Changes At magicJack Head Coach Position Confirmed

As was first reported in this Sun-Sentinel article and in Beau Dure’s tweets on Monday night, magicJack team owner Dan Borislow has confirmed that changes have been made at the head coach position. Borislow tells All White Kit:

“Right now we are collectively managing the team between the coaches and a few senior players. We will leave it in the family throughout the season. We have that type of character within our players that we will not miss a beat.”

The names of the senior players in question will likely not be made public until after the World Cup.

WPS also confirms that Mike Lyons is no longer head coach but will be retained by the club. The league stated, “We have been made aware by magicJack that Mike Lyons is still an employee of the team but in a non-coaching role. They have not yet announced the appointment of a new coach.”

Chris Wimmer of Virginia Soccer News inquired as to whether the team was seeking a replacement at head coach. Borislow responded by saying, “There is no active search for anybody.”

Borislow did not directly address Wimmer’s question about whether he had personally assumed the head coach position.

Although there have been changes in the club’s hierarchy, it does not appear that the team will be in the market for a new goalkeeper inlight of Jillian Loyden’s call-up to the United States’ World Cup roster.

Borislow stated, “Brett [Maron] has worked very hard. She is our keeper.”

He did not seem to be taken aback by Loyden’s call-up saying, “If you watched Jill everyday you wouldn’t be surprised. She has been awesome and possibly looked the best.” Borislow also added, “[The U.S. Women’s National Team] had four terrific keepers down here in Florida and it must have been a tough choice.”

magicJack are currently second in the standings behind the Western New York Flash and are the only team in WPS with a perfect record. The club will not be in action again until May 22 when magicJack face the Flash in Rochester.

Borislow credits the players for the team’s success saying, “They are a great bunch and are so deserving and dedicated.”

5 thoughts on “Changes At magicJack Head Coach Position Confirmed

  1. Kilted Ref

    The question in my mind still remains, whether or not USSF and/or WPS requires an A License for the head coach position or for any position on the team? I think it would be ridiculous that youth teams and college team (I assume) require certification (USSF and or NCAA) but soccer at the highest level could be coached by someone whose experience is limited to u-14!

    While I have issues with the refereeing at WPS games at times, I know that even I don’t have the experience to walk in the shoes of a USSF Grade 3 or 4 Referee, much less a Grade 1 or 2.

    Could someone confirm that there is a requirement of some type?

      1. random

        You’re right that is kind of a joke, especially if he doesn’t already have a higher level coaching license b/c then it’s not even possible. I think everyone here is assuming he doesn’t have a B or C license and even with a C license he might not have enough time.


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