NCAA/NWSL – Quick 2014 NWSL Draft Big Board Summer Update

Note the quick part of the post’s title. Want to know more about many of these prospects? Consult my earlier update from January. Final big board coming after the 2013 college season.

1. Crystal Dunn – D – North Carolina
2. Julie Johnston – D/M – Santa Clara
3. Maya Hayes – F – Penn State
4. Kealia Ohai – F – North Carolina
5. Vanessa DiBernardo – M – Illinois
6. Emily Oliver – GK – Stanford
7. Aubrey Bledsoe – GK – Wake Forest
8. Katie Stengel – F – Wake Forest
9. Morgan Marlborough – F – Santa Clara
10. Nkem Ezurike – F – Michigan
11. Mandy Laddish – M – Notre Dame
12. Christabel Oduro – F/M – Memphis
13. Natasha Anasi – D/M – Duke
14. Kassey Kallman – D – Florida State
15. Cloee Colohan – M – BYU
16. Michelle Pao – D – Pepperdine
17. Lindsay Elston – M – Washington
18. Nicholette DiGiacomo – M – Denver
19. Becca Wann – F – Richmond
20. Jonelle Filigno – F – Rutgers
21. Annie Steinlage – D – Virginia
22. Rafaelle Souza – D/F – Ole Miss
23. Karenee Demery – F – Cal State Stanislaus
23. Courtney Verloo – F/D – Stanford
24. Kelsey Wys – GK – Florida State
25. Maegan Kelly – F/M – Marquette

26. Laura Weinberg – F – Duke
27. Hayley Brock – F – Maryland
28. Rachel Lenz – D – Texas A&M
29. Erica Owens – GK – BYU
30. Shelina Zadorsky – D – Michigan
31. Kristen Hamilton – F – Denver
32. Haley Palmer – D – San Diego State
33. Marissa Diggs – D – UCF
34. Mollie Pathman – D/F – Duke
35. Danica Wu – M – Ohio State
36. Amanda Frisbie – F – Portland
37. Jenna Richardson – F – Oregon State
38. Jenna Richmond – M – UCLA
39. Jordan Marada – M/F – USC
40. Charlyn Corral – M/F – Louisville
41. Kim DeCesare – F – Duke
42. Rachel Melhado – D – Louisville
43. Chelsea Buckland – F – Oregon State
44. Christine Exeter – F – Louisville
45. Rachael Doyle – D – Washington State
46. Kelly Conheeney – M – Virginia Tech
47. Kaitlyn Kerr – M – Duke
48. Jami Kranich – GK – Villanova
49. Emi Lawson – D – Cal
50. Frances Silva – F – West Virginia
51. Alyssa Diggs – F – Missouri
52. Emily Menges – D – Georgetown
53. Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick – M – Cal
54. Micaela Capelle – F – Portland
55. Taylor Schram – F/M – Penn State
56. Allie Vernon – D/M – Santa Clara
57. Juliana Libertin – M – Dayton
58. Chelsea Stewart – D/M – UCLA
59. Emily Jacobson – D – Maruqette
60. Tatiana Ariza – F – Austin Peay
61. Molly McGuigan – D – Army
62. Kaitlin Brenn – F – Georgetown
63. Rachel Nuzzloese – F – Wake Forest
64. Jazmin Ponce – F – Arizona
65. Ari Romero – D – Nebraska
66. Kecia Morway – D – Colorado College
67. Caroline Kastor – F – Kansas
68. Micaela Castain – M/F – Washington State
69. Dominique Richardson – M – Missouri
70. Renee Washington – M – La Salle
71. Rachel Manning – M – BYU
72. Dayle Colpitts – GK – Virginia Tech
73. Erin Quinlan – GK – Hartford
74. Natalia Ledezma – F/M – UC Irvine
75. Nina Pederson – D – Cal
76. Michelle Cruz – M – Portland
77. Holly Hein – D – Michigan
78. Hayley Haagsma – D/M – Texas Tech
79. Megan Brigman – D – North Carolina
80. Lexi Marton – D – Penn State
81. Che Brown – GK – Radford
82. Carli Johnson – D – San Diego State
83. Tesa McKibben – F – Saint Francis (PA)
84. Megan Fuller – D – Ohio State
85. Torri Allen – D – Georgia
86. Jordan Jackson – F – Nebraska
87. Courtney Conrad – F – VCU
88. Brittany Anghel – GK – Syracuse
89. Eileen Maes – M – Long Beach State
90. Angelika Uremovich – M – Louisville
91. Caroline Brown – F – Tennessee
92. Emily Kruger – GK – Cal
93. Kat Ludlow – D – Baylor
94. Meghan Toohey – M – Michigan
95. Morgan Stith – D – Virginia
96. Elizabeth Tucker – M – Notre Dame
97. Meg Morris – D/M – North Carolina
98. Katy Dolesh – F/M – Miami (OH)
99. Taylor Madigan – M/F – Marquette
100. Courtney Niemiec – D – La Salle

