20 Questions With Carrie Dew

Former FC Gold Pride defensive player Carrie Dew is one of Sky Blue FC’s newest arrivals. The 2009 WPS champions are about to fly to Turkey where the club will take part in a four team tournament. Dew was gracious enough to take part in AWK’s 20 Questions feature. She makes a strong case to be included in AWK’s All-Awesome XI. Read on and you’ll see why.




We forgot to ask if the trophy was as heavy as it looks.


AWK: You’re about to embark on your first season with Sky Blue FC. How’s life in preseason camp thus far?

CD: Life is good so far. It’s obviously demanding physically and mentally, but it’s good to be back at work again and to be preparing for another WPS season.


AWK: Sky Blue FC has the highest concentration of Tar Heels in the league with six. Being a Notre Dame alum and all, has the banter already begun?

CD: Thank you for bringing this fun fact to my attention. I try to ignore the fact that they are Tar Heels. No banter yet, but we all know who the reigning national champs are.


AWK: FC Gold Pride enjoyed a dream season last year that ended with a WPS Championship. What’s your fondest memory of the season?

CD: Aside from winning the Championship, Rachel Buehler’s birthday party. I won’t disclose any details, but someone should definitely ask her about it.


AWK: You were a member of the 2009 FC Gold Pride team that finished last in the league that season. Come 2010, when did you first realize you were part of a truly special team?

CD: Honestly, I think it was during preseason. Even when we were first coming together, some of the combinations and attacking sequences we would come up with were pretty amazing. I felt like we just continued to grow and improve every week all the way up until the final.


AWK: Who was the most difficult FC Gold Pride forward to defend against in scrimmages?

CD: The obvious answer here is Marta. It’s just not even fair. You know she’s going over to her left, but you still can’t stop her. Kind of like Leo Messi. Sinc’s name belongs here too. She is the best finisher I have ever seen and is so deceptively fast and opportunistic. I think that was overlooked a bit because of all the attention Marta drew.


AWK: With the loss of FC Gold Pride and the uncertainty of free agency in mind, did you ever start thinking about a post-WPS contingency plan?

CD: I sort of panicked initially and definitely considered transitioning over to what I call the real world. But after sitting back and assessing my options, I realized I really wasn’t ready to give up playing yet. I’m very happy with that decision.


AWK: It’s probably safe to say your life got uprooted after FC Gold Pride folded. What was the most difficult thing to part with?

CD: I left a lot of people I love behind in California. I miss them the most, along with the sunshine, the avocados, the beach and the Mexican food.


AWK: The Women’s World Cup will obviously have a huge impact on squads across WPS this season. Has that affected your mentality heading into this season?

CD: I still have the same goals for myself and for my team. I look at the situation as a great opportunity. People are going to be in and out all the time this season, so those of us who will consistently be around are going to be very important to our team.


AWK: You were one of the most dominant center-backs at the college level while at Notre Dame and have played in the holding midfielder role at the professional level. What’s that transition been like?

CD: It’s been a lot of fun for me. I love that you get a few more touches on the ball and are able to be more involved in the attack.


AWK: Is there a defensive player in the international game whose style you try to emulate?

CD: I think it’s safe to say I am obsessed with both Gerard Pique and Xabi Alonso.


AWK: As a California girl, one can guess the move from the Bay Area to New Jersey will be quite an adjustment for you. What do you think you’ll miss most about playing soccer on the West Coast?

CD: Right now, it’s the weather. Apparently Jersey’s weather right now is mild, but I’m wearing a good five layers of clothing to training every day, and I don’t ever take any of them off.


AWK: Did you know you’re the only player in the league who will have played for both of WPS’ championship winning teams?

CD: No I didn’t…I feel special 🙂


AWK: FC Gold Pride, Sky Blue FC…do you have something against geographically identified teams? Or do you just really like colors?

CD: Another good point. Apparently colors are my first priority when picking a team.


AWK: Now that Tasha Kai is with the Philadelphia Independence, are you the resident SBFC surfer?

CD: I would love to hold that title… but I’m not sure how the whole surfing thing will work out on the east coast. I’m scared of the Jersey Shore.


AWK: Did Tiffany Weimer force you to join Twitter just so she could have more followers?

CD: Yes. Although I didn’t realize that until this moment.


AWK: Your womensprosoccer.com profile mentions that you can sleep just about anywhere. Craziest place you’ve dozed off?

CD: Well, let’s see… I’ve fallen asleep during meals, on the phone, in movie theaters and while bowling to name a few. A friend of mine has a Facebook photo album just of me sleeping in various locations. Embarrassing.


AWK: How does it feel to be the first and last FCGP player in history to receive a red card? Is that secretly like a badge of honor?

CD: That’s a nice way to put it. I think I’m secretly proud, but it was a pretty bogus red if I’m being honest. I’ve definitely done worse.


AWK: You graduated high school with a 4.12 GPA. What was your best subject, because you clearly didn’t have any bad ones…

CD: Definitely English. Math started to hurt my head by the time I was a senior.


AWK: You graduated with a marketing degree from Notre Dame. If you could work in the marketing department of any pro sports team, which would it be?

CD: San Francisco 49ers or the San Jose Sharks.


AWK: Lastly, what are the three things you will most want to accomplish while in Turkey with Sky Blue FC?

CD: To learn a lot from our games and really the whole experience of being abroad…and to continue coming together as a team on and off the field. 2. To frolic in the Mediteranean Sea. 3. To find some Aladdin slippers for Erin Guthrie’s grandpa.


Thanks a bunch to Carrie and to AM/DH for coming up with the funny questions.

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