NCAA – 2015 AWK College Soccer Award Preseason Shortlists

You know the drill. No preseason shortlists for coaches or rookies. Position listings are done at my discretion.

Golden Glove

Emily Boyd – Cal
Jane Campbell – Stanford
Britt Eckerstrom – Penn State
Alejandria Godinez – DePaul
Tarah Hobbs – Minnesota
Megan Kufeld – Washington
Lindsey Luke – Utah
Cassie Miller – Florida State
Casey Murphy – Rutgers
Diana Poulin – Saint John’s (NY)
Kate Scheele – Colorado
Hannah Seabert – Pepperdine
Kailen Sheridan – Clemson
Abby Smith – Texas
Andi Tostanoski – Santa Clara

Defender of the Year

Stephanie Amack – Stanford
Brittany Basinger – Penn State
Maddie Bauer – Stanford
McKenzie Berryhill – Arizona State
Katie Bowen – North Carolina
Kadeisha Buchanan – West Virginia
Jennifer Cafferky – Central Connecticut State
Megan Campbell – Florida State
Jordan Coburn – Virginia Tech
Kirsten Crowley – Florida State
Maddie Elliston – Penn State
Sabrina Flores – Notre Dame
Mandy Freeman – USC
Christina Gibbons – Duke
Zoey Goralski – UCLA
Hailey Harbison – Pepperdine
Paige Hunt – BYU
Serina Kashimoto – Butler
Emma Koivisto – Florida State
Laura Liedle – Stanford
Annia Mejia – Cal
Kayla Mills – USC
Karlie Mueller – Texas A&M
Katie Naughton – Notre Dame
Rebecca Quinn – Duke
Brianne Reed – Rutgers
Cari Roccaro – Notre Dame
Jessie Scarpa – North Carolina
Emily Sonnett – Virginia
Christen Westphal – Florida

Midfielder of the Year

Morgan Andrews – USC
Carlyn Baldwin – Tennessee
Joanna Boyles – North Carolina
Candace Cephers – Virginia Tech
Rachel Corboz – Georgetown
Stephanie DeVita – Furman
Nickolette Driesse – Penn State
Emma Fletcher – Cal
Michaela Hahn – Florida State
Mikaela Harvey – Texas A&M
Rose Lavelle – Wisconsin
Ashley Lawrence – West Virginia
Hannah Lopiccolo – Northeastern
Sofia Maccagnone – Butler
Kinley McNicoll – Wisconsin
Ashley Meier – Virginia Tech
Emily Ogle – Penn State
Toni Payne – Duke
Carson Pickett – Florida State
Courtney Raetzman – Kentucky
Mimi Rangel – Long Beach State
Raquel Rodriguez – Penn State
Liana Salazar – Kansas
Isabella Schmid – Florida State
Ashley Spivey – UCF
Allie Stephenson – Oklahoma State
Andi Sullivan – Stanford
Rachel Thun – Tulsa
Allison Wetherington – Portland
Sarah Zadrazil – East Tennessee State

Forward of the Year

Janine Beckie – Texas Tech
Megan Buckingham – North Carolina
Ashley Campbell – Dayton
Rachel Daly – Saint John’s (NY)
Courtney Dike – Oklahoma State
Makenzy Doniak – Virginia
Hayley Dowd – Boston College
Ashleigh Ellenwood – Arkansas
Cali Farquharson – Arizona State
Jannelle Flaws – Illinois
Leah Galton – Hofstra
Ashley Hatch – BYU
Rachel Hill – UConn
Brie Hooks – Colorado
Lauren Hughes – Rice
Savannah Jordan – Florida
Elise Krieghoff – Cal Poly
Tyler Lussi – Princeton
McKenzie Meehan – Boston College
Midge Purce – Harvard
Brittany Ratcliffe – Virginia
Abby Reed – DePaul
Taylor Smith – UCLA
Gabi Stoian – Arizona
Berglind Thorvalsdottir – Florida State
Murielle Tiernan – Virginia Tech
Tabby Tindell – Florida Gulf Coast
Mallory Weber – Penn State
Hannah Wilkinson – Tennessee
Cheyna Williams – Florida State

3 thoughts on “NCAA – 2015 AWK College Soccer Award Preseason Shortlists

  1. Wow

    Overall this has to be one of the weakest college fields ever. It reminds me a little of when cat reddick won Herman in 2003. She was a real defender that had to move forward.

    Forwards-doniak is only standout really but will she get the service without Brian.

    Midfield-most are just decent players.

    Defense-looking again it’s all about the defenders. Most like rocarro and Kadeisha are just pure physical specimens that need lots of fine tuning.


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