Interview with Christine Sinclair


Do you really need me to provide context? Maybe I’ll just leave it at this: Christine Sinclair is the Canadian poster child for “awesome”!

Okay, fine.

As a Portland Pilot, Sinclair scored 110 goals and guided the team to 2 national championships, all while reaping back-to-back M.A.C. Hermann Trophy awards and breaking Brandi Chastain’s NCAA record by scoring in 17 consecutive games. She also led the Canadian U-19 Women’s World Cup team to a second place finish at the inaugural tournament in 2002, scoring 10 goals to secure the Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards as the tournament’s top scorer and MVP respectively. Sinclair was an integral part of FC Gold Pride’s tandem of unstoppable offensive threats, scoring 10 goals and providing 9 assists en route to winning the 2010 WPS Championship and Regular Season Title. Since debuting on the Senior squad in 2000 as a 16 year-old, and subsequent World Cup and Olympic appearances, Sinclair has scored 102 goals. Perhaps it’s fitting that the very team she debuted (and lost) against 10 years ago, China, was the same team she blasted a goal past during Canada’s 3-1 victory last Thursday.

All White Kit: Carolina has had you guys lining up in a 4-3-3, which is a bit different from what you used to play. How has that changed your role as a striker? Is it fluid movement among the 3 of you?

Christine Sinclair: Yeah, we’re rotating all over the place up top. She wants movement, she wants creativity and unpredictability, whereas before, under Even, it was very rigid and we were in our set positions. This is a lot more interesting game to play under Carolina.

AWK: That sort of style has obviously brought you guys a lot of success over at Gold Pride. Congratulations about that. Can you talk a little bit about those two goals, the final, celebrating and all that?

CS: Thank you very much! Wow, it was a long day. It was the perfect end to a great season for FC Gold Pride. We completely dominated the league and I think it would have been so unfair had we not won that championship. To score two goals is obviously very nice, but we had so many attacking options on our team. Our motto is that they can’t stop us all. And they couldn’t in the final. 

AWK: Now that the WPS season is over, what are your soccer plans for staying fit and all that?

CS: The National Team. We’re together for the next month, and two weeks through qualifying. And then we only have three weeks off before we start up again after qualifying. Those three weeks will be some vacation, enjoying life and rest, and then we get back after it again.

AWK: I’m not sure if you’ve had much of a chance to talk to any Canadian fans, but do you know if there’s an overall awareness about WPS here?

CS: I actually don’t know too much about it. I haven’t been in Canada for a long time. But, hopefully, WPS can branch out to Canada. As a Canadian player, that would be the ultimate dream. There are so many players on this National Team that should be playing in the league, but because of the International player limit, they’re not. If Canada was able to get a team, Diana, Rhian, Carmelina, Kelly, etc. should be playing in this league and it would give them the opportunity to do that.


I was bummed that I wasn’t able to get pictures of some awesome posters from the September 30 friendly, but Rhian Wilkinson’s blog has got the goods!

Hi, Christine!!!

End of fangirl rant.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Christine Sinclair

  1. augusto

    Sinclair seem s rather closer to the “big” woman biotype in the soccer game all around.
    In that category of soccer players, men or women, it´s not common to have such a nice, centimetric passing ability plus vision as she does. [Thouhg it´s frequent to have lethal strikers, as she also is.]
    Where the hell did she get that skill from?

  2. SK

    That’s the sign I made for Christine! Thanks for including it 🙂 My friend and I will have more signs at the next game. Keep an eye out for us 😉


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