Dear Alex Morgan,

The USWNT defeated Italy 1-0 thanks to a stoppage time goal from Alex Morgan. The match itself was pretty turgid. Check out the Cover It Live post below for some minute-by-minute coverage and thanks to everyone who participated. 

The USWNT probably should not have won the game but the team scored more goals than Italy, and that’s all that matters. Italy sat back and defended en masse. The USWNT struggled to break Italy’s gritty defense down and never offered much of an attacking threat. Italy’s American-born goalkeeper Anna Picarelli had a fine showing in goal, pawing down each and every effort despite being of rather diminutive size. Amy LePeilbet and Rachel Buehler had their best games for the USWNT since May. The USWNT’s center part of the field continued to be an absolute mess, however, with possession continually being handed over. Amy Rodriguez’s goal-scoring prowess eluded her today and Abby Wambach was rendered ineffective by Italy’s outstanding center back pairing.

The moment belongs to the Cal senior, however. It was her cool finish in what seemed liked the 15th minute of stoppage time that gave the USWNT the win and the all-important away goal. It also gives the team some breathing room in Bridgeview next week.

So thanks, Alex Morgan. Things were looking pretty scary for a moment.

6 thoughts on “Dear Alex Morgan,

  1. grrljock

    Turgid is the right word for how the WNT played today (somehow I have Ren & Stimpy in my head saying “turgid”). Thank you Alex Morgan, maybe your heroics will inspire Cal’s (American) football team in their match against Stanford this afternoon.

  2. cambridge_footie

    Jenna. Thank you so much for all your work covering this for us.

    Here is what I saw:
    1. Alex Morgan is the future!
    2. We looked bad, really bad, and Italy should feel robbed (especially since I thought Morgan was offside on the goal)
    3. Arod is not a starter.
    4. Not sure about the Llyod hatin’. Yes she is frustrating to watch but it was her long ball that led to the goal. But if Llyod starts then Rapinoe should be on the bench. Neither are consistent and if both have a bad day we will struggle like we did today.
    5. We have a deep bench, why don’t we use it! I was happy with who they brought it, but why use them so late when things clearly weren’t working.
    6. Love Rampone, but Buehler and LePeilbet should be in the middle.
    7. Unless things change we will be creamed in Germany.

  3. BigBuzz

    We’d better find a midfield before next year. And I agree, why did we wait so long to bring in Morgan and Kreiger?


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