NCAA – 2017 Season “Five Factors” Scoring Rankings

For the past years, I’ve published “four factors” rankings looking at top scorers in NCAA Division I, providing an easy reference for goals vs RPI Top 50 & 100 teams, as well as shots per goal and shots on target %. This year, I’ve added in a “fifth” factor, with shots on goal per goal as well.

A reminder that to be eligible for this list, a player has to have scored ten non-penalty goals in 2017 which cuts off a few big prospects from this ranking (McCaskill and Abam most notably). Penalties and penalty attempts don’t count towards the efficiency numbers calculated.

While you can get a glimpse of the full rankings in the attached PDF, here are the rankings of those who have currently declared for the NWSL Draft (out of 72):

#70 – Sophie Cortes – UNLV
#65 – Harriet Withers – Murray State
#63 – Macy Hamblin – Northern Kentucky
#61 – Chloe Williams – Eastern Washington
#57 – Rio Hardy – South Alabama
#51 – Jermaine Seoposenwe – Samford
#49 – Martha Thomas – Charlotte
#48 – Savannah LaRicci – McNeese State
#41 – Alexis Kiehl – Dayton
#36 – Ariela Lewis – Alabama State
#35 – Kendall Ham – Bucknell
#27 – Maddy Williams – Purdue
#18 – Imani Dorsey – Duke
#10 – Morgan Ferrara – UCF
#3 – Kayla Adamek – UCF

And here’s the Top Eight overall:

#1 – Tziarra King – NC State
#2 – Abby Givens – Princeton
#3 – Kayla Adamek – UCF
#4 – Kelsey Turnbow – Santa Clara
#5 – Kayla McCoy – Duke
#6 – Deyna Castellanos – Florida State
#7 – CeCe Kizer – Ole Miss
#8 – Sydney Squires – Minnesota

I wouldn’t use these as any type of “definitive” ranking, as you’ll find some superstars like Catarina Macario some ways down the order in these. But I still think it’s valuable data that can be used as a part of analysis for scouts, coaches, fans, etc. PDF of full rankings is 2017ncaafivefactors. Players highlighted in green are declared for the 2018 NWSL Draft.

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  1. T_C

    Chris, I like all the data, just to geek out on, in my case. I was wondering if any coaches have given you public, or private credit when they use this information?


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