NCAA Soccer – 3rd Annual AWK Award Preseason Shortlists

Here we are with the preseason watchlists for AWK’s third annual college soccer awards, voted on by a select panel of coaches (and yours truly). As a reminder, players with no college experience are not eligible for preseason shortlists, though they are eligible for the final awards. Additionally, there are no preseason shortlists for the Coach of the Year or Freshman of the Year awards.

AWK Coach of the Year


2012 – Anson Dorrance – North Carolina
2011 – Robbie Church – Duke


AWK Rookie of the Year


2012 – Cari Roccaro – Notre Dame
2011 – Morgan Brian – Virginia


AWK Golden Glove Award


2012 – AD Franch – Oklahoma State
2011 – AD Franch – Oklahoma State

Aubrey Bledsoe – SR – Wake Forest
Sabrina D’Angelo – JR – South Carolina
Jordan Day – JR – Texas A&M
Christiane Endler – SO – South Florida
Amanda Engel – SO – Marquette
Jami Kranich – SR – Villanova
Lindsey Luke – SO – Utah
Emily Oliver – SR – Stanford
Erica Owens – SR – BYU
Genevieve Richard – JR – Wisconsin
Katelyn Rowland – JR – UCLA
Tatiana Saunders – JR – Dartmouth
Abby Smith – SO – Texas
Andi Tostanoski – SO – Santa Clara
Kelsey Wys – SR – Florida State

AWK Defender of the Year


2012 – Alina Garciamendez – Stanford
2011 – Camille Levin – Stanford

Natasha Anasi – SR – Duke
Caitlin Ball – JR – North Carolina
Olivia Brannon – JR – Michigan
Megan Brigman – SR – North Carolina
Whitney Church – JR – Penn State
Abby Dahlkemper – JR – UCLA
Marissa Diggs – SR – UCF
Rachael Doyle – SR – Washington State
Hanna Gardner – SO – North Carolina
Arin Gilliland – JR – Kentucky
Kristin Grubka – JR – Florida State
Holly Hein – SR – Michigan
Jaelene Hinkle – JR – Texas Tech
Kassey Kallman – SR – Florida State
Rachel Lenz – SR – Texas A&M
Laura Liedle – SO – Stanford
Molly McGuigan – SR – Army
Rachel Melhado – SR – Louisville
Emily Menges – JR – Georgetown
Satara Murray – JR – North Carolina
Katie Naughton – SO – Notre Dame
Haley Palmer – SR – San Diego State
Michelle Pao – SR – Pepperdine
Jade Seabrook – JR – Navy
Emily Sonnett – SO – Virginia
Annie Steinlage – SR – Virginia
Maya Theuer – SO – Stanford
Allie Vernon – JR – Santa Clara
Christen Westphal – SO – Florida
Shelina Zadorsky – SR – Michigan

AWK Midfielder of the Year


2012 – Crystal Dunn – North Carolina
2011 – Teresa Noyola – Stanford

Jessie Ayers – JR – Colorado College
Morgan Brian – JR – Virginia
Dagny Brynjarsdottir – JR – Florida State
Danielle Colaprico – JR – Virginia
Cloee Colohan – SR – BYU
Kelly Conheeney – SR – Virginia Tech
Daphne Corboz – JR – Georgetown
Charlyn Corral – SR – Louisville
Vanessa DiBernardo – SR – Illinois
Nicholette DiGiacomo – SR – Denver
Crystal Dunn – SR – North Carolina
Lindsay Elston – SR – Washington
Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick – SR – Cal
Julie Johnston – SR – Santa Clara
Kaitlyn Kerr – SR – Duke
Sarah Killion – JR – UCLA
Mandy Laddish – SR – Notre Dame
Juliana Libertin – SR – Dayton
Ashley Meier – SO – Virginia Tech
Samantha Mewis – JR – UCLA
Cassie Pecht – SO – Duke
Jenna Richmond – SR – UCLA
Raquel Rodriguez – SO – Penn State
Liana Salazar – SO – Kansas
Isabella Schmid – SO – Florida State
Diamond Simpson – SO – Memphis
Ashley Spivey – SO – Maryland
Meghan Streight – JR – Texas A&M
Renee Washington – SR – La Salle
Danica Wu – SR – Ohio State

