NWSL – Let’s Play Mock Allocation

So I basically took ninety minutes to crank this out. I divided the U.S. allocations into three pools based on perceived value/talent and the Canada/Mexico allocations into two pools based on the same thing. What I got seems pretty reasonable, IMO. Some quick notes:

-In this scenario, Portland gets both Rapinoe and Sinclair but pays the price for getting, arguably, two of the five most coveted players. They’d only get two U.S. players in this scenario.

-Everyone obviously gets one GK only.

-Have you looked at potential forward depth? Yikes.

Boston Breakers

1. Heather O’Reilly – M
2. Lauren Cheney – M
3. Amy LePeilbet – D
4. Carmelina Moscato – D
5. Melanie Booth – D
6. Maribel Dominguez Castelan – F
7. Pamela Tajonar Alonso – GK

What They’d Still Need – Proven goalkeeper, young legs and talent up front, defensive midfielder.

Chicago Red Stars

1. Alex Morgan – F
2. Rachel Buehler – D
3. Jillian Loyden – GK
4. Sophie Schmidt – M
5. Emily Zurrer – D
6. Teresa Noyola Bayardo – M
7. Anisa Raquel Guajardo Braff – F

What They’d Still Need – Width in midfield (potentially), pace in defense.

FC Kansas City

1. Carli Lloyd – M
2. Becky Sauerbrunn – D
3. Amy Rodriguez – F
4. Desiree Scott – M
5. Lauren Sesselmann – D
6. Aurora Cecilia Santiago Cisneros – GK
7. Monica Ocampo Medina – F

What They’d Still Need – Veteran goalkeeper, consistent forwards.

Portland Thorns

1. Megan Rapinoe – M
2. Nicole Barnhart – GK
3. Christine Sinclair – F
4. Robyn Gayle – D
5. Dinora Lizeth Garza Rodriguez – M
6. Rubi Marlene Sandoval Nungaray – D

What They’d Still Need – Defenders, a defensive midfielder, and forward depth.

Seattle Reign

1. Hope Solo – GK
2. Kelley O’Hara – D
3. Keelin Winters – M
4. Kaylyn Kyle – M
5. Adriana Leon – M/F
6. Veronica Raquel Perez Murillo – M
7. Jennifer Marie Ruiz Brown – D

What They’d Still Need – Firepower up front and creativity in midfield.

Sky Blue FC

1. Christie Rampone – D
2. Tobin Heath – M
3. Shannon Boxx – M
4. Karina LeBlanc – GK
5. Rhian Wilkinson – D
6. Renae Nicole Cuellar Cuellar – F
7. Marylin Viridiana Diaz Ramirez – D

What They’d Still Need – Proven forwards and pace in defense.

Washington Spirit

1. Sydney Leroux – F
2. Ali Krieger – D
3. Lori Lindsey – M
4. Erin McLeod – GK
5. Bryana McCarthy – D/M
6. Lydia Nayeli Rangel Hernandez – M
7. Luz del Rosario Saucedo Soto – D

What They’d Still Need – Forward depth and some big center-backs.

WNY Flash

1. Abby Wambach – F
2. Ashlyn Harris – GK
3. Heather Mitts – D
4. Diana Matheson – M
5. Jodi-Ann Robinson – M/F
6. Alina Lisi Garciamendez Rowold – D
7. Teresa Guadalupe Worbis Aguilar – M

What They’d Still Need – Young legs up front and out wide in defense and a midfield enforcer.

6 thoughts on “NWSL – Let’s Play Mock Allocation

  1. Planopitch

    Re;Your assessment of Sky Blue with Cuellar at forward. True she is not proven as a Pro but she made a lot of goals at OU with a team that has a lot to learn about offense.

  2. Weston John

    I agree that your mock is a pretty fair distribution. The other price Portland would pay in this scenario is that Rapinoe is playing for Lyon and will play only a partial season for NWSL is ’13.

    Any word on whether any high profile internationals outside of North America have expressed interest? May be hard for that to happen with the salary caps.

  3. reccos

    Depth at forward?
    What happened to Press? After winning the Hermann Trophy, she was rookie of the year the final season of the WPS, Wambach giving her great praise comparing her to Hamm. Was 2nd leading scorer in Sweden last year, outscoring Marta. And was an alternate on the Olympic Team.
    She recently signed to play alongside Marta for the upcoming season with Tyreso FC. Does this mean she wasn’t part of the national team’s allocated players?

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      No, Press is not a part of the allocated players and won’t be playing in the league in 2013…which is partially why there’s so little depth at forward this season.

  4. John

    I concur this is the most well thought out list I’ve seen so far. I quibble about A-Rod’s listing as a forward. I’m not sure she’ll ever play that role again. As a soon to be Spirit fan can we pass on McLeod. Once was enough. Will gladly take Harris back. I seem to recall that Mitts stated she was retiring from international play. If so, why is she on the supported list. This arrangement is better than residency, but still creates an aberrent
    relationship bet. the USSF, Sermani, and the player pool. At least this way players will be competing w/in their squads and in games beyond “friendlies”. After the initial camp Sermani should work from the premise that Wambach, Lloyd, Boxx, Rampone, and Solo are known commodities and see what else can be done. I’d like to see the US play w/ no one over say 27ish f/ the next stretch of games. As we close in on 2015 WWC begin bringing any and all players in form together f/ the squad. On to 2015 Gold.


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