NWSL – Round Eighteen Fantasy Preview

To put it bluntly, my attention span is fading pretty badly considering the beginning of college season is upon us. With three rounds left in the season, I’ve fallen to fourth overall and 31.00 points behind the overall leader. While I did OK in the round past, I also left a lot of points on the table, with Carli Lloyd and Sofia Huerta among the massive busts for me on my team. Crystal Dunn delivered. Again. But she’s on everyone’s team right now, so if you want to make a big move, you’re going to have to roll the dice in a big way.

Seattle, Boston, and FC Kansas City have two games this round. Obviously, you’re not going to be considering too many Breakers besides Kristie Mewis, but you definitely want a lot of players from the other two. Chicago looks to be fading down the stretch but are facing an equally wheezing WNY side in the highlight of the one-game matchups. Again, strategy has to be dictated by where you are in the standings right now. But with three rounds to go, time is running out to get to the promised land.


It’s gotta be either Nicole Barnhart or Hope Solo. I’d tip Chicago’s goalkeeper against WNY as a wild card option, but there’s no telling who’ll be in goal for the Red Stars, so I’d stay away. Considering Vlatko’s pulled the bait and switch with double game rounds this year, I’m just going to ride with Hope Solo as the safe option.


Seattle’s got two impressive options in Kendall Fletcher and Rachel Corsie. I think Corsie’s got the hot hand at the moment, but so might other players, which might push me towards Fletcher. Similarly, Leigh Ann Robinson and Amy LePeilbet have both been golden for FCKC thus far, averaging nearly five points a match. Take your pick from the duo. Of course, my third option is Kelley O’Hara, listed as a defender, playing as an attacker.


Crystal Dunn + 3/4 others. Duh. Dunn’s not my captain this round though, with that honor potentially falling to Kim Little, who has to be in your team. Some may double up with Jess Fishlock in the lineup as well, though she’s tailed off a bit after a hot start. If Lauren Holiday’s healthy, she’s a great option in midfield, but you’ll be sweating over the injury report in all likelihood before the deadline. Heather O’Reilly’s the safer option and should bring home some big points. Kristie Mewis is worth a shout for Boston, still averaging nearly nine points a match and will likely be playing wide open with the Breakers with the club out of the playoff race. Of the single gamers, keep an eye on Lori Chalupny, Allie Long, Sam Mewis, Katy Freels, and Diana Matheson. Carli Lloyd’s wild fluctuations in form probably have burned me one time too many this season though.


The safe options are Beverly Yanez and Amy Rodriguez. Both have put up big numbers this season and both will probably hit double figures in at least one matchup. The adventurous may want to tab Megan Rapinoe, but she’s a real boom or bust proposition. I’m going to keep a spot open on my team for Christen Press. Chicago may be fading, but I think she’ll do some real damage against WNY’s defense. There aren’t many more options worth considering, though Sam Kerr’s form for SBFC is pretty hard to ignore, and the matchup against Portland isn’t exactly the toughest in the world.

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