The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #18 – 2017 NWSL Week One Review + Mallory Pugh Chat

On episode eighteen of the WoSo Independent Podcast, Chris (@chris_awk) and Jon (@jonlipsitz) break down the big news of Mallory Pugh leaving UCLA and turning pro (0:32). Will she end up in the NWSL or in Europe? Can U.S. Soccer broker a deal between the Spirit and Thorns without things getting messy? Then, they briefly discuss the Cami Levin to Houston trade (15:20). Afterward, Chris and Jon discuss the ups and downs of Lifetime and Go90 on opening weekend (18:45). Next, they tackle some of the big takeaways from week one of the 2017 NWSL season (33:03). Finally, there’s a short discussion of what to look for in week two (1:07:05).

One thought on “The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #18 – 2017 NWSL Week One Review + Mallory Pugh Chat

  1. Rich

    Great segment… watched a bunch of the games from Canada… following most of my Canadians… who are all doing well so far. Just a quick note on attendence.. there has been mush complaint on families and focusing on targeting an older crowd. my opinions.

    1. 85% of adults, and this includes all female soccer players would choose attending an MLS game over NWLS game.
    2. Families, 85% of them will choose NWSL. Especially if there is a family deal ticket.
    Which leads me to solution: Since the soccer will never be faster, quicker or better there are two ways to create an atmosphere that will draw more adults, first RIVARY (even if it is fake, get a goalkeeper to call out a goalkeeper, get christen press to challenge Alex Morgan on her status of best striker in America on lifetime tv post comments) have the supporters group calling out other supporters groups!! Have the twitter accounts fueding. Spend the week calling out the other team, hype it up…
    Second. Have adult only sections. Because families buy tickets, and appealing to families, giving them an option on Saturday afternoons with their kids for a discount price is going to sell more tickets than four adults looking for a good time… And parents should be able to take their kids anywhere they like. Create a adult only atmosphere somewhere in the audience. And than start driving up the rivalry.

    E.g : a little comment on twitter from a sports reporter… “sounds like A fued is brewing between Notth Carolina and the Thorns, especially after their second loss to the gritty team… tweet a couple Gifs from the teams, than @ Portland supporter group and NC Carolina supporter group
    E.g Houston dash been moaning about their losses to Orlando recently and have been vowing this year will be different. Heard there was already tension between Lloyd and Morgan, especially since many strongly believe if Lloyd had not been hurt Houston would have won all three they lost. Seems like there may be tension between the two groups.

    Oh and most importantly… get them all to to stop acting like friends in the public eye. Every person I know loves a good rivalry.


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