The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #11 – 2017 Portland Thorns Preview

In episode #11 of the WoSo Independent Podcast, Chris (@chris_awk) and Jon (@jonlipsitz) deliver part five of their 2017 NWSL season preview. In this episode, they break down last year’s table topping Portland Thorns side. Can they repeat and finally get the job done in the playoffs after last year’s semi-final defeat? Just how loaded is the offense, and can the Thorns stay strong in goal with the departure of Michelle Betos?

2 thoughts on “The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #11 – 2017 Portland Thorns Preview

  1. mockmook

    To call CB a weakness when you have two NT (or on the cusp of the NT) caliber players there is laughable.

  2. Chris Thomas

    I just got to listen to the Thorns podcast. Great analysis, from top to bottom.

    A couple of little observations of mine about the Thorns:

    Klingenberg — from watching her in person at the end of the last season, she was hurting pretty badly for about the last 4 to 6 weeks. She just wasn’t herself out there. I think the big question is whether she’ll get to full recovery or whether there’s a permanent slowdown and other limitations.

    Franch/Betos — although Betos was a huge fan favorite, Franch is very popular out here, too. I think that will help.


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