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MWSJA Players of the Week – Week 11

Yes! Player of the Week, for sure!

With the Maryland Capitols’ season done and with no member of the MWSJA attending the final Chesapeake Charge match of the season, we decided it would be unfair to put together a full list of players. However, Lianne Sanderson’s 3-goal, 1-assist performance in the DC United Women’s two playoff matches makes her the obvious choice for overall Player of the Week.
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Sauerbrunn Leads DCU Women to Conference Championship

Becky Sauerbrunn plays for the Black-And-Red in her last match before the Olympics

On one of the hottest evenings in DC history, a season-record 703 fans showed up at the Maryland Soccerplex Stadium to watch the DC United Women play the Dayton Dutch Lions, the last match Becky Sauerbrunn would play on domestic soil before joining the United States Women’s National Team for the upcoming Olympics in London. They would not be disappointed, as the Black-and-Red cruised to a 4-1 victory keyed by a Sauerbrunn goal early in the second half.

Since their conference rivals the Atlanta Silverbacks had played to a tie right as the match started, the win gave the United Women the W-League regular-season Eastern Conference Championship and the right to host the conference playoffs at the Soccerplex on July 21 and 22.
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MWSJA Players of the Week – Week 8

First off, the Maryland Women’s Soccer Journalists Association would like to extend their congratulations to the Maryland Capitols and the DC United Women, each of whom clinched a division title and a spot in the playoffs this past weekend.

We’d also like to extend our admiration to the Chesapeake Charge, who against vastly tougher competition than either of those teams face were eliminated from the playoffs this past week. However, they’ve continued to play classy, competitive soccer, and their games have been a joy to watch. As Ray Curren puts it, “[Head coach] Oni and the Charge have drawn my admiration both times I’ve seen them this season in the way they’ve approached the game. There were no ‘bunkers’, no ‘hitting and hoping’, no wasting time from the opening kickoff against semi-professional opposition last Thursday. I looked up on a couple of occasions to see the ball in the Charge end and three forwards still sitting toward midfield as Chesapeake stuck to their gameplan.” (See http://www.allwhitekit.com/?p=9653 for Ray’s complete writeup.)

But on to the Players of the Week:
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Photo Essay of the 2010 WPS Championship Game

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Photo Essay | 2010 WPS Championship

I woke up this morning with slightly blackened knees and grey shins. Three  bags littered my bedroom floor with gear half-strewn around them. My favorite Coachella hat was resting on my airplane sized Pelican case with a crumpled FC Gold Pride press pass nestled in the dimple of the fedora. I woke up this morning, and all was right with my world.

Let’s go back a day. I was up out the door by 9:15am, scooting straight to the absolute best corner store/deli to grab the key ingredients for the morning: OJ and cheap Champagne. This was not just any day, this was WPS Championship Day. Tailgating was a must. Shooting out a few tweets then I was on the road, my red Prius scooting through a California marsh towards the better-smelling-greener-grass other side; Hayward.

Tailgating with some Twitter buddies, I grabbed my press pass and set up on the field to the right of what soon would be Val Henderson’s goal. This placement was key, as it kept me out of the incredibly unflattering view of the FSC cameras.

The beating Cali sun kept the sweet turf field rather toasty. So a short period of kneeling down quickly gave way to me perching on my Pelican case. Perfect. Great day, great atmosphere and a great behind-the-scenes coordination by the FC Gold Pride crew. Was a fun shindig all around.

Rather than cut down the hundreds of shots into just a few beauties to share with you all, Jenna let me have some fun. I love enablers.

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