NCAA – Chris’ 2017 Recruiting Rankings Summer Update (Top 50)

I’ve decided to dump Mallory Pugh into this class for UCLA since she’s not enrolling until January, so her clock doesn’t start until then.

1. Stanford
3. Penn State
4. Michigan
5. North Carolina
6. Duke
7. Virginia
8. Santa Clara
9. Cal
10. USC
11. Ohio State
12. Arkansas
13. Louisville
14. Texas Tech
15. Syracuse
16. Texas
17. Tennessee
18. Texas A&M
19. Florida State
20. Clemson
21. Wake Forest
22. Boston College
23. Auburn
24. South Carolina
25. Kent State

26. Notre Dame
27. South Florida
28. LSU
29. Georgia
30. UC Irvine
31. Northeastern
32. Oklahoma State
33. Arizona State
34. Harvard
T35. BYU
T35. Colgate
37. Georgetown
38. Washington State
39. Vanderbilt
40. Seattle
T41. Loyola Marymount
T41. Maryland
T43. Alabama
T43. Butler
45. Oregon
46. Florida Gulf Coast
47. George Mason
48. Pepperdine
49. Northwestern
50. Saint Louis

Blue Chip Prospects

Hillary Beall – Michigan
Julie Doyle – Santa Clara
Emily Fox – North Carolina
Madison Healey – Stanford
Civana Kuhlmann – Stanford
Karlie Paschall – Duke
Kiara Pickett – Stanford
Mallory Pugh – UCLA
Isabel Rodriguez – Ohio State
Karina Rodriguez – UCLA
Ashley Sanchez – UCLA
Frankie Tagliaferri – Penn State
Taryn Torres – Virginia
Sydney Zandi – Virginia

4 thoughts on “NCAA – Chris’ 2017 Recruiting Rankings Summer Update (Top 50)

  1. East Coast

    9 kids committed in that Stanford 2017 class. How many of them mysteriously “will not be able to get in”? I’m going to guess at least 2.

  2. Terry Lash

    For those of us who do not follow recruiting closely, why is Stanford rated above UCLA, which seems to have more top prospects?

    1. Chris Henderson Post author

      UCLA has three elite level prospects in this class: Pugh, Rodriguez, and Sanchez. Kennedy Faulknor could rise to that level if she gets more looks with Canada, but other than the above three, that’s about it for the 2017 class.

      Stanford has three elite prospects (Haley, Kuhlmann, Pickett) and about four great second-tier prospects that could become blue-chippers by next Summer. So while both classes are strong at the top, Stanford’s has more depth.

  3. Scott Martineau

    Miami Hurricane Elite Level Prospects: Kristina Fisher, Laura Markwith, Hannah Marwede… Surprise of Conference is American Heritage scoring Machine Dejah Cason.

    Madison Louk will be a very good All ACC player when all is said and done. Castellano and Chaviers are projects. Still, 3 or 4 four star easily prospects should put Canes in Top 20 Recruiting Classes.


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