Achtung: German Readers and/or Frauen Bundesliga Fans


The nation of Germany has recently stolen my heart and as a result of this new love, coverage of the 2010-2011 Frauen Bundesliga season will be stepped up considerably.

Why? Because Germany does women’s soccer right and has done so for many, many years. Why else? Because when the best women’s soccer league in the world ends in September, the other one will be in full-swing (the Frauen Bundesliga begins August 16 and will end in March for WWC preparation, those clever Germans). And also because Deutschland lays claim to the best female footballers not currently playing on American shores. That will come up again next year when Germany wins its third straight Women’s World Cup the USWNT tries to win its first world title in 12 years.

So basically I need a German tutor, someone who’s familiar with German women’s soccer and would be willing to help cover the basics. If you’d be interested, please email me at jennaawk@gmail[dot]com. Danke.

One thought on “Achtung: German Readers and/or Frauen Bundesliga Fans

  1. FoxterHoxter

    You can check out the folks @ I’m sure there are some that would be very willing to help you.


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