NWSL – Round Three Fantasy Preview

I had a great round two, as the double game strategy worked a peach, while my single gamers also came through. It was a pretty easy round on paper, and not overthinking it paid off, as I tied for the overall win for the week.

This round is much more treacherous. There are only three matches, a slew of injuries to the competing teams, and the three teams on byes really limit options. FCKC and Seattle are fantasy go-to teams most rounds, while betting against WNY looks to be a great option thus far, meaning the absence of all three severely limits sure things. This round, it may be less about matchups and more about betting on talent to carry you through.


Angerer (POR) – Boosted by Van Hollebeke and Williamson being only probable on the injury report. Still a chance that Press goes bananas again though, so be vigilant.

LeBlanc (CHI) – Culpable, to say the least, last weekend against Seattle. But Portland are down to bare bones on the frontline, though I’m a bit skittish about using an allocation spot on her.

McLeod (HOU) – Fancy the Dash to win, but Boston also showed they can put up some offense, so not a sure thing, especially costing an allocation spot.

Harris (WSH) – Would’ve been a great bet if SBFC was missing Nadim, but she’s probable, with the New Jersey side a whole different animal with their talisman in action.

Cameron (SBFC) – Spirit offense still inconsistent, but she made a bad error leading to a Houston goal last week. Will Gabarra do his Captain Hook impression and give Aubrey Bledsoe a chance?

Naheher (BOS) – May make a lot of saves, but defense in front of her shaky as ever and will be missing leadership of Whitehill on backline, so I’d avoid.


Dunn (WSH) – Until her position gets changed, she’s a must start in your weekly lineup, even though she does take up an allocation slot.

Johnson (POR) – Winning fouls, creating offense. Pretty much a weekly play at this point.

O’Hara (SBFC) – Another who needs serious consideration as long as she may play further forward. Production hasn’t been there thus far though, but she might be primed for a breakout round.

Johnston (CHI) – As always, a threat on set-pieces. Matchup’s a bit iffy though, and she costs an allocation slot.

Cross (HOU) – Potentially the only way to cover the clean sheet against Boston without using an allocation slot.

Kallman (BOS) – If you think Boston can keep a clean sheet, Kallman’s likely your best bet.

Gilliland (CHI) – Deep sleeper, but she could be worth a punt if Quon can’t go due to injury. Check lineups before deadline on Saturday.


Lloyd (HOU) – Threw up a bagel last week after a huge round one. So it goes with the mercurial Lloyd. You have to figure she’s a strong candidate to rebound against Boston though.

Long (POR) – Can’t keep up this torrid pace forever, but while she’s hot, she’s worth having in the lineup, especially with the club running short on forward options.

Freels (SBFC) – Won’t throw up a lot of pure duds, though she also isn’t going to have too many huge efforts. Matchup is doable, so she’s worth a look.

Nairn (WSH) – Went bananas last weekend and looks to be the best Spirit option in midfield. Matchup’s not ideal, but are there many this round?

Brian (HOU) – Not spectacular thus far but very steady and has a great matchup without consuming an allocation slot.

Mewis (BOS) – Fair option if you’re looking to spend your allocation slot in midfield. Showed a lot of phantom point promise in round one, though she has been inconsistent in the past.

Shim (POR) – Was a dud in round two, but opportunity’s going to be there all season. Not a top matchup, but deserves consideration.

DiBernardo (CHI) – Solid in round two, but may need to see more consistency before going all-in with her.

Chalupny (CHI) – Not sure she’ll be as big a scoring option as she has been in previous seasons but always capable of a double digit points effort.

Colaprico (CHI) – The kid is too good to not put up some big rounds, though this may not be the best week for it against surging Thorns.


Press (CHI) – Never count her out after she torched Seattle’s defense last round. Thorns defense not as good on paper, but Williamson and Van Hollebeke listed as probable makes for a harder matchup. Bet on class though, and Press figures to get some phantom points, even if she doesn’t explode for big points.

Ohai (HOU) – You need a Dash player in the attack against Boston’s defense, and Ohai gets a tentative nod from me. I’m not convinced she’s a consistent goalscorer, but the speedster has put up solid numbers thus far.

McDonald (HOU) – Can be brutally inconsistent, but the matchup’s right. Wouldn’t suggest rolling with both Ohai and McDonald, but one in your lineup seems almost a must.

Nadim (SBFC) – A major gamble due to her injury status, even though she’s listed as probable on the injury report. Has the capacity to flambé Washington’s defense though. Buyer beware, as we won’t know if she starts before lineups lock.

McCaffrey (BOS) – Showed real promise and scored a great goal against Portland. If you don’t trust Houston’s offense fully, she’s a sleeper.

Sinclair (POR) – She’s leading the line by default thanks to injuries elsewhere. Tough task against Red Stars’ defense though, and Thorns more focused offensively in middle of the park.

Hoy (CHI) – Decent way to get in on Chicago’s frontline if you want to move away from Press or need allocation slot elsewhere.

Estefania (WSH) – There’s talent there, it’s just a matter of bringing it out. A sizable gamble though.

Del Rio (WSH) – Showing signs of life, but there are better options this round both on Washington and for forwards.

3 thoughts on “NWSL – Round Three Fantasy Preview

  1. chive-on

    Any further updates on Nadim? Sky Blue’s chances basically depend on that – and whether or not O’Hara is allowed to play up or if she’ll get stuck back on defense. I would take Freels over Nairn – for such a small person, she sure has an accurate shot and great pass. Nairn can be inconsistent. It’s like it’s either a brace and carrying Washington’s offense herself or big fat zeros.
    The Portland matchup should be interesting. Here’s hoping Riley doesn’t try a 3-back against Press and Hoy – but if Williamson or RVH can’t play, then he might have to. If Angerer and Sinclair show better than their poor form last season, then it will be a good game. When exactly to the US national teamers leave for the World Cup?

  2. Roger T

    Steph Ochs is a good option for Dash defender.
    I’ve had a disappointing first 2 weeks. I’m hoping Nadim doesn’t play or is limited; or else my season could go down the tubes early.


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