WPSL: ASA Chesapeake Charge dispatch Lions Swarm Maryland easily, 7-1

Sofia Read prepares to throw the ball in to Melissa Lookingland while Asia Fort defends - on the ugliest field I've ever seen an official match played on

The Lions Swarm didn’t look much better in their second-ever outing, losing to the ASA Chesapeake Charge, 7-1, on their home field – this after losing 9-0 on the road to ACF Torino a little over a week ago.

And frankly I don’t know how much I want to dignify this match by doing a writeup of it. I arrived at 6:20 pm for what I thought was a 6:30 match only to find that the game had been going for some time – the start time had been changed to 6 pm without any announcement of the fact. Even as I write this, all three websites – Charge, Lions, and WPSL – still say 6:30 pm. There was a scoreboard, but it went unused. The field was the size of a postage stamp and, to extend the metaphor, a really badly cancelled postage stamp, given the multitudinous bare patches on the field. It was far and away the worst pitch I’ve seen for an officially sanctioned match.

Team captain Laura Kane found it a frustrating venue. “The field was really short, and so it forced us to play a lot of balls over the top. They played a really high line at the back, which means we have to continue to dump the ball in. As a midfielder, it was a tough game to play in because I felt like there was no space for us to work with. Kind of eliminated the midfield in the game, and balls were going straight from the defenders to the forwards.”

At least I didn’t miss any goals. The Charge incurred numerous offside calls due to the high back line before they got their rhythm down. Once they did, though, the floodgates opened, with goals in the 19th, 22nd, 25th, 29th, and 40th minutes, the first four occurring while I was eating my dinner so I wasn’t able to take notes about them. It pretty much felt as if the Charge could score at will, and, as with the Torino match, the Lions were simply outmanned at any spot on the field. The Charge’s Cheyenne Skidmore in particular was faster with the ball than any of the opposing players without, and it was no surprise that she assisted on the first two goals and scored the third.

Come the second half, though, and a combination of a more defensive-oriented Lions strategy and poor finishing by Chesapeake limited the scoring, though the visitors scored in the 62nd and 74th minutes. But given the number of times Charge shots went off the woodwork or straight to the goalkeeper, it could easily have been even more lopsided.

Goalscorers Laura Kane and Alexa Quaranta converge on Kaelyn Pizarro

The home team would finally get on the boards with their first goal in team history in the 84th minute. Asia Fort – who despite being a mere 15 years old was the most impressive player on the team – brought the ball to the top right corner of the box, drawing the defense’s attention, then sent a square ball over to the left where Demetra Tsipianitis fired it in over second-half goalkeeper Lyndse Hokanson and under the crossbar.

Meanwhile, the Charge goals were scored and assisted respectively by: Moore (Skidmore), Moore (Skidmore), Skidmore (Kane), Kane (Hnatiuk), Prior-Brown (Hadaway), Quaranta (unassisted), and Read (Hadaway).

I asked Kane what the team could take from a game like this. “We obviously had a lot of opportunities in and around goal, so I think we definitely treated it more like a training session and just tried to play our own game and keep the pace of the game high. In a situation like this, you kind of have to raise your own level to get something out of it. We learned some things today. I definitely think more than anything we learned what we need to continue to work on. And I think finishing is definitely one of those.”

Alexis Prior-Brown (far right) misses high on one of many of the Charge's unsuccessful second-half chances

Kane noted that the Charge were a fairly young team, and I interrupted, “Not as young as this team!” She laughed. “Yeah, I’m clearly the oldest person on the field, but ohmigosh I bet some of them might be half my age.” “Asia Fort is 15,” I pointed out. “Well, there you go. I’m 30.”

The Charge next play the Lancaster Inferno on Sunday, June 2, at 2 pm, on their home field at Arundel High School.

The next game for the Lions Swarm is on Saturday, June 1, at 6:30 pm (or is it 6?), as they host the Philadelphia Fever.

10 thoughts on “WPSL: ASA Chesapeake Charge dispatch Lions Swarm Maryland easily, 7-1

  1. Randal Shae

    I was at the game, and you must be joking if you did not see #10 of the Lions Swarm who was the real reason for that creation of that 1 goal, maybe look back at the footage. Until #10 was put up top to do something, nothing happened, just telling the truth.

  2. Randal Shae

    You must be kidding, #10 the winger and #4 were why that goal happened, go look back at your film.

