Things Aren't All Bad, Folks

Julie Logan shares her thoughts on the folding of Saint Louis and what it means for the future of WPS.


A few weeks ago I was in Costco and a guy stopped me to ask about the WPS bag I had on (yes, I sport a WPS bag occasionally when I wanna just sling it and go). He knew about the league (I was shocked) and asked what I felt about it having folded.
Um. Yah, no. I spent a few minutes setting this sports journalist, who was currently giving out free food at Costco, an update:

League is good, L.A. team is caput.
Now I gotta go back and tell this poor flirty kid that oopsie, two teams burnt out in the first two years. At least I can add that it’s actually due to shoddy owners making annoyingly stereotypical decisions.
Two teams down in 5 months. Well, shit. Not a good sign. Right?
Eh not so great, but not so bad. WPS is not like a couple of mountaineers, each team is held at arm’s length so if one goes down it doesn’t pull the rest with ‘em. Two going down is not great, but …
They survived Year 1 in the midst of a terrible recession, maybe the worst in American history.
They expanded in Year 2; plus two teams, minus two teams, evens out.
They – theoretically – are going to expand into Year 3. At least they have rumors floating. Given this second folding, they probably are feeling a lot of pressure to get some positive PR going and get new franchises up. Or revive lost ones with new owner (hint hint: LOS ANGELES).
I get the feeling that everything the WPS head office could be doing to get the league thriving, they are doing. So I have hope. Change takes a while and that’s exactly what the WPS is doing: changing women’s professional sports.
Sounds ridiculous. But the league is attempting to prove that women’s pro athletics can be a viable business.
The true measure of a successful business is not how it acts at the height of a bubble, but how it survives the sharp dive and slow climb after the bubble pops.

 Small and Mighty. Say it with me. Small and mighty.


Julie Logan is a faithful supporter of women’s soccer. During her last year as a Film student at USC she produced Are You On the Ball, a webseries that followed the Los Angeles Sol throughout its inaugural season. She is currently in London, getting paid for doing awesome things. You can check in on her at and follow her on Twitter @areyouontheball.

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