AWK’s 2012 NCAA Soccer Preview – 2012 Preseason All-America Team

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Eleven players and only eleven players. Yes, I know Crystal Dunn played in midfield and attack last season, but she has experience at full-back. And a preseason best XI would be absurd without Dunn, IMO.

GK – Adrianna Franch – SR – Oklahoma State

CB – Natasha Anasi – JR – Duke
CB – Alina Garciamendez – SR – Stanford
FB – Ines Jaurena – SR – Florida State
FB – Crystal Dunn – JR – North Carolina

MF – Kristen Mewis – SR – Boston College
MF – Christine Nairn – SR – Penn State
MF – Amber Brooks – SR – North Carolina
MF – Kaitlyn Kerr – JR – Duke

F – Maya Hayes – JR – Penn State
F – Katie Stengel – JR – Wake Forest

10 thoughts on “AWK’s 2012 NCAA Soccer Preview – 2012 Preseason All-America Team

  1. Diane Roberts

    Jaurena is not one of the two best outside backs in the country(neither defensively or offensively) but since FSU made final four I will not argue with Coach K’s pick. Personally, I think Kallman is better at center back for them. Midfielders- I can name four better all-round possession players just in the ACC alone. 3 of your 4 are strickly attacking midfielders, and although Amber Brooks is probably the best in the air her passing is really suspect. Everyone always talks about the possession game but always picks the dribblers. Narin has been riding her reputation for the past two years and Kerr is only there because of Duke’s College Cup run offensively (would she make it as a forward?). Maya Hayes had a tremendous 2011, but just as bad 2010. What will 2012 bring? (Not anywhere near 31 goals, Iam predicting) Stengel certainly would be on anyone’s list. My one big question is, if UNC and Penn State each have 2 off the best XI in the country, what were their coaches doing last year when each team did not even make the final eight?

    1. Mike

      “if UNC and Penn State each have 2 of the best … Didn’t make final eight”

      That’s rather simplistic. You’re completely discounting the fact that other teams had players last year too that are no longer in NCAA … Which could answer your hypothetical. Then there’s also the New York Yankees factor — just because you have the best players doesn’t mean you have the best “team” in any given year. Sometimes a team with “averages” can outperform a team with “stars” through tactics and hard work, alsthough each of last year’s College Cup participants had plenty of star power.

  2. Kara

    I think Kerr definitely makes it as a midfielder. That’s where she plays. My only change would be Lisonbee from BYU at central defense. Oh, and anyone else for Nairn. Overrated or she only likes to play well when I’m not watching. I would’ve put Tymrak in for Nairn.

  3. MT

    7 of the 11 on the list here are from the ACC. If the ACC is anything like it was last year, holy smokes, watch out and make sure to tune in! What competition.

  4. BroncoBilly

    No Julie Johnson? Really?? Captain and arguably the best player on U-20 NT not good enough …doesn’t seem right to me.

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      She’s literally #12. Hurt to not include her, though I’d have no problem slotting her in somewhere.

    2. Goaleemama

      After seeing Johnston score the winning goal against Stanford in spring season, I’ll have to agree with Billy! However, with the glut of fab midfielders, I was pretty sure it was a hard choice…

  5. Jim

    Where’s the West Coast? Interesting the ACC focus, but the Olympic squad is an indication of the talent out west. Stanford, UCLA and other west coast teams are loaded with talent, but not very represented here?

  6. SAM

    Interesting guess work. Feel your off on Kerr, Nairn, Dunn and definitely Hayes. At least if your ranking, they are not in the top 10.


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