31 thoughts on “NCAA/NWSL – Quick 2014 NWSL Draft Big Board Summer Update

  1. Beau Dure

    Mollie Pathman and Jenna Richmond in the 30s? Man, this draft is DEEP!

    There is a chance a couple of these players will be allocated, of course.

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      There are worries about Pathman’s speed at the next level, though she plays left-back, so she’ll probably get a spot.

      Richmond has had two ACL tears in the past. Given the league’s hideously stupid roster rules, players with long injury histories might get overlooked, though I can see her getting a look.

      Menchel hasn’t really stood out to me as compared to the top line defenders in this class. Probably belongs on the list somewhere though, I’m guessing around the 60-70 range.

        1. Chris Henderson Post author

          I’d need to see more of her, but I’d tread lightly before making any judgments from what you see in the W-League. Semi-pro really reveals very little about players due to huge gaps in talent between teams.

      1. Matt

        I agree teams with defensive need are better trading for a player this year and maybe drafting someone like cari rocarro next year than picking a outside back with no pace like Pathman

  2. VaFan

    One objection: Even though they are just one space apart, there is no way anyone should take Maya Hayes over Kealia Ohai. The next level requires not just speed and quickness, but strength, athleticism, and raw desire. My expectation, based on seeing both of these players several times, is that Ohai is going to be a star at the next level, including the U.S. WNT, while Hayes will be marginal unless she is in an absolutely perfect situation.
    Otherwise, an excellent compilation.
    I do agree with the concerns about Pathman’s lack of speed. She, too, needs to be in a perfect situation. FWIW, I have seen Pathman and Menchel play several times (including against each other) and I think Menchel has every bit as much potential as Pathman does, and certainly is more athletic.

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      I’d argue that Ohai needs to be in the right situation too. She’s shown that she can’t play as a lone forward in the 4-2-3-1 that North Carolina runs from time to time and absolutely has to play on the wing to be at her best. You’d think that NWSL coaches would be smart enough to use her out wide, but you never know…

      1. VaFan

        I remember that Steve Swanson used Ohai mostly out wide in the U-20 World Cup and she was a terror, either crossing the ball or cutting inside. She does sometimes disappear when playing in the middle for UNC, but that’s probably a thankless position for anyone.

      2. Matt

        I agree but jonelle filigno is probably the best forward available considering she’s proven at the international and World Cup level especially because maya Hayes is undersized and Ohai is more of a winger or support foward not a lone striker

    2. kernel thai

      Nice list. The league prolly wont allocate any seniors because it takes the big splash out of the draft. It also forces USSoccer to pay them before they have to. Assuming no one gets allocated, deserved or not, here’s what I see.
      1. (Wash) Dunn no brainer. Even if the pick somehow got traded.
      2. (Chi via Sea) They need a scoring forward. That means Hayes or a reach for Marlborough.
      3 (Chi) Reach for DiBennidetto for both local and Ill U connections
      4 (Bos) Johnston
      5. (WNY) Ohai …a fast wing who can defend
      6. (KC) Marlborough has Missouri ties and fits their needs.
      7. (Port) Laddish desperate for midfield help…would love DiBenidetto
      8. (SB) Stengel gives them a target forward

  3. Random

    excellent list as always, and I hate to point out anything but are those the same Allie Vernon’s from Santa Clara at both 56 &91?

