USWNT – USA vs Republic of Ireland SoccerMeter Stats

This…was not very pretty.

USA 1st Half Ireland
2 Goals 0
13 Shots 0
20:42 Time of Possession 10:38
66% Time of Possession % 34%
352 First Touches 180
262 Passes 90
74% Pass Completion % 50%
37 Number of Pass Strings 13
5.8 Average Pass String Length 3.5
13 Longest Pass String 6
USA 2nd Half Ireland
1 Goals 0
11 Shots 0
18:13 Time of Possession 11:48
61% Time of Possession % 39%
339 First Touches 185
229 Passes 75
68% Pass Completion % 41%
34 Number of Pass Strings 10
5.4 Average Pass String Length 3.7
19 Longest Pass String 5
USA Game Total Ireland
3 Goals 0
24 Shots 0
38:55 Time of Possession 22:26
63% Time of Possession % 37%
691 First Touches 365
491 Passes 165
71% Pass Completion % 45%
71 Number of Pass Strings 23
5.6 Average Pass String Length 3.6
19 Longest Pass String 6

5 thoughts on “USWNT – USA vs Republic of Ireland SoccerMeter Stats

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      No, really, it doesn’t, does it? None of our three group stage opponents are going to bunker like ROI did.

  1. Terry Lash

    I’m guessing this kind of affair has two benefits to NT/US Soccer. First, it brings in money. And, second, it gives everyone involved a chance to celebrate.

  2. KC

    I went to the game at Avaya….great atmosphere, packed house and tons of love goo on Mothers Day. But we sucked. There were some spots…a couple of nice chances from ARod that weren’t finished, some good connecting and Christen Press was the best player on the pitch, but if this is what we will see in the WC we are in trouble. Abby is still dominant in the air, but lets be real…she should not be a starter unless we have major injury problems. Alex is injured again…what is up with Syd? She looks lost out there. Julie Johnston is a beast on set pieces (this makes Abby that much less necessary), and I am becoming more of a fan of Kling out left

  3. FDChief

    What was kind of sad was watching the USWNT play Abbyball for the first 45 minutes (couldn’t bring myself to watch the second half…). Yes, whipping crosses onto Abby’s head is gonna work against Ireland because they’re just not technically skilled enough to stop that. Against Sweden, or France, or Germany? No so much.

    I “get” what these friendlies are for, but the extra cash and the publicity seem like a poor exchange for rehearsing the bad habits that have brought the USWNT nothing but trouble when employed against the world’s better sides. Ugh


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