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Hey all, and a very warm welcome back to the greatest blog in the world, other than Joanna Lohman’s! I want to take a second to give a massive shout out. Please check out her blog at You will find a different kind of blog to mine but it’s still very interesting so be sure to check it out.

The last time I wrote we were slap bang in the middle of preseason and yes we still are. It’s getting harder by the day but it’s so great. I feel like I learn something new everyday. We have had three games to date. The first was against the University of Maryland of which we drew 1-1. It was the first time a lot of us had played together and I felt it went well apart from not winning. But this is a time that Paul Riley our coach likes to work out the ” marriages” as he calls it. In other words, which combination of players best suits our team.

We also played most a double header against University of Connecticut (Uconn) and Duke. We won both games which was great. I wasn’t pleased overall with my performances the last weekend. I wasn’t terrible but by my standard wasn’t good enough. Even if we are playing against a university team, I still set very high standards for myself. That also goes for training. We as a team push each other to be better everyday.

I know these can just be words but I promise you if you was able to see us practice you would see the competitiveness to our team – especially in 5v5. That’s why I think this environment us and Paul Riley have created is the best environment for us to be in .I know how much Paul has taught me in this last year. It may be only small pointers, but they make such a huge difference. I also think after being here for one year I am a lot more disciplined.  My ultimate goal is to be the best and the Independence to be the best in the world. These can just be words but how do we and I make that happen? I don’t think I have all the answers but learning from Paul and my fellow teammates new and old I think has helped me. I love my team and everything about being here, I really do.

The unity we had at Arsenal, I think it’s always going to be hard to compare with Arsenal Ladies as we were and still are all so close and it makes such a huge difference on the pitch. Some of my best friends are past and present Arsenal Ladies players. But I think the environment I am in now is the closest I have come to that. I wake up every day even with tired legs and cannot wait to train and get on the ball.

We possibly did the hardest running I have done in 10 years yesterday. It’s called the quadrant run. It was so hard. It’s a combination of stamina, speed, aerobic endurance, intervals, you name it it’s in there. It’s only for 30 minutess but it’s so hard.

You are literally pushed to your max. The sense of satisfaction after it was great, as when you do something hard like that, you go through lots of different feelings. So the whole of yesterday afternoon I got home and stayed in bed.

We get to do so many great things being in Philly and America. Most recently last week we got free tickets from my teammate Estelle Johnson to go and see the famous Harlem Globe Trotters in Philly. We had a lot of fun and was great going with a few of my teammates. Luckily we didn’t get called up on to the court. This week with have two games against Penn State and  Rutgers. I am looking forward to playing then we have the weekend off which is very rare so a few of us are going to watch USA vs Argentina at Giants Stadium. I cannot wait to see Messi and Tevez play. That’s another thing I miss about being England, going to watch my beloved Manchester United live. You cannot beat going to watch things live. That also includes concerts or anything live. So this I am extremely excited about.

I am very excited for the next round of the Champions League where my United will play Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Joanna Lohman and IsSpend so much time watching football/soccer. It’s such a great way to learn! I enjoy watching Tottenham Hotspur of late especially because of Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and Rafael Van deer Vaart. But saying that Manchester United are still in to win the treble but in my opinion we have to improve our midfield if we want to beat the best teams.

I am currently writing you my blog from our player’s lounge at our training field where my team mates are watching “Burlesque” and all I can hear is Cher belting out tunes. It’s all a bit much for me haha.

So until next time I’m all out, please keep your questions coming via the website or my Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for all your support.


Much love your independence No.10.


Lianne : )

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