  4. helpnwsl

    Pretty crazy that only 9 out of your top 25 are straight forwards. Rather sad there isnt more offensive firepower.

    The NWSL is in big need for the next forwards as the US non-WNT strikers besides Adams have been horrible to less than impressive.

    The NWSL now is looking more like MLS back in the day and maybe even still today when the only way you’re going to score goals if you get a full national teamer or a foreigner

  5. Jon

    Watch out for Tesa McKibben!! She’s the NCAA Division I Active Scoring Leader!! She will definitely surprise many!!!

    1. Is Tesa dropping out of school?

      I see that in three games she leads in goals (7), shots (35), shots on goal (22) according to TDS, but when I went to her school profile it says she’s a sophomore. The number of shots on goal in particular is very impressive. But if she is a sophomore, I do hope she isn’t planning to drop out of school to enter the draft in January. I don’t know the rules but if she weren’t drafted or were signed and then dropped (and this happens to a lot of good players) wouldn’t that cause a problem with college eligibility as she would at a minimum fall behind in credit and progress towards graduation and likely be considered a pro?

      1. Chris Henderson Post author

        It’s because TopDrawer is crap. She’s a fifth-year senior who has scored three goals and had two assists so far. Every stat you found above is incorrect.

          1. Chris Henderson Post author

            I don’t understand your point. She’s a fantastic scorer, but she’s a fifth-year senior. All the stats you found about her this season’s performance are wrong though.

  6. Is Tesa dropping out of school?

    Oh no. I made the mistake. DUH. I just looked up the TDS scoring leaders stats and year and missed it wasn’t the same girl. That player is a sophomore but not the one they were saying was going to enter the draft.

  7. Tina Bennett

    Where is the Big 12? No respect for a conference with superior players. Even Brandi Chastain thinks KU’s Kastor is a great player, besting some of her own team’s forwards.

  8. Brigman ?

    I know this is a bit outdated, but you still think UNC’s Brigman deserves a #79? In my opinion, she is a world class player with excellent fitness skills and a keen defensive intuition. What are your thoughts/predictions on her?

    I probably sound like a huge UNC fan, since I’m just talking about their players, but I admire the legacy they have going on and have followed them throughout the years. I think Meg Morris should be waaay up in that list. A #97? We’re talking about a girl who has played a crucial role in the UNC team for the past four years. In addition, let’s not forget that she was one of the few to get past FSU’s strong defensive back and score a goal, which is all that more impressive. After the season, what do you think about this player?

    Appreciate your feedback!

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      Big board updates will be coming in the next few weeks. Think Brigman will get a bump up at least.

    2. Soccer fan

      The trouble with Morris is the UNC system of constant subbing. Can she go a full 90 minutes? She looks to be a little out of shape to me.

  9. kernel thai

    I thought she was a lock for Portland until CPC left. WNY is also a possibility as they have an open spot and WNY scrimmaged UNC in the Spring.

  10. Sebastian

    Allie Wisner from University of Utah is an underrated Pac 12 Forward who should start to get more looks. Led her team to a berth in the NCAA tournament for the first time in 7 years. 4 year starter and 2 year team captain. Should move into the mid-to-bottom of the draft of an updated Big Board. Also led her team in goals.

    Big reason the Utes have made a successful move from Mtn West to Pac 12 conference.

  11. Matt

    The 2 keepers early on are a waste teams are better off trading for a current backup like Celia Santiago, Adelaide gay, or briteny Cameron than drafting a keeper


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