  3. CN

    See later comment below – this comment is reportedly not from whom it claims to be from – KWP

    Wow, this is weird somebody else beat me to it, I am the personal trainer for both #4 Demetra Tsipianitis and #10 Aleyda Sevilla Hernandez, and I was looking around to see what would be said about the game yesterday, I also attended the game yesterday, Randal I agree with you whole heartedly, Ms. Fort may have been up top in the box and done a respectable job yesterday, but until Aleyda came in on the right wing, nothing happened, I observed and stated to an individual that once Demi and Aleyda were together, it was going to be magical, and that is exactly what happened a few moments later, and Aleyda made an example out of that defender on the wing when she finally got the ball, Randal is right, you need to give credit where it is due, everyone else watching gasped as Aleyda did what she did, she had no space on the sideline but hit two stepovers, and Neymared ASA’s defender, and brought the ball up the wing and crossed the ball beautifully I must ask, were you even watching truly? Everyone saw Aleyda take the girl one way and she went the other way, and it was beautiful, I think a re-write is in order, no disrespect intended, but be fair.

  4. Kevin Parker Post author

    I’m not going to rewrite the article, but I’m not going to argue, either. I was at the far end of the field trying to get action shots when the goal was scored and so did not have a great view. As for “go look back at your film”, you seem to have rather exaggerated notion of my resources. I’m lucky to have decent still photos.

    I expect to have one more chance to catch the Lions Swarm play this year – the other half of this home-and-home – and will keep an eye out for Hernandez and Tsipianitis on that occasion.

  5. necron99

    It is interesting that multiple people commented on it. I do have to ask, are the Lions a team or a group of players? It is unseemly to denigrate some players on your own team and talk up others. Sure some players stand out and get noticed, but you never blast your own players to try and make others look better. Clearly as an individual coach you have an agenda for the individual players you are coaching. You speak like a parent/coach trying to talk your players up to get them a scholarship somewhere.

    If I was a player on the Lions or the coach I would be very disappointed that this conversation happened. I would probably also ban some people from sitting on the bench. Sheesh.

  6. CN

    See later comment below – this comment is reportedly not from whom it claims to be from – KWP

    Well that is no problem, I understand your point that you were at the other end of the field, but hopefully you will keep your eye out for both Demi and Aleyda, because when they both link up, they do alot of damage, but once again no disrespect is intended by my previous comments, good luck to you in the future.

  7. CN

    See later comment below – this comment is reportedly not from whom it claims to be from – KWP

    I have no agenda here, Mr. Randal stated the same thing, I am fair with those I train whoever you are, what I am saying is that this article was very disrespectful toward the whole team, you don’t sit there and state that one player was way better than everyone else, and then not give credit to all who are there, so whoever you are Necron99 you are incorrect, you need to realize everyone meaning all 11 deserve credit is my point and nobody should ever sit there and blast one player, this article blasted one player more than others, and I am not taking anything away from Asia she is a very good player, she will more than likely play pro, she is impressive, but the article took away many things from the other ten on the field, what about the goalie for the Lions Swarm, she was AMAZING, why did we not hear anything about that? And how many amazing saves she made, And she is not a trainee of mine, get your facts straight and don’t make harsh and crazy accusations about me when you do not know where I stand, I basically said Aleyda was point A, then Asia point B and then Demetra point C, all points need to be mentioned, I am done with this conversation.

  8. john

    First, let’s give Kevin some gratitude for even covering this league, especially given the fact he had a good idea the match would be lopsided, he traveled far, probably ate a less than quality dinner, and due to less than stellar website management missed the start of the game. That said, this game is indicative of the various reasons clubs chose to participate in WPSL and W League action. It also underscores the divergent level of front office capabilities and financial resources available. It is unfortunate that expense prevents clubs from playing consistently against teams that are of similar quality. Yes, I know there are benefits to playing up in quality, age, etc., but when one team struggles to possess the ball at all and the other is routinely unchallenged there is minimal growth for either side. To the 2 “cheerleaders” I wonder who got their “heroes” the ball and hope this one sequence out of 90 minutes isn’t supposed to have us thinking you’ve trained the next Marta. Let’s all look forward to Kevin reporting on the remarkable progress the Lions Swarm has made later this season.


    Mr. Parker, please continue to do a great job in what you do, I have already sent an email to jennaawk@gmail.com, why was this post not sent to my gmail though? A suggestion might be that you would like to send a confirmation email to the email stated for security reasons. I want these comments removed at your earliest convenience, a player of mine and close friend alerted me also of this post, and I thought it was a joke. These comments sent earlier were basically a hacking, meaning not me, I will be taking action against this individual who posted this, because it was done in my office, and that was how I was able to track it through security stating I had posted something on a website, and I said I had no idea what they were talking about, so then concerning the last comment, it was tracked again that someone was using this during my lunch break, and I do need to speak with you through email, no legal action against you all, but against this person who risked defacing my name, and if needed I may need info from you, thanks, and if anyone else sees this I want to give the proper apology for anyone who may have been offended on these posts, and my feelings are that everyone who is honored in this article deserves it. Please continue to write on women’s soccer and show the world that it is a great sport Mr. Parker.

  10. ABC123

    I was also at the game, and think the keeper of the Lions did a very good job. She faced numerous breakaways, and saved over half of them. Almost all of the goals were from breakaways, and when a keeper faces that many breakaways, goals are inevitable.


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