The Anorak: Analyzing Week Three Attendance

The weather was uncooperative, but attendance figures were still a shade disappointing this weekend. The average attendance was 3,385 which is a 20% dip from last week’s average of 4,210. Every percentage difference saw a deficit as well. And well done to Saint Louis fans for coming out despite the ugly weather. The Athletica earned the highest attendance of the weekend.

It’s difficult to spot real trends or patterns so early. I think it’s good to just be patient for now and hope that numbers start to pick up as the season wears on.


Here are the figures:


Philadelphia had that massive 51% drop-off between its inaugural game that I initially feared. It’s a shame because that ended up being a terrific match.

And is that simply the most we can expect from FC Gold Pride? Somewhere between 3K and 3.5K? Gold Pride have three more matches at Castro Valley Stadium before moving to Pioneer Stadium in Hayward, California.

Next week, every match will be played on Saturday evening. Will that affect attendance?

Boston and Sky Blue FC should show well because they typically do (although we’ll see if that means anything). Philadelphia, eh who knows there. Hopefully we can see a figure north of 3,000 next Saturday. And Washington? If the Freedom continues to draw paltry numbers, some serious questions will need to be asked about just wtf is going on there.


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