The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #25 – The NWSL Mid-Season Report

In episode #25 of the WoSo Independent Podcast, Chris (@chris_awk) & Jon (@jonlipsitz) try and catch up with a very busy few weeks in the NWSL. They look back on their preseason projections and talk about what they got right and what they got very, very wrong (Sorry, Megan Rapinoe). They also discuss where they think each of the ten clubs is going in the second half of the season.

Additionally, they discuss Rachel Breton’s explosive article on the NWSL’s concussion protocol (35:57).

One thought on “The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #25 – The NWSL Mid-Season Report

  1. mockmook

    Seems to me (as I said at The EQ) that FCKC’s main problem is that they stink in the draft:

    This could have been the 2017 draft:

    05 . FCKC — Gibbons ( D/M ) – Duke
    13 . FCKC — Dougherty-Howard ( M ) – Florida
    17 . FCKC — Driesse ( M ) – PSU
    25 . FCKC — McNabb ( D ) – Virginia
    35 . FCKC — Castleberry ( M ) – UNC

    And, even going back to 2016, they could have picked up:

    16. Naughton
    18. Skroski
    28. Weatherholt


    Particularly galling, they don’t seem to be seriously trying to find someone for the Holiday role.

    Anyway, look at what KC’s roster could have been if they had the foresight to go with those above picks — they would be in the top four, and would be a favorite at winning another championship.


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