2015 Women’s World Cup – Germany vs Thailand – Woeful German Finishing Not Hidden By Lopsided Stats

Starting Tactical Lineup (from FIFA.com)

Starting Tactical Lineup (from FIFA.com)

PRE – The watchword in this one might be ‘bloodbath’, as Germany will likely be most displeased with their draw with Norway in the match before. Goal differential means they’re likely to win the group anyway as long as they beat Thailand, and the extensive squad rotation reflects that. For their part, the Asian side knows they have a faint prayer of qualifying if a lot of results roll their way. It’ll help to not get pasted here though.

3’ – As you might expect, Thailand is having trouble getting out of their own end, and Behringer has the first big opportunity of the match, whipping a shot from the edge of the area that Boonsing has to get a set of hands to, pushing it behind for a corner. Thailand are forced to clear off the line from a corner and naively try to play their way out of danger. The Asian side are rescued by the whistle for a foul as it appeared they were about to concede possession in the box.

5’ – Germany breaks at pace, and a seeing eye ball from Lena Lotzen through the Thai backline almost finds Daebritz, but it just eludes her stride.

10’ – Half-chances galore for Germany, but Thailand’s surviving for now. As I type that, a Schmidt cross finds a completely unmarked Daebritz at the far side of the box eight-yards out. She tattoos a volley wide.

12’ – Cramer makes an endline run and has a cross blocked, while seconds later, Behringer fires a tame shot from range that Boonsing holds low. Those day-glo orange/red kits for Germany are killing my efforts at identifying players.

16’ – Leupolz fires a dipping volley from range into the arms of Boonsing. Lots of probing and half-chances, but the Germans still looking for that killer touch in front of goal.

18’ – Cramer whips a cross in, and Boonsing punches wide to the other flank.

20’ – Thailand should really be ahead. Krahn turns it over at the halfway line under no real pressure, letting Sung-Ngoen in with a clear path to goal. Instead of keeping going and shooting, she decides to hold it up. It’s inexplicable, and lets the two German center-backs double up on her in the box, with none of her teammates within a mile. Her shot is blocked out for a corner. Sung-Ngoen puts a shot well over after the corner drops to her.

22’ – Daebritz plays a nice pass into the box for Sasic, who posts up her defender before spinning. Her shot is an easily held effort for Boonsing though.

24’ – GOAL – Germany (Leupolz) – Resistance broken. Finally. Corner kick swings out to eight yards, where a looping header from Leupolz goes far post and drops just under the bar and over the line. DiCicco mentions the shadows on the field disturbing the keeper’s vision, but honestly, most keepers would struggle to keep a ball placed that perfectly out.

27’ – Marozsan puts a header well wide of goal. The German attack has been lethargic for much of this one.

29’ – The referees get an offside decision comically wrong. Marozsan is at least three body lengths onside for a long ball forward and should have had a 1v1 against Boonsing.

35’ – Leupolz with another looping header off a corner, but this one’s more to the center of goal, allowing Boonsing to extend and leap to claim.

37’ – Sasic does magnificently to flick the ball over a defender after a turnover and hits a bouncing ball on the half-volley at the edge of the area. It’s right to Boonsing though, as Germany’s pedestrian finishing continues.

41’ – Behringer hoofs a delivery in that Marozsan flick heads onto goal, but Boonsing manages to make an easy save.

43’ – Sasic heads a cross from Schmidt over the ball. It’s a cavalcade of uninspired finishing.

45’ – How do they keep missing? Lotzen strips Srangthaisong at the sideline and springs the counter to Marozsan, who takes it past a pair of defenders whose attempted tackles don’t go to plan. 1v1 vs Boonsing, Marozsan fires right at the keeper.

45’ + 1’ – Behringer whacks a free kick into the wall, with the ball deflecting behind with the last kick of the half.

HT – There’s no reason Germany shouldn’t be up by three or four goals right now. They’ve carved out more than enough chances to add to their lead but have been victims of a terrible wasteful afternoon of finishing, making life far too easy on Boonsing, who has still played fairly well for Thailand. Can the Asian side hold out, or will their goal differential be wrecked after the break? You can’t expect Silvia Neid to have been happy with the first half display…

46’ – SUB – Hello squad rotation. Germany brings of Sasic and Marozsan in favor of Anja Mittag and Lena Petermann. How are those for bench options?

