NCAA – FINAL 2014 Recruiting Rankings – Top 100

Err. Final-ish. There may be slight changes if there are some new unknown faces on clubs who haven’t released rosters yet.

1. Stanford

PLAYER TO WATCH: Andi Sullivan – MF – FR

2. Penn State

PLAYER TO WATCH: Maddie Elliston – MF/D – FR

3. Duke

PLAYER TO WATCH: Imani Dorsey – FW/MF – FR


PLAYER TO WATCH: Gabrielle Matulich – D/MF – FR

5. Cal

PLAYER TO WATCH: Indigo Gibson – D – FR

6. Notre Dame

PLAYER TO WATCH: Alexandra Nicholas – GK – FR

7. Tennessee

PLAYER TO WATCH: Carlyn Baldwin – MF – FR

8. Georgia

PLAYER TO WATCH: Becca Rasmussen – MF – FR

9. Florida State

PLAYER TO WATCH: Cheyna Williams – FW – JR

10. North Carolina

PLAYER TO WATCH: Megan Buckingham – MF – FR

11. LSU

PLAYER TO WATCH: Jordane Carvery – D – FR

12. UCF

PLAYER TO WATCH: Ashley Spivey – MF – JR

13. Harvard

PLAYER TO WATCH: Marie Becker – D – FR

14. Texas A&M

PLAYER TO WATCH: Mikaela Harvey – MF – FR

15. Boston College

PLAYER TO WATCH: Darien Dunham – GK – FR

16. Colorado

PLAYER TO WATCH: Kate Scheele – GK – JR

17. Syracuse

PLAYER TO WATCH: Jessica Vigna – MF – FR

18. West Virginia

PLAYER TO WATCH: Michaela Abam – D – FR

19. NC State

PLAYER TO WATCH: Franziska Jaser – D – FR

20. South Florida


21. Virginia

PLAYER TO WATCH: Olivia Hazelrigg – D – FR

22. Rutgers

PLAYER TO WATCH: Casey Murphy – GK – FR

23. Princeton

PLAYER TO WATCH: Vanessa Gregoire – MF – FR

24. Wake Forest

PLAYER TO WATCH: Maddie Huster – MF – FR

25. Northeastern

PLAYER TO WATCH: Kayla Cappuzzo – FW – FR

26. Santa Clara
27. Pepperdine
28. Ole Miss
29. Georgetown
30. San Diego
31. USC
32. Pittsburgh
33. Iowa
34. Missouri
35. Washington State
36. La Salle
T37. Louisville
T37. Memphis
39. Oklahoma State
40. Marquette
41. Georgia State
42. Arizona
43. DePaul
44. Oklahoma
45. South Carolina
46. Kennesaw State
47. UC Irvine
48. SMU
49. Ohio State
50. Arkansas
51. VCU
52. Radford
T53. BYU
T53. Portland
55. William & Mary
56. Denver
57. Miami (FL)
58. Loyola Marymount
59. Kansas
60. UMass
61. Kentucky
62. Texas Tech
63. Penn
64. San Diego State
T65. Creighton
T65. Grand Canyon
67. Maryland
68. Indiana
69. Long Beach State
70. South Alabama
T71. Akron
T71. East Tennessee State
T71. UC Davis
74. Richmond
75. Air Force
76. Rhode Island
T77. Holy Cross
T77. Oregon State
79. Illinois State
80. San Francisco
81. Florida
82. Illinois
83. Michigan
84. Houston
85. Mississippi State
86. Arkansas State
87. College of Charleston
88. Vanderbilt
89. Cornell
90. UC Santa Barbara
T91. Arizona State
T91. New Mexico
93. Washington
94. Army
95. Virginia Tech
96. Clemson
97. Dayton
T98. Cal Poly
T100. Auburn
T100. Cal State Fullerton
T100. Florida Atlantic
T100. Samford

Blue Chip Prospects

Carlyn Baldwin (Tennessee)
Imani Dorsey (Duke)
Maddie Elliston (Penn State)
Gabrielle Matulich (UCLA)
Becca Rasmussen (Georgia)
Morgan Reid (Duke)
Sarah Robinson (Stanford)
Andi Sullivan (Stanford)

Top Ten DI Transfers

1. Cheyna Williams – Florida State from Vanderbilt
2. Ashley Spivey – UCF from Maryland
3. Kate Scheele – Colorado from Colorado College
4. Kate Loye – South Florida from Middle Tennessee State
5. Morgan Kennedy – Florida State from Oregon State
6. Nora Kervroedan – UCF from Florida State
T7. Fia Jonsson – La Salle from Coastal Carolina
T7. Stella Norman – Denver from Stony Brook
T7. Olivia Pappalardo – DePaul from Colorado
10. – Anna McClung – Tennessee from Florida State

4 thoughts on “NCAA – FINAL 2014 Recruiting Rankings – Top 100

  1. KC

    Interesting there is no mention of Rielly Parkers transfer from UNC to USC This would seem to be a significant win for Coach McAlpine and if healthy would tab her as a full 90 player. Otherwise, great job. I really enjoy the build up to the college seasaon and look forward to your coverage

  2. KC

    Hey Chris….so I had a little time on my hands and was perusing some of the older posts and came across this one. Couldn’t help myself and decided to check up on the top ten transfers in comparison to Reilly Parker (which as I previously commented I felt was worthy of a spot)
    So Far this year
    Parker (playing an outside back) 9gm, 2g, 3a, 7pt
    Williams 9gm, 4g, 1a, 9pt (you hit that on the head)
    Spivey 9gm, 2g, 2a, 6pt
    Scheele 9gm 4ga, .45gaa, 22 saves (has been huge for the buffs after graduating 4 year starter
    Loye 7gm, 1g, 1a, 3pts
    Kennedy 7gm, 0g, 1a, 1pt
    Kervroeden 5gm, 0g, 0a, 0pt
    Jonsson 7gm, 0g,0a,0pt
    Norman 2gm, 0g, 1a, 1pt (injury???)
    Pappalardo 7gm, 0g, 0a, 0pt (stayed in Boulder)
    McClungg 9gm, 2g, 2a, 6pt

    I’d say Parker has made her mark and has been an integral part of USC’s success


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