NCAA Soccer – Projected Mock Bracket

This is definitely shakier in terms of matchups. Fair confidence in seeds. Teams listed first host first round games. (1) and (2) seeds host second/third round games.

Quadrant A plays Quadrant D, Quadrant B plays Quadrant C in the College Cup semi-finals.

Quadrant A

(1) Florida State vs Jackson State
Washington State vs South Florida
(4) UCF vs South Alabama
Duke vs Georgia

(2) Nebraska vs Illinois State
Oklahoma State vs Arkansas
(3) Texas A&M vs Southeastern Louisiana
Colorado College vs Texas Tech

Quadrant B

(1) Virginia vs Liberty
Rutgers vs Monmouth
(4) Penn State vs La Salle
Denver vs Utah

(2) Virginia Tech vs Northeastern
Iowa vs DePaul
(3) West Virginia vs Saint Francis (PA)
Wake Forest vs Ole Miss

Quadrant C

(1) North Carolina vs Furman
Louisville vs Ohio State
(4) Florida vs Jacksonville
Stanford vs San Diego State

(2) Michigan vs Western Michigan
Boston University vs Harvard
(3) South Carolina vs Morehead State
Notre Dame vs Wisconsin

Quadrant D

(1) UCLA vs Cal State Fullerton
BYU vs Weber State
(4) Georgetown vs UMBC
Santa Clara vs Cal

(2) Marquette vs Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Indiana vs Kentucky
(3) Portland vs Seattle
Minnesota vs Saint John’s (NY)

So What’s Wrong/Wonky?


-Washington State is probably getting someone shipped to them or shipped themselves. I’ve got them in the former category, with a spare Florida team (USF) coming their way. That one goes to FSU in round two/three in case USF pulls off the upset to take travel mileage down.

-Probably borderline whether Oklahoma State is a host team, but proximity to Arkansas solves many problems.

-Alternately, you could stick Colorado College at Denver and Utah at Texas Tech, but that kind of breaks the S-Curve


-Denver/Utah is an unlucky victim of few Western sites, so they get shipped East for rounds two/three.

-La Salle probably should avoid a seeded team on the S-Curve, but regional imbalances forced them into a seeded match.

-The one time you need Boston College to make the field and be seeded…somebody’s gotta go, and it’s Northeastern, the lowest ranked Boston side who gets shipped to a seeded team.


-San Diego State gets lucky, should be facing seeded team, but surprise! There’s not enough seeded teams, so they get bumped to a match against Stanford.

-Stanford/SDSU gets sent East because of lack of Western host sites.

-The Michigan round two/three site is probably the most problematic here. Boston U/Harvard and South Carolina/Morehead State are far away, but the tilt towards the Midwest creates a big problem.


-Weber State should be facing a seeded team but gets moved up on the curve to face BYU due to regional necessities.

-Number of Pac-12 teams necessitates Georgetown/UMBC going to the UCLA site instead of Stanford/SDSU or Washington State/South Florida.

One thought on “NCAA Soccer – Projected Mock Bracket

  1. soccerfan

    I really appreciate and enjoy the “brackets”. Not an easy job…
    I can see how seeds matter less after picking #’s 1-4 than logistics!
    Surprised to see Wisconsin & Ohio St were added late… Quality teams but they did underform the league this year. Good for the Big 10


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