NCAA Soccer – 2014 Recruiting Rankings Update – Stanford Leads This One Too

Here are the updated rankings for the Class of 2014 through mid-July. I’ve also added a list of recruits that received the “maximum” number of points on my scale of one hundred. I suppose you could consider these “five-star” recruits in the eyes of my system. More of these “blue chip” recruits will be added by the end of the cycle next year.

“Five-Star Recruits”

Gabrielle Matulich – UCLA
Morgan Reid – Duke
Sarah Robinson – Stanford
Andi Sullivan – Stanford

Top Fifty Classes

1. Stanford
2. Duke
4. Notre Dame
5. Cal
6. Texas A&M
7. Penn State
8. Harvard
9. North Carolina
10. LSU

11. Georgia
12. TCU
13. Wake Forest
14. Virginia
15. West Virginia
16. Alabama
17. Pittsburgh
18. Wisconsin
19. Ole Miss
20. Missouri

21. Pepperdine
22. Boston College
23. Iowa
24. UConn
25. Rutgers
26. Syracuse
27. Ohio State
28. Arizona
T29. Georgetown
T29. NC State

31. William & Mary
32. South Carolina
33. Arkansas
34. Maryland
35. Oklahoma
36. Florida State
37. San Diego
38. Tennessee
39. Colorado
40. Loyola Marymount

41. Portland
42. USC
43. Washington State
44. Penn
45. Michigan
46. Oregon State
47. Army
48. Louisville
49. South Florida
50. SMU

5 thoughts on “NCAA Soccer – 2014 Recruiting Rankings Update – Stanford Leads This One Too

  1. Mark

    Was it ever explained to anybody’s satisfaction what happened with Robinson and the u17s last year between qualifiers and the WC?

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      I don’t think anything’s ever been elaborated beyond the rationale given at the time.

  2. Paul

    Chris – Will you be updating your annual assessments for individual schools this year? I know I am not alone in loving to read them and in awe of your effort and writing.


    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      As in individual team previews or a recruiting ranking update for 2013? Both are coming, though the team previews may be more of a “let’s talk about teams through the first half of the season” thing.

  3. Paul

    Love the individual team previews. Very enjoyable reads. Thanks for all your hard work that goes into them.


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