The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #31 – NCAA Tournament Review + Dr. Offseason (Portland)

Chris and Jon return for Episode #31 of the WoSo Independent Podcast. They start off by talking about the College Cup to this point and discuss the four quarterfinals and who they favor in each (1:50). Afterward, they begin the much vaunted DR. OFFSEASON discussion by talking about the reigning NWSL champion Portland Thorns (25:59). How will the club cope with the offseason losses of Nadia Nadim & Amandine Henry? Where might be a priority to fill with the club’s two first round picks in January’s draft?

One thought on “The WoSo Independent Podcast – Episode #31 – NCAA Tournament Review + Dr. Offseason (Portland)

  1. DebbieS

    Two comments: 1) You said the Princeton vs. UNC game could be replayed at any given time and get a different result. Well, duh. Any close game, but especially any upset, could be replayed with a different result. But that didn’t happen. The stronger, faster, more accomplished team was beaten by a team with grit and tenacity. That’s what makes sports exciting.
    2) You said you expected the Princeton vs. UCLA game to be the most lopsided. I’m so glad they proved you wrong. It was arguably the least lopsided, insofar as Princeton was the only Elite Eight team on the losing side to actually put a score on the board. There were a few moments in the second half, too, when they had UCLA looking a little worried. UCLA deserved to win, but Princeton deserves more than just offhanded dismissal just because it’s not in the big leagues.


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