49’ – Sung-Ngoen remains a threat on the counter. She has Krahn struggling for pace on a simple ball into her stride, and Germany has to put it behind for a corner. The delivery is woeful though, not beating the first player, who happens to be standing on the edge of the area.

52’ – Another non-finish! A weaving run through the Thai midfield by Leupolz ends with a sumptuous through ball to Petermann. She should finish 1v1 with Boonsing but hits it right at the keeper. Different forward, same result…

53’ – Lotzen heads a Daebritz cross into orbit. How many chances are Germany going to miss?

56’ – GOAL – Germany (Petermann) – Finally. Schmidt takes a diagonal ball from Lotzen and touches it around Sritala on her way to the endline. Petermann attacks the cross at the far post, heading it in as her momentum carries her and Phetwiset into the goal. Not stopping that.

58’ – GOAL – Germany (Petermann) – Floodgates and all that. A Daebritz cross on the ground is deflected out for a corner. Said corner is duly dispatched five yards out, with Petermann rising highest to thump home a header. Great delivery from Behringer. Thailand just can’t cope in the air.

61’ – SUB – Off comes center-back Krahn, with Josephine Henning coming on in her place for Germany’s final sub.

63’ – The Thai defense looks like it’s hitting a wall, as it’s getting increasingly stretched. Leupolz picks out Schmidt with a diagonal ball in the box. She whips a shot over.

73’ – GOAL – Germany (Daebritz) – Things had gone a bit flat since Germany had netted their third, but Sara Daebritz kicks things back into gear with the team’s fourth. The Germans get it wide, with Schmidt’s overlapping run leading to a pass to an open Mittag in the box. She goes endline, with her cutback being deflected by Petermann to a wide, wide open Daebritz at the far post. She’s left with a tap-in.

78’ – Lotzen heads a corner over for Germany. The scoreline reflects the dominance, but the European champions will not be happy with their finishing.

79’ – SUB – A Thai sub has been long overdue, and they bring on Wilaiporn Boothduang for support striker Srimanee.

81’ – Germany’s fitness really shining through late here, as Leupolz is allowed all the time in the world to bring in a low cross and thread a ball through the backline. Boonsing slides off her line in the nick of time to claim.

82’ – Another crazy miss for Germany, as they loft in a long free kick, sending Boonsing off her line to try and punch. She misses by a mile, leaving an empty net and nobody on the post. It should be finished easily if Germany can just square it. They can’t despite having a player unmarked on the six-yard line. Unbelievable.

82’ – YELLOW CARD – Thailand (Maijarern) – Thailand picks up the match’s first booking after a rather cavalier foul from Maijarern on Lotzen out wide. The free kick delivery is headed around a bit, until one header forces a point blank save from Boonsing. Thailand clear away a resulting corner kick.

86’ – Thailand’s legs have completely gone from them, as Mittag is allowed the freedom of the center of the park to run with the ball, with nobody in a blue shirt around to make a tackle. Boonsing well off her line to try and cut down the angle, but the shot is wide in any event.

86’ – SUB – Alisa Rukpinij comes on for winger Anootsara Maijarern for Thailand. They’ve put in a brave performance, but they really left it too late to bring these subs on when they were clearly flagging at about the hour mark.

87’ – Petermann with a quick pass wide to Mittag in the box. She nearly gets to the endline before shooting, with Boonsing doing well to parry. It nearly goes off Sritala for an own goal, but they scramble it behind for a corner.

89’ – SUB – Thailand brings on Darut Changplook for right-winger Thongsombut.

FT – The scoreline and stat sheet will note Germany’s dominance but likely not their wastefulness. They created a steady stream of chances but finished poorly, which may not bode well for later down the line. As is, they win the group and set up a date in the last sixteen. Thailand are likely out with their goal differential an anchor around them, but if they do exit, they do so having won a WWC match and having not embarrassed themselves in the least.

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