The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #5 – SheBelieves Cup Post-Mortem

In episode #5 of the WoSo Independent Podcast, Chris (@chris_awk) and Jon (@jonlipsitz) conduct a thorough post-mortem on the calamitous SheBelieves Cup for the USWNT including discussing the 3-5-2 (1:40).

There’s talk about the Allie Long at center-back experiment (12:52) and personnel if the team does stay with the 3-5-2 (17:20).

The USWNT’s attacking misfires don’t escape criticism either, as Chris and Jon argue about Alex Morgan and whether she’s an automatic starter right now (26:43). They also discuss whether Carli Lloyd is the right player to fill the “#10” role in a 3-4-1-2. (34:45)

They also pick a USWNT SheBelieves Cup MVP. This was not easy (44:01).

There are also a few words about France and their SheBelieves Cup tournament triumph and whether this is a turning point for the program (48:16)

Closing out, Chris & Jon discuss a potential Marta to Orlando deal (54:27), while Chris suddenly remembers that Jeff Plush resigned as NWSL commissioner a few weeks ago (1:01:47). And Jon has a new job for the coming college season with Cal (1:04:20).

7 thoughts on “The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #5 – SheBelieves Cup Post-Mortem

  1. Lisa Riefer

    Surprised that you didn’t compare the 3-back lineup for England (Johnston, Sauerbrunn and Krieger) versus the France lineup. Is it because the Germany/France lineup seems to be Ellis’ preferred lineup? Because I think all fans hate Jill’s choice but think that Johnston-Sauerbrunn-Krieger could work. Very surprised that neither of you thought Krieger even deserved a mention as a better fit in defense. Did you forget she’s on the team? She’s one of the fastest defenders and, unlike Long, actually knows how to defend. Sonnett has become the forgotten child too. You mention Engen (?? she’s been gone for a while) but not actual players still on the team?

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      I think I mentioned Krieger when we were discussing options for right wing-back in the 3-5-2. I just see her as a much more natural option on the flank than as one of the center-backs. I think my biggest worry about Krieger is that she’ll be almost thirty-four at the next WWC. She may have pace now, but will she still have it in a few years?

      I’d agree Sonnett should get more looks. She was solid but not spectacular as a rookie with the Thorns.

      Think Engen was Jon’s topic. I think she’s gone for good from the USWNT.

      1. mockmook

        “I think my biggest worry about Krieger is that she’ll be almost thirty-four at the next WWC. She may have pace now, but will she still have it in a few years?”

        Right. Which is why, if she is even in the mix, it makes more sense to put her at CB.

        As you guys were saying, let the WBs be the pacy ones, the outside defenders on the back line.

        Ohai == WB ????
        (works for me)

        Also, need a real DM in the 3-5-2, a center mid who thinks and positions for defending first and has the skills to do that defending.

  2. mockmook

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the dialogues!!!

    However, please try to get Jon on a better mic or “skype”/stream — the biggest problem is that the volume level doesn’t match yours and it is also inconsistent. Perhaps the level can be fixed just by a better mix on the two audio “streams”

    Looking forward to your NWSL previews — don’t be too hard on Mo Brian 🙂

  3. mockmook

    OK, I have to address a few more things:

    Jon was chiding “us” for being upset that there was experimentation going on.

    I think most of “us” are upset with the types of choices for the experiments — the putting players in positions to fail. Jon seems to recognize that, but then not realize the disconnect.

    Lavelle out wide — why?
    Long at CB (when, as Jon said, she won’t play there beyond her time on the NT)
    Lloyd as #10

    And, it’s crazy to see Lloyd as a #10 and think that Lavelle would be a worse alternative there. Perhaps Lavelle’s not ready, but neither is Lloyd. Only one of those has the potential to grow into the position if given the reps.

  4. trojans

    What do you think about bringing in Mandy Freeman into camp and putting her as a 3rd CB with Sauerbrunn and Johnston? Has incredible pace, wins balls in the air, has cover ability, great 1v1 defender, great ball distribution, good communication, great 50/50 ball winner

  5. trojans

    What are your thoughts on bringing in Mandy Freeman to become part of the 3 centerbacks with Johnston and Sauerbrunn? Listening to you guys and the concerns necessary for the third CB immediately made me think of Freeman. Speed, athleticism, technical, ball-winner, knowledge of the game, maturity in her play, ball distribution, etc. I think makes her a great candidate


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