USWNT (Sort Of) – Let’s Pick A Hypothetical Pan-American Games Squad

So one of the million things that irks me about U.S. Soccer is the continued refusal to send a team to the Pan-American Games, even if it’s a glorified U23 team. That’s what Canada’s doing this time around, with a combination of fringe players and some of the younger names that made the WWC roster this year. I’m guessing it’ll help with the development of the program as a whole, even if Canada doesn’t come away with the title.

So what if the U.S. did likewise? I’m not going to entertain the notion that NWSL teams would be tortured even further this year with more player losses, so I’m going with a full college team. The eighteen player limit certainly made it tough…

GK (2) – Jane Campbell (Stanford), Cassie Miller (Florida State)
DEF (6) – Maddie Bauer (Stanford), Kayla Mills (USC), Carson Pickett (Florida State), Cari Roccaro (Notre Dame), Jessie Scarpa (North Carolina), Emily Sonnett (Virginia)
MF (5) – Michaela Hahn (Florida State), Rose Lavelle (Wisconsin), Ashley Meier (Virginia Tech), Mallory Pugh (UCLA), Andi Sullivan (Stanford)
FW (5) – Makenzy Doniak (Virginia), Savannah Jordan (Florida), McKenzie Meehan (Boston College), Murielle Tiernan (Virginia Tech), Cheyna Williams (Florida State)

My First XI: Campbell; Pickett, Roccaro, Sonnett, Mills; Sullivan, Lavelle, Pugh; Meehan, Doniak, Williams

Thoughts? Good? Awful? Your picks?

4 thoughts on “USWNT (Sort Of) – Let’s Pick A Hypothetical Pan-American Games Squad

  1. john

    Has anyone asked USSF to explain/ defend this decision? I agree it is a wasted opportunity. Furthermore, the shaky state of the current U20 group underscores the need to maximize player development chances.

  2. Mark

    Well, there’s certainly a bigger/faster/stronger theme going on in the forwards. (Not that I’m necessarily saying there should be others picked, but it is a mite depressing.) No Kaskie or Alvarado in midfield?

  3. Terry Lash

    I think NWSL players who are not on the WWC roster should be considered. One goal should be to identify players who can participate in the Olympic Games next year and who should be at or near their peak physical condition for WWC 19. In other words, we should have used these games to identify candidates for Olympic Games 19 and WWC 19. In that regard there are several young players who play for NWSL teams, but who were on the WWC 15 roster.

  4. Will

    I agree with Terry, that I’d rather see this as a tryout for the Olympics next year and use NWSL players. Sure, it would suck for the NWSL teams to loose players for more time, but hey, it’s the NWSL where rules are made up as they go along… So why not just exempt those players from the roster limit and salary cap for the remainder of the season allowing teams to sign replacements. I would also do a 2 players per team limit (since that works out perfectly for 18), and 1 player per position per team.

    GK (2) – Michelle Betos (Por), Bianca Henninger (Hou)
    DEF (5) – Abby Dahlkemper (WNY), Caprice Dydasco (Was), Maya Hayes (SBFC), Samantha Johnson (Chi), Kassey Kallman (Bos)
    MF (7) – Vanessa DiBernardo (Chi), Sam Mewis (WNY), Kristie Mewis (Bos), Sarah Killion (SBFC), Mana Shim (Por), Erika Tymrak (FCKC), Keelin Winters (Sea)
    FW (4) – Chrystal Dunn (Was), Sarah Hagen (FCKC), Kealia Ohai (Hou), Beverly Yanez (Sea)

    So some of my picks are a bit odd and it’s not necessarily the best 18 from the NWSL that didn’t play in the WWC, but that’s to try to keep to that 2 player limit and to try not to take players that are too critical to their team (hence why I took Dydasco rather than Huster from Washington, and rather than Hinkle or Gilliland who have played much more for their respective teams). The most critical player I took was Dunn, but leaving her off this squad too would just be crazy. If Boston thought Mewis was too critical they could swap her for McCaffrey; I was on the fence about that one. I also left Huerta off because I wasn’t sure if this would cap-tie her and whether she’d be willing to do that for what is in essence a youth tournament (plus DiBernardo has been sublime this year and with Chalupny back it won’t be that critical of a loss).

    The one spot I’m week on is defense; I even put Maya Hayes back there since she’s been playing outside back for SBFC. I’ve probably got too many midfielders, but the only change I could think of was Mana Shim for Emily Menges… so I kept Shim. I guess Tymrak could be substituted for Averbuch as she won’t be needed in their backline with Sauerbrunn back, or maybe LePeilbet if USSF wanted to give her a send-off.

    Starting lineup would be: Henninger; Dydasco, Dahlkemper, Johnson, Kallman; Winters, DiBernardo, S. Mewis, Dunn, Yanez, Ohai


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