The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #20 – 2017 NWSL Week Three/Four Review – Injuries and Rants

We’re back! After a one week hiatus, Chris (@chris_awk) and Jon (@jonlipsitz) return to the air for episode #20 of the WoSo Independent Podcast. They briefly talk about the official announcement of a four-team international tournament with the U.S., Japan, Brazil, and Australia (0:36). They follow that up with a discussion about the injury crisis that has plagued the NWSL early in 2017. Why is it happening, and, more importantly, is their a solution (3:58)? They then give a brief(ish) overview of Week Three including a rant about the NWSL Team of the Month (14:05). Then they review week four, including rants about whether Washington-Sky Blue FC was good soccer and the continual agony of trying to watch streams from Boston (29:52). They then close it out with a short preview of week five in the NWSL (1:14:34).

4 thoughts on “The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #20 – 2017 NWSL Week Three/Four Review – Injuries and Rants

  1. mockmook

    According to the NWSL injury report, none of Washington’s injuries are “muscle” injuries except Mewis’ quad strain.

    And, I love how you “know” that the preseason is the wrong length, but you don’t know whether it is too long or too short…

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      Oh lord, the listening comprehension skills aren’t great with this one.

      We were speaking about the league in general regarding muscle injuries, not picking out the Spirit solely. We even put the caveat in there of how many of those ACL injuries weren’t from this year.

      And it was pretty clear from the context of the discussion that we think the preseason is too long.

      But thanks for the insightful comments.

      1. mockmook

        6:03 Jon says maybe the preseason should be longer with a slower build-up (as opposed to a short preseason). “I don’t know”

        12:05 Jon “I’m talking about muscle tears, not ACLs” (paraphrase)

        6:52 Jon “we’re talking about Washington” (paraphrase) needing a survey (but he’s already said their field is fine, no preventable ACL issue) and then he later says he’s talking about “muscle tears” as the preventable problem.

        But, Washington doesn’t have a “muscle” problem.

  2. trojans

    I also feel like some of the injuries sustained this season have been because of hard tackles. I’ve watched this season and there have been some brutal and unnecessary tackles. A lot of players being dirty or retaliating, and it’s been in every game. I’m all for physical play, but there’s a difference between physical and straight targeting players. In addition, maybe the league should look into expanding the roster size. More players could mean more people rotating in practice and you give some players more rest during the week. Just some of my insight.


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