NWSL Draft – WoSo Independent Podcast #103 – 2020 NWSL Draft Review

Chris (@chris_awk) and Jon (@jonlipsitz) wrap up their 2020 NWSL Draft coverage by reviewing a frantic week of action, including a long line of trades before, during, and after the draft. They look at the draft as a whole and then examine how each team performed with their picks.

2 thoughts on “NWSL Draft – WoSo Independent Podcast #103 – 2020 NWSL Draft Review

  1. Chris Thomas

    Something that doesn’t come up in your discussions: affordability. How does what a team can do in the draft relate to the salary cap and the other financial considerations. This may contribute to explanations of what teams did and didn’t do — or should and shouldn’t have done.

  2. Shankly Rush

    I would think one would need more inside information or a close club source for “accurate information” on the operating budget but the term “should and shouldn’t “ are fertilizer for the fans to speculate all the possibilities of what a team can or can’t do on paper …waiting for that breakout performance from the sleeper pick that someone will tout as their called shot ….The business end is the part of the game I like the least…but it “can” provide insight into the teams approach and future endeavors …
    As a fan…can’t wait to see how Orlando looks after its pick ups this year…TK is going to change the game in Orlando…Sonnett✅
    I am curious about the Houston Dash and mass movement of personnel and the direction of that team.
    And the Aussies all but invading England …the word is out in Australia…make our women’s team the best it can be🤘


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