NWSL – Round Two Fantasy Preview

So I had a solid round to begin the 2015 season but still lagged behind the leaders due to some pretty untimely zeroes, coupled with leaving the likes of Allie Long and Beverly Yanez on the bench. Christine Nairn, Estefania, and Alex Morgan (my captain) were complete busts, while Kim Little’s missed penalty proved to be an anchor around her scoring value last week. I’d be most concerned with Morgan, as she had a perfect opportunity to rack up points against a hapless Boston defense and tossed up a goose egg.

This round’s pretty easy, maybe one of the easiest ever on paper in terms of NWSL fantasy league. Seattle and FC Kansas City both have two games this round, though the second one is against each other, which might temper some of your enthusiasm in taking defensive players from either squad. Amongst the single-game sides, Portland has the biggest advantage going up against a WNY side that looked well out of their depth against Seattle last week. If you aren’t thinking well out of the box, you’ll want to flood your squad with Seattle, FCKC, and Portland players.


Barnhart (FCKC) – Put up negative points against SBFC last week in a loss. Don’t count on it happening again, with toothless Washington to play first. Might concede a few against Seattle, but I think she’s got the best matchup, so she’s my GK for the round.

Solo (SEA) – A quiet 11.00 points in round one. Matchup against Chicago could be trickier than some might think, so she’s below Barnhart in my rankings but could easily rack up the points, nonetheless.

Angerer/Betos (POR) – Betos started with Angerer coming back from international duty and racked up 13.00 points. Against WNY, whoever’s in goal is a great option if you need an unallocated GK. Lineups should be in by the deadline to eliminate guesswork.


Any Reign Defender (SEA) – They’re all the same really, though I have a preference for Kendall Fletcher. Two matchups, both winnable.

Robinson/Moros (FCKC) – The safest FCKC defenders to put in your lineup this round.

K. Johnson (POR) – I doubt she’ll net nine points every match, but playing what amounts to a winger role certainly increases her value until Catley arrives, and she’s got another great matchup.

Dunn (WSH) – Should start this round in an attacking role but not a great matchup and costs an allocation, so I’m bearish.

Cross (HOU) – Probably the easiest way to cover a Houston clean sheet, though I don’t recommend her.

Grubka (SBFC) – Quickest way to cover a potential clean sheet for SBFC.

Hinkle (WNY) – Bad matchup, so this is more watch list than anything else, but she could be a real factor later in the year.

O’Hara (SBFC) – Listed as a defender but could play a more attacking role, but this isn’t the best round for her.


Little (SEA) – Going to guess 4.50 points may be one of her seasonal lows come season’s end. Start her with impunity.

Holiday (FCKC) – No goals, but 12.00 points. Two matches. Start her.

Fishlock (SEA) – I still like Little more, but you really can’t go wrong after 13.50 points last round.

O’Reilly (FCKC) – Disappointing fantasy debut for FCKC, but can you see whoever starts at left-back for Washington stopping her this round?

Long (POR) – So much for last year being a fluke. Thirty-two points last round and looks to have plenty of scoring opportunities in current Portland lineup with great matchup this round.

Tymrak (FCKC) – No Ali Krieger equals dinner time for Tymrak against whoever replaces the USWNT star at right-back.

Lloyd (HOU) – Still great and had 11.50 points last round, but better allocated options this round.

Shim (POR) – Big season debut with 20.50 points and should keep her place despite return of Sinclair and others.

Heath (POR) – Put up a goose egg last round, but matchup’s right, though allocation status hurts.

Freels (SBFC) – Probably safely within the 3-8 point range every round, but better options this round.

Brian (HOU) – Looked dangerous last round despite just 2.50 points and makes for a nice squad filler amongst non-allocated options.

Farrelly (POR) – Got off the mark last round but buyer beware: She may be sacrificed for Christine Sinclair in the lineup.

Mewis (WNY) – Promising debut but rough matchup says look elsewhere.


Rapinoe (SEA) – Will be in your team this round, as well as everyone else’s after goal flood last round.

Rodriguez (FCKC) – Bad day at the office last week, ending up in the negatives. Don’t count on that being the case this round. A top option.

Yanez (SEA) – I’m not big on including two forwards from the same team, but it’s hard to ignore last round’s 19.00 points.

Morgan (POR) – Killed many fantasy teams last round with a bagel. Matchup doesn’t get much better than WNY at home, but will she lose chances to Taylor or Sinclair?

Nadim (SBFC) – Keeps on ticking despite tough opposition last round. Getting close to automatic play status in my mind, but matchup is tougher this round.

Taylor (POR) – Could be a sneaky play if she starts. Check those starting lineups.

Sinclair (POR) – See above, but could be more of a gamble with allocation status.

Ohai (HOU) – A pleasant surprise getting in the goals column, though the matchup is much harder this week.

Press (CHI) – Tough backing anyone going against Seattle with so many other good options, but Press is probably best bet for Chicago points.

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