NWSL – Fantasy Round Fifteen Preview

Meh in Round Twelve, pretty damn good in Round Thirteen, and To Be Determined (but probably quite disappointing) in Round Fourteen. That’s a quick catchup now that points for the past few weeks have been tabulated. I finally cracked the Top 100 after Round Thirteen, but I suspect that I’m going to crash hard given how I got nada from GK or my defenders, along with disappointing returns from Little, Lloyd, and Jodie Taylor.

This round’s pretty clear cut. Portland and Washington have two matches, and the one match they don’t play against each other is a good matchup for both. Beyond those two teams, it’s largely a guessing game to fill out your roster. Can Seattle overcome the malaise that’s seemingly overtaken them in recent weeks and put a previously slumping Chicago team to the sword? Will FCKC be able to recover on the road from their drubbing at Portland’s hands? Will WNY recover from another devastating goalkeeping injury to save their season? It may be about picking trusted options instead of wild guesses for the single gamers.

Team Rankings

1. POR
2. WSH
3. SEA
5. WNY
6. CHI
8. BOS


Double-Gamers To Consider


Harris (WSH) – Probably the safer option for a clean sheet on the weekend, but do you trust Washington’s defense against Portland? Also costs an allocated slot.

Angerer (POR) – Thorns can’t keep a clean sheet to save their lives. But both games are certainly winnable, and she doesn’t cost an allocation.


Catley (POR) – Tentatively, she’s looking like Portland’s best option on defense for fantasy. But beware Riley’s tinkering.

Marshall (POR) – Lower risk, lower reward.

Dunn/Krieger (WSH) – Will cost you an allocation slot but actually have a chance of gaining extra points from offense. Worth the cost? It’s debatable.

Cross/Singer (WSH) – Aren’t going to get you too much on offense but may be a cheap way to catch clean sheet points.


Vero (POR) – Dialed it up to “Spanish Killing Machine” against FCKC. I’d argue that that’ll be the exception rather than the rule the rest of the way, but she’s still probably good for 15+ points this round.

Matheson (WSH) – Put her in your lineup. Harder decision is whether to captain her for your side.

Garefrekes (WSH) – Has seemingly overtaken Nairn in the pecking order. Hasn’t hit it big lately but has the quality to do so.

Long (POR) – Taking penalties, but Chicago match shows she’s not an automatic first choice. A risk, but one that could deliver double digits.

Nairn (WSH) – Not guaranteed of a first-team spot right now with Garefrekes here. Still has big time potential thanks to set piece prowess though.


Morgan (POR) – Watch her injury status, as she didn’t start against Chicago. She still managed twenty points against FCKC though, and with two matches could put up a monster number…if she gets major minutes.

Taylor (WSH) – Awful half the time, a powerhouse the other half. Put her in your lineup and hope for the latter.

Sinclair (POR) – Seemingly back in the starting lineup for good. Decent production last round, but only if you’re starting two Thorns up top. No-brainer if Morgan’s hurt, but a tough call against McDonald if she’s healthy.

McDonald (POR) – Hard one. She keeps scoring, even if she’s coming off the bench, but just how much time will she get? Only if you’re starting two Portland attackers, but could be a worthwhile gamble.

De Vanna (WSH) – Longshot play. I still don’t trust her, but she scored against Houston and seems to be growing in form as she gets more comfortable with the Spirit.

Single-Gamers To Consider


Solo (SEA) – Defense around her disappointing but still decent chance of clean sheet against Chicago’s uneven offense. Can you deal with the allocation hit though?

Barnhart (FCKC) – Likely on many owners’ blacklist after last round’s calamity, but Flash’s attack ain’t exactly humming.


Fletcher (SEA) – Set-piece threat eternal, but Seattle D has been leaky lately.

Robinson (FCKC) – As ever, she’s the one you want if you’re banking on the FCKC defense.

Taylor (WNY) – Hard to trust with rookie Wys in goal but if you want a WNY defender, she’s it.

Johnston (CHI) – Hard to stop marauding Seattle attack, but she’s a solid pick if you bet on Red Stars to do it again.


Little (SEA) – Is she slowing down? Bad round last time out but has shown quality throughout, so I’m still keeping the faith.

Holiday (FCKC) – Missed out with food poisoning, and effect was noticeable. Should get many an opportunity if healthy.

Lloyd (WNY) – Didn’t show much last round and has to deal with Buczkowski this time around.

Fishlock (SEA) – Usually a decent option, but probably second fiddle to Little with club having just one game.

O’Reilly (BOS) – Should be good for a handful of points, even against an on-song Thorns side.

Vicky (WNY) – Usually consistent but not consistently great and probably better options this round.

Tymrak (FCKC) – Decent pick but probably better available this round.


Naho (SEA) – The steady option. Less upside than Leroux but less likely to have you tearing your hair out.

Press (CHI) – Already showing her strength up front for Chicago. Doubt she’ll truly be able to go wild against Reign D though.

Kerr (WNY) – Back to Earth last round. Do you trust her to open up a normally resolute but potentially weary FCKC defense?

A-Rod (FCKC) – Who’s the alpha dog in attack, her or Hagen? I’d be wary until I find a more definitive answer.

Hagen (FCKC) – Run and shoot not her type of game but could find WNY’s defense much more pliable.

Leroux (SEA) – As always, use at your own risk.

Reeves (BOS) – Not a top play, but if you’re desperate and not risk averse, she could torment the Thorns’ defense again.

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