AWK Forward of the Year


2012 – Maya Hayes – Penn State
2011 – Maya Hayes – Penn State

Janine Beckie – SO – Texas Tech
Hayley Brock – SR – Maryland
Chelsea Buckland – SR – Oregon State
Micaela Capelle – SR – Portland
Kim DeCesare – SR – Duke
Nkem Ezurike – SR – Michigan
Jonelle Filigno – SR – Rutgers
Shea Groom – JR – Texas A&M
Kristen Hamilton – SR – Denver
Maya Hayes – SR – Penn State
Sofia Huerta – JR – Santa Clara
Maegan Kelly – SR – Marquette
Annie Kunz – JR – Texas A&M
Morgan Marlborough – SR – Santa Clara
Tesa McKibben – SR – Saint Francis (PA)
Kelley Monogue – JR – Texas A&M
Christabel Oduro – SR – Memphis
Kealia Ohai – SR – North Carolina
Ifeoma Onumonu – SO – Cal
Mollie Pathman – SR – Duke
Cari Roccaro – SO – Notre Dame
Rafaelle Souza – SR – Ole Miss
Katie Stengel – SR – Wake Forest
Rachel Tejada – JR – Illinois State
Chioma Ubogagu – JR – Stanford
Taylor Uhl – JR – Stanford
Mallory Weber – SO – Penn State
Laura Weinberg – SR – Duke
Hannah Wilkinson – JR – Tennessee
Lynn Williams – JR – Pepperdine

10 thoughts on “NCAA Soccer – 3rd Annual AWK Award Preseason Shortlists

  1. cpthomas

    An observation — not intending a criticism of your list. One Portland player on your list (Capelle), but I’m thinking Portland is going to be very good this year. Interesting.

  2. VaFan

    The above midfielder list is so ridiculously loaded with talent. It will be great to pull out this entire list in a year or two to see who is in NWSL and/or on the senior USWNT; three already have — Dunn, Johnston, Brian.
    I will put in a plug here: Fans can see 12 players from the lists above, including Dunn, Johnston, and Brian, in action in a single 4-team mini-tournament 8/23 and 8/25 in Charlottesville (UVa, North Carolina, Santa Clara, VCU).
    Thanks again for your coverage of the women’s college game.

  3. sec

    So many possible choices for this list, so how can one criticize? However, if you want opinions from fans: Doniak is a huge omission here. She’s going to score a ton of goals this year. And Amanda Frisbie, poised for All-American status this year. A much more talented, dangerous player than Capelle, her teammate.

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      Jury’s still out on Doniak, IMO. Six of her goals were in the first five games of last year, and she scored just one goal in ACC play (though she did score another in the ACC Tournament).

      1. sec

        Valid points re Doniak. But this spring, UVa looked really good. And she was so explosive in that first half against the Spirit, and it seemed like she and Brian were well connected. She also looked much stronger, healthier than late last fall. Further, French noted her big improvements, in recent U20 camps. I think she’s ready to step into Miller’s big shoes, and she’ll be in the hunt for ACC Offensive POY.

        Anyway, here’s to a good college season and prayers for as few injuries as possible to all these star players.

  4. Ken

    An even better showcase of this talent can be found at the Duke Inv on Sept 6-8 when 20 of these players can be found playing each other….UCLA, DUKE, NORTH CAROLINA an WEST VIRGINIA

    1. Kara

      I’ve never been impressed with Kallman. Although I’ll admit I’ve only seen her play a handful of times, everytime she is caught out of position or badly misreads a ball or run. I must be missing all her good games.


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