v1 and shut them down through out the whole 90. West Virginia also seems to be willing to use her as a libero as well. Has the freedom to attack when she has the ball and scored a goal when she took the ball from the back and charged down the touchline and then scored from just inside the box. You don’t normally see that in any level of soccer.

  3. Betsey

    Wow! Hinkle, Texas Tech is by far the #1 left back in college right now. I usually agree with you too, Chris. Not this time.


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